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Lenin – the Community Register


The Community Register is a three part listing of victims of the Holocaust.

Part A. is a listing of 521 individuals plus at least 201 unnamed children from Lenin and a few surrounding communities murdered on August 14, 1942 in the extermination of the Jews of Lenin by German execution squads and on various other dates during the German occupation. . This part is entitled “A. The Martyrs of Lenin, who were murdered by the Germans on the 2nd day of Elul - August 14, 1942 (pages 223-232). This list was prepared by: M. Zaytchik, Lipa Mishalov, Masha Slutzky”

Part B. is a listing of 79 residents of Lenin who were killed in battle or perished elsewhere (pages 232-233). List prepared by M. Zaytchik.

Part C. is a listing of 102 Partisan fighters who were killed fighting the Nazis in the forests (pages 234-235). List prepared by M. Zaytchik. Approximately 903 individuals are listed including unnamed children.

Listed separately are:

The names of 141 relatives in part A

The names of 51 relatives in part B

The names of 50 relatives in part C

These names are used in the Lenin Yizkor Book List to identify the martyrs and those presumed to have survived. Names of surviving relatives may be duplicated in parts A., B., and C. Relatives listed as survivors may also be listed as martyrs.

This translation consists of two parts:

  1. Translation and transliteration of The Community Register from the Hebrew original in the Yizkor Book by Rachel Ben-Chaim (Rochelle Moss Kaplan) January 8, 2004.

  2. Six lists (not included in the original Lenin Yizkor Book) provide a cross-reference of all individuals named in the translation. The first three spreadsheets, entitled “Lenin Community Register Necrology Part A, Part B, Part C,” respectively, list those named in the Yizkor Book as martyrs. The last three spreadsheets, Part A., Part B., and Part C., list relatives of the martyrs used in the Yizkor Book to identify the martyrs. The martyrs lists are sorted alphabetically first by Family Name then by First Name. The relatives lists are sorted first by relationship Code, then by Family Name, then by First Name. The list was prepared by Sanford A. Kaplan (Translation Coordinator) on January 8, 2004.

Notes For Column Headings:

  1. Code – M=Martyr; H=Husband, W=Wife, F=Father, Mo=Mother, S=Son, D=Daughter, Presumed Survivors.

  2. Family Name – Married Name (last name of husband) for women if known, otherwise maiden name. In cases where only the woman's name is given, I have assumed it is her married name and the children carry that family name. In some cases the text of the original Martyrs List is unclear as to an individual's relationships. I have made a best guess based on context contained in the text. (For instance: B daughter of A and C her son. Is he A's or B's son?). If the text states “X, wife of Y”, I have assumed X was martyred and Y survived. If family name is not given it is listed as Unk Or Unknown.

  3. First name – First name + female maiden name if known.

  4. Children's Names – Children listed by first name. If names are unknown they are listed as “four sons,” etc.

  5. Children, spouses, fathers also listed separately by their first name. Presumed survivors are also listed separately for cross referencing purposes using their Code – H,W,F,Mo,S,D.

  6. Page # – Page number of listing in translation of the original Lenin Yizkor Book. For instance: 223L = Page 223 left column; 226R = Page 226 right column. Note: Translation left column = original Hebrew right column.

  7. Comments – Other information in original text or cross-reference information.

  8. Other Abreviations – (Unk or Unknown) Unknown First or Family name.

  9. Please communicate to the Yizkor Book Project any corrections to the assumptions of relationships or survival.

Sanford A. Kaplan

[Pages 223-232]

Lenin – the Community Register

Part A. The Martyrs of Lenin, who were murdered by the Germans on the 2nd day of Elul - August 14, 1942

