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The Community of Lenin; Memorial Book
(Lenin, Belarus)

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Translation of
Kehilat Lenin; Sefer Zikaron

Edited by: M. Tamari

Published in Tel Aviv, 1957



Project Coordinator

Sanford A. Kaplan z”l


Our sincere appreciation to Zvi Issers, of Holon, Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Kehilat Lenin; Sefer Zikaron (The Community of Lenin; Memorial Book),
Editors: M. Tamari, Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Lenin in Israel and in the USA, 1957 (H,Y, 407 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Lenin

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The Story of Lenin
    Mordechai Zaitchik and Yitzkhok Slutzky: The beginning of Lenin 11
    Yehoshua Grinberg: The Estate 15
    Mordechai Zaitchik: Sources of Livelihood and Economic Existence 18
Until World War I
    Mordechai Zaitchik: The Appearance of the Town Until the Year 1910 21
    Mordechai Zaitchik: During the Years of the First World War 22
Between the two World Wars
    Mordechai Zaitchik: The Influence of the Border on Life in the Town 27
    Anonymous: Border Changes at the End of the First World War 27
   Sarah Fogelman (Kolpenitzky): My visit to Lenin in 1936 30
    Mordechai Zaitchik: The External View of the Town Before the Holocaust 33
Immigration to Israel
    Yehoshua Greenberg: My Immigration (Aliyah) to the Land of Israel 37
    Chaim Shalev: Our Immigration (Aliyah) to the Land of Israel 37
The Holocaust
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: The town of Lenin during 1939 – 1941 47
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: Escape from the Forced Labor Camp in Hantsavichy 65
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: Among the Partisans 72
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: Standing at the mass grave 92
    Menashe Ben-Yisrael (Yulevitsh): The lonely mound 93
    Yehuda Tsiklik: The partisans' attack on Lenin 94
    Zvi (Herzl) Zukrovitsh: Wandering 98
    Yitzkhok Reingold: Seventy years of sufferings and hardship 101
   Partisans who survived 104
The Sacred Community (Kehilat HaKodesh)
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: Synagogues 109
    A. Golob, A.I. Slutzky, M. Zaytshik: Cantors and ritual slaughterers 110
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: Cantors, Sextons 111
Daily Life
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: The “office” and the farm 117
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: Characters and customs 117
    Mordekhai Migdalovitsh: The village Jews 118
    Mordekhai Zaytshik: The Sluch River 121
    Yocheved Amit: The Lag Baomer Celebration 122
    Michael Rechavi: A winter eve wedding 125
    Sarah Fogelman (Kolpenitzky): In the Counsel of the Poor People 126
    Eliyahu Shalev: Father Johann Popenko – A righteous Gentile 127
    Avrom -Yitskhak Slutzky: Chaim Grune Yente's 129
    Yitskhok Slutzky: Bere'le the Bookseller 131
Educational and Cultural Institutions
     Avrom -Yitskhok Slutzky: Educational, medical and sanitary conditions in Lenin 135
     Mordechai Zaitchik: Cultural life 137
     Avrom -Yitskhok Slutzky: An unsuccessful Purim party 144
     Zelig Yulevitsh: Educational institutions 147
     Khaim Yonai: The “Heder” of Teacher X 150
     Dov Zaytshik: The Lenin branch of “Tarbut” 151
     Zila Zaretzky: My town Lenin 154
Parties and Youth Organizations
     Avrom -Yitskhok Slutzky: The Beginning of the Zionist Movement in Our Town 159
     Herzl Zukrovitsh: The “Hekhalutz” Movement 161
     Ben Shamai: Betar 164
People and Personalities
     Mordechai Zaitchik: HaRav R' Yehudah Turetski Zts”L 167
     Yitzchak Slutsky: HaRav R' Yehudah Turetzki Zts”L 169
     Khaim Shalev: Rabbi Moshe Tomashov 170
