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In Remembrance

(In Memoriam)

Translated by Bella Golubchik

[Editor's Note: the original book was assembled on the dining room table of Bella Golubchik's parents in Mayfair, Johannesburg.
Bella's father, Mr. R. Aarons-Arsch was a member of the Praesidium of The Rakishok Landmanschaft.]

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In Remembrance
[In Memoriam]

of our parents

Ya'akov Shimshon and

Esther Braina Schwartzberg

who died in

Kestell OFS

Orange Free State, South Africa

and were buried in
the Jewish Cemetery in
Bethlehem, Orange Free State


Sossel Rochel Abrams, husband and children

Moshe Schwartzberg, wife and children

Sheva Malk

Leah Gordon and Son

Ella Allen, husband and children

Stirel Cohen and husband

Yentel Gamsu and husband

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May these few lines serve as a memorial

in memory of our parents

David Yitzchak and

Soreh Beile Shusterman

[Aleihem Hashalom – may they rest in peace]

and of our sisters

Chyeneh [Chasyia]



and their families

who were born in Antalept
and perished in the Great Jewish Destruction [Holocaust]
through the Hitler murder [extermination]


their sons and brothers:

Shlomo, Hershel and Mottel Sher
and their families

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In honor of
and as an illuminated memory of

our father Leibe-Hirsch Yosselowitz
who died in Rakishok in 1924,
of our mother
Beileh-Raiche who died in Rakishok,
of our brother
Abraham Yosselowitz,
wife, and children, who perished in Rakishok
of our brother
Mendel Witz [Yosselowitz] who died in Johannesburg,
of our brother
Isaac Yosselowitz who died in Rakishok in 1914
of our sister
Soreh Yellin who died in Johannesburg.

We will remember you all forever.


Sachneh Lovitsch [Yosselowitz] and

daughters in Durban

Chaykel Yosselowitz, wife and children in Israel

Yechiel David Lovitsch [Yosselowitz], Durban

Gershon Witz [Yosselowitz] wife and children, Durban

Kalman Witz [Yosselowitz], Durban

In Eternal Memory
of our father

Beinash Nochumowitz

who died 18th Cheshvan 1918, Petrograd,

and of our mother
Rochel Gittel Nochumowitz-Bris [Barris]

who died 8th Kislev 1951
Giv'at Brenner, Israel.

We will always remember you!


Sonia and Koppel Barkai [Baradavka]

and children, Giv'at Brenner, Israel

Aharon Naki and wife Chaya, Cape Town

Moshe and Shalom Naki, Nochumowitz, Cape Town

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We perpetuate the memory of

our father

Michoel Lapp

who died in Johannesburg

14th September 1942


daughter Feige Rudnick
and her husband

For our parents,
brother and sister-in-law

David and Malkah Spivak

and brother, and nephew


who perished in Rakishok.

May this be a Memorial


son Leib
and wife Luyba Spivak

and children
sister Soreh
and Leizer Klas and children

In memory

of our brothers and

sister and families

and the whole large family

who were massacred

by the Hitler murderers in Kurpletz,
a village near Rakishok


Henyeh and Asher Jacobson [Yakobowitz]
Kayleh Segal, husband and children

The memory is unforgettable

of our sister


and her husband

Shlomo Kuklavsky

and children

who perished in Rakishok


Leizer and Soreh Klas and children
Chasiyah Friedman and daughter

[Page 544]

For our father
Yudel Brinkman

for our mother
Hindeh-Matleh Brinkman

who perished in Yuzhint

for our brother
Binyamin Brinkman, his wife
Mushe and children who perished in Kamaiy

for our sister Peiah,
husband and Alter Reve and
their children who perished in Yuzhint

for our brother Abraham Brinkman,
wife and children
who perished in the Churban Rakishok –
the Destruction of Rakishok

for our brother Zaleh [Zalman] Brinkman and
his wife and children who perished in Yuzhint

for our brother Ortchik [Aharon], wife Chana and
their children who perished in Yuzhint

for our uncle Yisroel-Leib Snegg and his wife Freidel
who perished in the Destruction of Rakishok

for our cousin Binyomin and his wife Mineh-Tzibel and
their ten children who perished in the Destruction of Rakishok

May these lines be an eternal Memorial


Yerachmiel and Mineh Brinkman and daughters in Israel

Sareh and Moshe Mandel and sons in Israel

Nathan and Leah Brinkman and children in South Africa

Yehoshuah Brinkman, wife, and sons in Israel

Miryam and Yosef Gefner and daughters in Israel

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We will never forget and always hold the memory dear [precious]
our father Uri Leizer Hurwitz
who died 23rd Kislev 1938
our mother
Ettel Hurwitz
our brother
Efraim Yitzchok,
Bassel and children
our sister
Rivka-Dvora Shneider
husband Berel and children
our brother
Avrohom Refael Hurwitz
wife Ita and children
our brother
Leibe Hurwitz,
wife and child

They were all martyred together
with our mother in the
Destruction of Rakishok
in 1941.

We will remember you forever.


Yisrael Moshe and Batya Hurwitz
and children
Chayim Elyeh and Rivka Leah Hurwitz
and children and grandchild,
South Africa
Berel Hurwitz, America

Uri Leizer and Ettel Hurwitz


Berel and Rivka -Dvorah Shneider and children

[Page 546]

May this be an eternal memorial
[in everlasting remembrance] of our parents

Mendel Leib and Soreh Frumeh Levin

of our sister Feige and
Ya'akov Levin
and their little children
Pereleh and Maneh Leizer

of our sister Henyeh
and brother Leivik
who perished in Churban Rakishok
[Destruction of Rakishok]

and in memory of our brother Shmuel who fell
in the slaughter by the German murderers
while fighting in the ranks of the Red Army.

We will always remember you.


Ya'akov and Chana Levin and children

Chayim Yitzchak and Leah Levin and children

Shaiorka [Shaikeh] Levin and family

Gisa Levin

[Page 547]

May this Memorial [Hazkarah]

be an eternal light

in memory of the

husband and brother

Abraham-Aharon Orelowitz [z”l]

[may he rest in peace]
who died 23rd August 1950
in Johannesburg


his wife Roseh Orelowitz and
sister Musel Lewis

South Africa

[and from]

sister Rodah and husband
Mordechai Beril and children

sister Chana Orelowitz

sister Dr. Michle Orelowitz
and Shlomo Leibel

sister Nesyeh and husband
Dov Reznik and children


[Page 548]

We will always remember the tragic death of
our unforgettable father

Shaul Gershon Klas

Who perished by the hands of the Nazi Beast. He found his rest
in the common [communal, shared] grave, among 2,500 martyrs
somewhere in the vicinity of Abel.

He was in America for a short while, but in order not to desecrate
the Holy Shabbat [not to become secular] he traveled back
'aheim' [home], in order to be able to live in a
traditional Jewish spirit [atmosphere].

Of our mother Zviah [Zivyah]
who died 21st Shevat 1935 in Abel.

May these few words serve as a memorial.


David Moshe Klas, wife and daughter


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