Prepared by: M. Zaytchik, Lipa Mishalov, Masha Slutzky

CodeFamily nameFirst nameGenderSpouse nameFatherChildren's namesPage ref. #Comments
MAFMAN (FRIZIER)EfraimM Yakov 224LMother is Tzira
MAFMAN (FRIZIER)FaygelF Yakov 224LMother is Tzira
MAFMAN (FRIZIER)PeshaF Yakov 224LMother is Tzira
MAFMAN (FRIZIER)TziraFYakov Efraim (M), Pesha (F), Faygel (F)224L 
MAFMAN (FRIZIER)YakovMTzira Efraim (M), Pesha (F), Faygel (F)224L 
MAKAMashaFShlomo (Tatel)  226L 
MAKAShlomo (Tatel)MMasha  226L 
MBARUCHINAltaFMordekhai Ephraim228L 
MBAVKINDvoraFNosson Basya(F), 223LBasya, wife of Yakov KAPLAN
MBAVKINFaigelF Kalman 223L 
MBAVKINMina RochelF  Bayla (F)223R 
MBAVKINNossonMDvora  223L 
MBAVKINVichnaFKalman Fagel(F), Bracha(F), Kalman(M),223LBracha married to Avrom ZEVIN
MBEHONEshkaF Eizel 227R 
MBEHONMendelM Eizel 227R 
MBEHONSaraF Eizel 227R 
MBEHONShmuelM Eizel 227R 
MBEHONShprintzaF Eizel 227R 
MBEHONVelvelM Eizel 227R 
MBEHONZisselFEizel Eshka(F), Shprintza(F), Sara(F), Velvel(M), Mendel(M), Shmuel(M), Two more children227R 
MBERGMANBrochaF Nissen 225L 
MBERGMANChinkaF Nissen 225L 
MBODNITZChanaF  Infant230L 
MBOIMANEstherFUnknownAron ShkliarOne Child232L 
MBRESSLEREtelFZalman Shayna (F), Meyer (M), Yitzkhok (M)224RShayna wife of Boma Rappaport
MBRESSLERMeyerM Zalman BRESSLER 224RMother was Etel
MBRESSLERYitzkhokM Zalman BRESSLER 224RMother was Etel
MBRODETZKYAlterMRiva Isaac(M), Gittel(F), Chaya(F), Faygel(F), Basha(F)229R 
MBRODETZKYBashaF Alter 229R 
MBRODETZKYChayaF Alter 229R 
MBRODETZKYFaygelF Alter 229R 
MBRODETZKYGittelF AlterTwo Children229R 
MBRODETZKYIsaacM Alter 229R 
MBRODETZKYRivaFAlter Isaac(M), Gittel(F)229R 
MCHINITZAdelF   232RFrom Chvorostow
MCHINITZChanaF Shmuel 226L 
MCHINITZEsther DvoraF Shimshon 224L 
MCHINITZLeibMNecha  231L 
MCHINITZMiriam (Mara)FShimshon Esther Dvora (F), Risha (F)224L 
MCHINITZNechaFLeib  231L 
MCHINITZSenderM   231L 
MCHINITZShaynkaFFayvelChaim DovidOne Child230L 
MCHINITZShmuelMTzira Chana (F)226L 
MCHINITZTcharnaF Yisroel 228L 
MCHINITZTemaF  Freydel Slutsky(F), Yenta Slutsky(F), another Daughter231L 
MCHINITZTziraFShmuel Chana (F)226L 
MCHINITZYocheved (Yocha)FYisroel Tcharna228L 
MELEYNIKChaya KraynaFNachman Dvora(F)229R 
MELEYNIKDvoraF Nachman 229R 
MELEYNIKNachmanMChaya Krayna Dvora(F)229R 
MEPSTEINChananMHinda Sonya Tziglig230L 
MEPSTEINEvaF   224RFrom Warsaw
MEPSTEINHindaFChanan Sonya Tziglig230L 
MFELDMANDr.MEsther  228L 
MFELDMANEstherFDr. FeldmanYacov LAZAVNICK 228L 
MFIXMANKraynaFUnknownMordekhaiFour Children225R 
MGACHMANMashaFUnknown Daughter231L 
MGELENSONAharonMSimkaYisroelThree Daughters and One Son228L 
MGELENSONChaya SaraFHershl Kusha Rochel (F)228L 
MGELENSONFaygelFMoshe'ke Two Little Girls230L 
