Memorial Book of Rokiskis
(Rokiskis, Lithuania)

55°58' / 25°35'

Translation from Yisker-bukh fun Rakishok un umgegnt
(Yizkor book of Rakishok and environs)

Edited by: M. Bakalczuk-Felin

Published in Johannesburg, 1952 (Yiddish, 626 pages)




Project Coordinator

Tim Baker


This is a translation from: Yisker-bukh fun Rakishok un umgegnt (Yizkor book of Rakishok and environs),
Editors: M. Bakalczuk-Felin, Johannesburg, The Rakisher Landsmanshaft of Johannesburg, 1952 (Yiddish, 626 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Rokiskis

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Preface M. Bakalczuk-Felin 3
Rakishok Before and After WW I A. Orelowitz 7
Notes on the Economic Position of the Jews in Rakishok R. Aarons-Arsh 19
My Shtetl A. Noach Nachamowitz 29
Peculiarity of Rakishok in the Jewish Lithuania Levi Shalit 43
“Chabad” Chief Rabbi Professor L. I. Rabinowitz 50
Rakishok and Its Hasidim B. Stein 53
Jewish National Automony in Lithuania J. Batnitzky 62
The Lithuanian Shtetl J. Lestschinsky 66
Rokishok: A Reflection Chief Rabbi Professor I. Abrahams 85
Childhood Joys R. Feldman 88
My Fathers Nigun S. Rubin 92
Why? Z. Feldman 99
My Remembrances Zorach Gafanowitz 103
A Yeminite in Shtetl B. Sarver 106
Reminiscences of a Socialist in Rakishok B. I. Kriel 115
Fragments of My Past R. Arsh 131
We Will Always Remember You Ahuva Schneiderman-Ruch 142
Personalities and Types
A Few Words in Place of a Tombstone N. Meyerowitz-Stein 145
In Everlasting Memory Bluma Arsh-Lavya 149
My Father, Berchik the Shoykhet A. Koseff 152
Jews of Rakishok A. Orelowitz 158
Zalman the Soda-Water Maker B. I. Kreel 172
Personalities in the Old Home Ahron-Noakh Nochumowitz 174
Chaye-Sore-Ite Bacher S. Klass 190
Gite Rubin-Ferman H. Penn-Lubowitz 192
My Father of Blessed Memory Meyer Ruch 194
Types of the Old Home A. Koseff 198
Social Cultural Life and Education Institutions
The Reformed Cheder M. Katz 205
The Russian Government School A. Chait 207
The Lithuanian Gymnasium E. Aarons 209
From My School Years T. Orlin-Kiel 212
The Beth-Sefer and Pro-gymnasium A. Josselowitz 220
The Activity of the Kultur-Lige S. Spevak 222
Concerning the Culture League and its Activities M. and S. Feldman 225
The Jewish Part in the Left Movement O. Nochumowitz 229
The Culture League in Rakishok and in Utian M. Krain 234
Maccabi in Rakishok R. Arsh 236
Rakishker Maccabi H. Josselowitz 243
The First Hachshara Kibbutz in Rakishok Ben Samuel 245
Three Years in Rakishok Avigdor Ariol-Golumbotzky 246
About the Scout Movement S. Nanas 249
Leib Jaffe's Visit A. J. 251
Orphanage A. Nochumowitz 252
The Society for Visiting the Sick in Rakishok R. Blacher-Itzikman 257
Jewish Theatre S. Rubin 260
The People's Bank M. B. 264
Abel I. Michel-Michalewitz 271
My Home Town Kamay B. M. Hurwitz 292
A Tear in Memory of Kamay P. Z. Hurwitz 297
Reminescences of Kamay Tirza Franklyn-Jaffe 299
A Fair in Kamay B. Sachs 302
Reminiscences of the Old Home N. Sacks, M. Sharp-Saltuper, P. Albert 306
My Birthplace Jehuda Zwi Ichilcik 314
From My Home Town I. Dumas 317
My Shtetl Boguslavishok R. Mechel-Berzak 324
Subat Rev. M. B. Fisher 327
Ponedel R. H. Berchowitz-Peisachovitz, T. Katz, Jokl Evans 331
From Our Shtetl Dusiat Ch. M. Kruss-Glussak, N. Blacher 336
Antalept A. Eydlman, I. Gulis 346
Yuzint; Natzunishok N. Brinkman 350
My Father Michoel Welve the Farmer Israel Michalewitz 354
Svisdoshz Ch. Aires, N. Blacher 356
Sevenishok D. Katz, R. Shon 362
Anushishok R. Kramer-Penn 366
Skopishok M. Gordon 370
Ponemunok L. Karabelnik 374
My Shtetl Ponemunok Benzion Joffe 377
Decline and Destruction
My Evidence M. Rotholz-Kur 383
What I Experienced (My Experiences) Gisa Levin 391
In Those Days Herzl Ben-Yehuda 401
The Destruction of Rakishok in Letters M. Bakalczuk-Felin 405
The Landsmannschaft of Rakishok
Greetings   433
Monograph of Jewish Communities and Towns in Jewish Historiogrophy Dr. P. Friedman 438
The Landsmanschaft of Rakishok: Activities of the Society: the Rakishker Benevolent Society M. Rotholz-Kur 452
Notes of the Landsmanschaft of Rakishok A. Eidelman 525
The Family Manne-Manelewitz S. Rubin 528
The Thorny Path of the Jewish Immigrant in South Africa J. M. Sherman 530
In Remembrance   539
Contents in Yiddish   622
Preface (English) M. Bakalczuk-Felin III
Contents in English   V
Additional Pages
List of Those Killed in the Holocaust in Rakishok  
Those Who Were Not Victims of the Holocaust, Remembered by Their Families  
Photograph Captions  

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