     Mordechai Zaitchik: Rabbis R' Nachman Wasserman and R' Moshe Milstein 173
     Avrom –Yitskhok Slutzky : R' Avrom –Yitskhok Chinitz 174
     Eliyahu Shalev: Loyal friends 175
     Chaim Shalev: R' Yisrael Isar HaLevi Nekrycz 177
     Yitskhok Slutsky: Reb Zalman Shmelkin 179
     Tzila Zaritzki: R'Dov-Ber Baruchin 183
     Chaim Shalev: In Memory of our Dear Grandfather and Grandmother 185
     Shlomo Glenson: R'Israel Glenson 187
     Khaim Shalev: Reb Aryeh Greiv 188
     Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh): Reb Yitskhok Dannenberg 189
     Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh): Reb Aron-Leib Zaytshik 191
     Y. Klinov: Dr. Aron Singalowski 192
     Mordechai Zaitchik: Moshe Ben Aron-Leib Zaytshik 195
     Moshe Migdalovitsh: Reb Aron Migdalovitsh 196
     Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh): Reb Elyakim Migdalovitsh 198
     Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh): Aron Milner 198
     Leah and Sarah Kolpenitzky: Eliezer Kolpenitzky 200
     Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh): Yitskhok Kolpenitzky 202
     Meir Booktsin: R' Yosef–Noah Rabinowitz 203
     Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh): Yehudah son of R' Shlomo Rubenstein 206
     Yakov Berger : Moshe Shmelkin 207
     Menashe Ben–Yisroel, Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh): R' Yisroel son of R' Menashe Latukha 209
     Meir Booktsin: The humble of the earth 211
Lenin Countrymen Worldwide
    Mordkhai Rubenstein (Migdalovitsh):     Reb Avrom-Yitskhok Slutzky 217
The Community Register (Lists of victims of the Holocaust and their relatives) 223
The Rise of the Shtetl Lenin
    Eng. Mordechai Zeitchik: Our Shtetl (Village) Lenin: A Yizkor (Memorial) Book 237
    Engineer Mordechai Zaitchik: The Founding of Lenin 243
    Yehoshua Grinberg: The Estate and the “Office Quarter” 247
Culture and Education
    Avraham Yitzhak Slutzki: The Cultural Situation in our Shtetl 253
    Mordechai Zeitchik: The Cultural Life 255
Living Conditions
    Avraham-Yitzhak Slutzki: Education and Sanitary-Medical Situation in Lenin 265
Destruction and Revenge
    Mordechai Zeitchik: The Years 1939 – 1941 271
    Yehuda Tziklik Partisans 272
    I. Biegelman: The Partisans' Operation in Sinkewitz 275
    Masha Slutzki: Bad News 276
Parties and Institutions
    Avraham Yitzhak Slutzki: The Zionist Movement 281
    Henia Schusterman: The “General-Zionist” Hechalutz in Lenin 282
    Mordechai Zaitchik: Once there was a shtetl 287
    Mordechai Zaitchik: Types and customs 291
    Sarah Fogelman (Kulpanitske): My Mother 294
    Yitzhak Slutzki: Berele the Bookseller [Mokher Sefarim] 295
    Avraham Yitzhak Slutzki: Chaim Grone–Yentes 296
    Henia Schusterman: My Parents 299
    Menashe Yulewitz (Latocha): The Lenin Hard Workers 299
    M. Jaffe: A Guest in our Town 301
Synagogues and Religious Personnel
    Mordechai Zeitchik: Synagogues and Religious Personnel 307
   Mordechai Zeitchik: The Rabbi R'Yehuda Turetzki z”l 309
    Avrom-Yitskhok Slutski: HaRov Reb. Yehuda Turetski, z”l 312
    Mordechai Zeitchik: Cantors 313
    Avraham Yitzhak Slutzki: R'Avraham-Yitzhak Chinitz 319
    Aharon (Arke) Chinitz: Uncle R'Moshe 320
    Mordkhai Zaytshik: Autobiography of Avrohom-Yitskhok Slutsky 323
Landslayt (countrymen) in America
    The Activity and Aid of the American Landsmanshaft 329
    Mordechai Rubinstein (Migdalowitz): Itke Khinitch – “the Mother of Lenin” 335
   Mordechai Rubinstein (Migdalowitz): Kalman Temkin 336
    Menashe Yulevitsh: Khishe Cohen 338
    S. Hirszohn: Yakov (Jacob) Yulewitch 344
    Fallen in defense of the Fatherland 345
    Memorial Candles 350
[Note: These last two titles are in Hebrew, so the sections may also be in Hebrew, though they are listed in the Yiddish section.]

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