MGELENSONHershl KushaMChaya Sara Rochel (F)228L 
MGELENSONRochelF Hershl Kusha 228L 
MGELENSONSaraFShlomo Two Children228R 
MGELENSONSimkaFAharon Three Daughters and One Son228L 
MGELENSONYekutielM   229LGrandson of Zelig
MGELENSONZeligM  Fraydel Tzukrovich(F)229LGrandfather of Yekutiel
MGINSBERGAsherM Yosef 228R 
MGINSBERGBaylaFEliyahu Busha Kandelstein(F)232L 
MGINSBERGEliyahuMBaylaAsherBusha Kandelstein(F)232L 
MGINSBERGEshkaFYitzkhokLayzer GolubOne Child231R 
MGINSBERGKhishaF Asher 228R 
MGINSBERGRivaF YosefOne Child228R 
MGINSBERGShayndelFYosef Riva(F), Asher, Yitzkhok228R 
MGINSBERGWifeFYitzkhok Four Children228R 
MGINSBERGYitzkhokMEshka One Child231R 
MGINSBERGYosefMShayndelAsherRiva(F), Asher, Yitzkhok228R 
MGLEIBERMANBaylaFAsher Miriam(F), Chama(F), Beba(F)223RDaughter of Mina Rochel BAVKIN
MGLEIBERMANBebaF Asher 223RDaughter of Bayla
MGLEIBERMANChamaF Asher 223RDaughter of Bayla
MGLEIBERMANMiriamF Asher 223RDaughter of Bayla
MGOLDBERGEfraimMFinkel Esther224L 
MGOLDBERGEstherF  Golda'le (F), Isser'ka (M)224RDaughter of Efraim and Finkel
MGOLDBERGFinkelFEfraim Esther224L 
MGOLDMANChaimkeM Hershl 225LMother was Yokheved Rasamakha
MGOLDMANDvoraFYisroelYakov Kravetz 229L 
MGOLDMANYokheved RasamakhaFHershl Chaimke225L 
MGOLUBChannaFYehuda Four Children226R 
MGOLUBEstherFAvraham Luba Shapiro231L 
MGOLUBEsther RochelF  Two Children232RFrom Chvorostow
MGOLUBHenyaFLayzer Malka(F), Meir(M), Eshke(F)231R 
MGOLUBLayzerMHenya  231R 
MGOLUBLenaFMoshe Two Children225L 
MGOLUBMalkaF Layzer 231R 
MGOLUBMeirM Layzer 231R 
MGOLUBMichlaF  One Child232RFrom Chvorostow
MGOLUBMiriam (Mera)F ChaimTwo Children232R 
MGOLUBRochel VitzerbinFAsher  231L 
MGOLUBYehudaMChannaChaimFour Children226R 
MGORODETSKYAvrom'lM Hirshl Leib (?) 226LEthel's Son
MGORODETSKYEthelFHirshl Leib Avrom"l (Her Son), Chaia (her Daughter)226L 
MGORODETSKYShimonMWifeHershl LeibFive Children226R 
MGORODETSKYWifeFShimon Five Children226R 
MGUREVITCHAlterMGittel Gronia(F), Sonia(F)227L 
MGUREVITCHFaigelFLeivick Henya(F), Michlia(F)227L 
MGUREVITCHGroniaF Alter 227L 
MGUREVITCHHenyaF Leivick 227L 
MGUREVITCHLeivickMFaigelMichlaHenya(F), Michlia(F)227L 
MGUREVITCHMordechaiM Moshe 227L 
MGUREVITCHSoniaF Alter 227L 
MGUREVITZChayaFYakov Four Children232R 
MHABERMANWifeFUnknown Haberman Infant Son223LHABERMAN from Poland
MHOLTZMANTzirilFShmuel Two Children230L 
MHRAFONAvrom-YitzkhokM Meir 226LSon of Itka
MHRAFONHershlM Eliyahu 227R 
MHRAFONItkaFMeir Luba (F), Avrom-Yitzkhok (M), Two more children226L 
MHRAFONLaybelM Eliyahu 227R 
MHRAFONLubaF Meir 226LDaughter of Itka
MHRAFONMeirMItka  Luba (F), Avrom-Yitzkhok (M), Two more children226L 
MHRAFONMosheM Eliyahu 227R 
MHRAFONNechaFEliyahu Laybel(M), Moshe(M), Hershl(M), one more child227R 
MHRAFONSoniaFSender One Son, Four Daughters226L 
MISSERSChayaF Yisroel-Aron 230R 
MISSERSNechama SaraFYisroel-Aron Nishka(F), Chaya(F), Yitzkhok(M)230R 
MISSERSNishkaF Yisroel-Aron 230R 
MISSERSYisroel-AronMNechama Sara Nishka(F), Chaya(F), Yitzkhok(M)230R 
MISSERSYitzkhokM Yisroel-Aron 230R 
MKAHNChayaFUnknown Moshe(M)231R 
MKAHNMosheM Unknown 231R 
MKAMINSKYMordekhaiMRiva Two Daughters229L 
MKAMINSKYRivaFMordekhai Two Daughters229L 
MKANDELSTEINBushaFUnknownEliyahu GinsbergOne Child232L 
MKANIKBashaF Danielone child226R 
MKANITZItkaFSholem Four Children223R 
MKAPLANBasya (BAVKIN)FYakov Yosef(M), One Daughter223LDaughter of Nosson
MKAPLANChana BashaFGedalya Esther(F), Nesha(F)230L 
MKAPLANEstherF Gedalya 230L 
MKAPLANGolda (BAVKIN)FAsher Tsila(F)223RDaughter of Mina Rochel BAVKIN
MKAPLANNeshaF GedalyaTwo Daughters230L 
MKAPLANTsilaF Asher 223RDaughter of Golda
MKAPLANYosefM Yakov 223LSon of Basya
MKATZMANChashkaFUnknown Two Children229L 
MKATZMANUnknownMChashkaPesach LamdinTwo Children229L 
MKIRSHENZWEIGNechaFUnknownGronem MIGDALOVICHOne Child225RDaughter of Sara Tziril MIGDALOVICH
MKIRSHNEREvaF   224RFrom Warsaw
MKIRZNERBaylaFNachman Three Children225L 
MKIRZNERBeinishMTema  225L 
MKIRZNERChayaF Dovid (?) 226R 
MKIRZNEREstherFDovid Chaya(Her Daughter), One son226R 
MKIRZNERRochelF Yakov 231R 
MKIRZNERTemaFBeinish  225L 
MKIRZNERTzirkaFMordekhai Three Children228R 
MKLIGERUnknownM   231LRefugee
MKOLPANITSKYBashkaF Yitzkhok 228R 
MKOLPANITSKYBaylaFYitzkhok Esther(F), Bashka(F)228R 
MKOLPANITSKYBetzalelMDina  228R 
MKOLPANITSKYBreindelF   228RLeah Kolpanitsky's Daughter
MKOLPANITSKYDinaFBetzalel  228R 
MKOLPANITSKYEstherF Yitzkhok 228R 
MKOLPANITSKYLeahF  Breindel(F), Faygel228R 
MKOLPANITSKYLibaFVelvel Two Daughters230L 
MKOLPANITSKYVelvelMLiba Two Daughters230L 
MKOLPANITSKYYitzkhokMBayla Esther(F), Bashka(F)228R 
MKONICKChaya ElkaFLeib  230R 
MKOROVOCHKAChishaF Nossen Yitzkhok 225RDaughter of Nossen Yitzkhok
MKOROVOCHKAMashaFUnknown One Son225RSimka KOROVOCHKA's Daughter
MKOROVOCHKASimkaFNossen Yitzkhok Masha225RSimka's Daughter
MKRAVETZChannaF   229L 
MKRAVETZEshka RayzelFMordekhai Yehudis(F), Henya(F), Shimon(M)228L 
MKRAVETZFayvelM   229L 
MKRAVETZGoldaF YehudaTwo Children227L 
MKRAVETZHasha (HRAFON)FChaim Three Children226L 
MKRAVETZHenyaF Mordekhai 228L 
MKRAVETZMichliaFYehudaLeivickGolda227LMaiden Name GUREVITCH
MKRAVETZRayzelFYakov Channa(F), Tzvia(F), Fayvel(M),Shayndel(F), Yeshaya(M), Dvora Goldman(F), One Child229L 
MKRAVETZShayndelF   229L 
MKRAVETZShimonM Mordekhai 228L 
MKRAVETZTzviaF   229L 
MKRAVETZYehudisF Mordekhai 228L 
MKRAVETZYeshayaM   229L 
MKRAVITZLubaFHershele Three Children223R 
MKRIBITZKYFaygelF Yitzkhok 224RMother was Nechama
MKRIBITZKYNechamaFYitzkhokAryehFaygel (F)224R 
MKUNITCHItaF the sexton 225LMother was Malka
MKUNITCHMalkaF  Ita(F), Sara(F)225LWife of the sexton
MKUNITCHSaraF the sexton 225LMother was Malka
MLAMDINPesachM EliyahuChashka Katzman(F)229L 
MLAPCHIKBasya F Beinish KIRZNERThree Children225L 
MLATUKHAAkivaMKhysha Three daughters228L 
MLATUKHABaruchMGolda Two Daughters231R 
MLATUKHABashaFZev  228L 
MLATUKHAChavaFYeshaya Gittel(F), Masha(F), Tzirel227L 
MLATUKHAGittelF Yeshaya 227L 
MLATUKHAGoldaFMoshe Chaya Kahn(F)231R 
MLATUKHAGoldaFBaruch Two Daughters231R 
MLATUKHAKhyshaFAkiva Three daughters228L 
MLATUKHAMashaF Yeshaya 227L 
MLATUKHATzirelF Yeshaya 227L 
MLATUKHAZevMBasha  228L 
MLAZAVNICKBaruchM Yacov 228L 
MLAZAVNICKMichliaFMoshe'ka One Child228L 
MLAZAVNICKRayzelFYacov Sonya228L 
MLAZAVNICKSonyaF YacovTwo Children228L 
MLAZAVNICKYacovMRayzel Sonya(F), Esther Feldman(F), Baruch(M), Moshe'ka228L 
MLEVINFaygelF Yehuda 231R 
MLEVINSara HenyaFYehuda Faygel231R 
MLEVINYehudaMSara Henya  231R 
MLIFSHITZFrumaFYakovMoshe Reuven ZARETSKYLaizer'ka (M)225R 
MLIFSHITZLaizer'kaM Yakov 225R 
MLILIENBERGBaylkaF Eliezer Chaim 224RMother is Nechama
MLILIENBERGNechamaFEliezer Chaim Baylka (F)224R 
MLILIENBERGSara ChanaFKalman  225L 
MLUTZKYSaraF   232RFrom Volka; Lived by Chanan Epstein
MMACONAltaFMordekhai Basya(F), Fanya(F), Marisha(F)231L 
MMACONBasyaF Mordekhai 231L 
MMACONFanyaF Mordekhai 231L 
MMACONMarishaF MordekhaiOne Child231L 
MMACONMordekhaiMAlta Basya(F), Fanya(F), Marisha(F)231L 
MMARGOLINBerlM   224RMother was Yentel MARGOLIN
MMARGOLINBer'laM   224RMother was Liba MARGOLIN
MMARGOLINEstherFZeligGronem MIGDALOVICHThree Children225RDaughter of Sara Tziril MIGDALOVICH
MMARGOLINLibaF  Aydel (F), Ber'la (M)224R 
MMARGOLINLipaM   224RMother was Yentel MARGOLIN
MMARGOLINYentelF  Berl (M), Lipa (M)224R 
MMASLOVChaimM Yakov 231L 
MMASLOVYakovMYentl Chaim231L 
MMASLOVYentlFYakov Chaim231L 
MMAYKINKhyshaF   223RMother is Osna MAYKIN
MMAYKINOsnaF  Khysha(F)223R 
MMIGDALOVICHChanaF Shmuel Yitzkhok 224RMother was Leah MIGDALOVICH
MMIGDALOVICHChishkaFNachman Four Daughters224LHer mother is Golda SHNEIDMAN
MMIGDALOVICHElyakimMMiriam (Mara) Shachka (F), Shayndel (F)224R 
MMIGDALOVICHEstherF Aharon 225LMother was Sara
MMIGDALOVICHLeahFShmuel Yitzkhok Chana (F), Riva (F)224RDaughter of Lipa and Shayndel TEMKIN
MMIGDALOVICHLeahF Moshe Nissel 227R 
MMIGDALOVICHManyaFMoshe Nissel Leah(F), Yentel(F)227R 
MMIGDALOVICHMiriam (Mara)FElyakim Shachka (F), Shayndel (F)224R 
MMIGDALOVICHRishaFGronem Berl226R 
MMIGDALOVICHRivaF Shmuel Yitzkhok 224RMother was Leah MIGDALOVICH
MMIGDALOVICHSaraFAharon Esther225L 
MMIGDALOVICHSara TzirilFGronem Faygel (F), Necha (F),Esther (F)225R 
MMIGDALOVICHShachkaF Elyakim 224RMother is Miriam
MMIGDALOVICHShayndelF ElyakimOne child224ROther children survived?
MMIGDALOVICHSimkaFChaim-Yakov  225L 
MMIGDALOVICHWife of BerlFBerl Two Children227L 
MMIGDALOVICHYentelF Moshe Nissel 227R 
MMIGDALOVITCHAvrahamMShayna Ovadyahu(M), Rochel(F), Yenta(F)229LFrom Haritchinovitz
MMIGDALOVITCHOvadyahuM Avraham 229L 
MMIGDALOVITCHRochelF Avraham 229R 
MMIGDALOVITCHShaynaFAvraham Ovadyahu(M), Rochel(F), Yenta(F)229L 
MMIGDALOVITZDubaFMoshe Herzl(M), Sara(F), Velvel(M), Yossi(M), Somch(M)230R 
MMILLNERAharonMChanna Dovid(M), Moshe(M)229L 
MMILLNERChannaFAharon Dovid(M), Moshe(M)229L 
MMILLNERDovidM Aharon 229L 
MMILLNERMosheM Aharon 229L 
MMILSTEINFrumaF Rabbi Moshe 225L 
MMILSTEINHadassaF Rabbi Moshe 225L 
MMILSTEINItaF Rabbi Moshe 225L 
MMILSTEINRabbi MosheMRochel Hadassa (F), Fruma (F), Yakov (M), Ita (F), Yitzkhok Hershele (M)225L 
MMILSTEINRochelFRabbi Moshe Hadassa (F), Fruma (F), Yakov (M), Ita (F), Yitzkhok Hershele (M)225L 
MMILSTEINYakovM Rabbi Moshe 225L 
MMILSTEINYitzkhok HersheleM Rabbi Moshe 225L 
MMINKASUnknownMWife Children230LRefugees
MMINKASWifeFUnknown Children230LRefugees
MMISHALOVChishaFMoshe  232L 
MMISHALOVEstherFMordekhai Malka(F)228R 
MMISHALOVMalkaF Mordekhai 228R 
MNOVICKAltaFMoshe (The Cantor) Golda (F), Sonia (F)226LAlta's Daughters
MNOVICKGoldaF Unknown 226LAlta's Daughter
MNOVICKSoniaF Unknown 226LAlta's Daughter
MPADERSKYBashaFUnknown Yosef(M), Yacov(M), Pesha(F), Ehska Rubinstein229R 
MPADERSKYFaygelF   229R 
MPADERSKYRivaFChaim Yosef(M)229R 
MPADERSKYYosefM Chaim 229R 
MPAKAYUnknownM   231LRefugee
MPASETZKYChayaFGershon Daughter230L 
MPLATChaya (GORODETSKY)FNachmanHirshl Leib (?)Twin Sons226L 
MPLISFEDERYeva (Yokheved)F   223LEscaped From Warsaw
MRABINOVITCHHindaFBerl Two Children227L 
MRAPPOPORTShaynaFBomaZalman BRESSLER 224RMother was Etel
MREICHMANChayka (REINGOLD)FHershlYitzkhokTwo Children226R 
MREINGOLDEstherF Yitzkhok 226RMother was Golda
MREINGOLDGoldaFYitzkhok Esther(F), Henya(F) (Her Daughters)226R 
MREINGOLDHenyaF Yitzkhok 226RMother was Golda
MRIKLINFraydelFLeib Golda(F)227L 
MRIKLINGoldaF Leib 227L 
MROVNITZBashkaFShaul Two Children229R 
MROVNITZShaulMBashka Two Children229R 
MRUBENSTEINBashkaFMattityahu Sima230L 
MRUBENSTEINBellaF Lipa 231RFrom Mikishevitz
MRUBENSTEINChanaFShlomo Shayndel (F)224L 
MRUBENSTEINChanaF Hershl 226R 
MRUBENSTEINEstherFHershl Chana(F), Laybel(M), Lena (SHULMAN)(F), another child226R 
MRUBENSTEINKhyshaFYosef  223L 
MRUBENSTEINLaybelM Hershl 226R 
MRUBENSTEINLeahFLipa Bella(F)231R 
MRUBENSTEINRivkaFYehuda Tilya (F)224L 
MRUBENSTEINShamaiM  Lipa(M)231R 
MRUBENSTEINShayndelF ShlomoEshka STAROBINSKY224LDaughter of Chana
MRUBENSTEINSimaF Mattityahu 230L 
MRUBENSTEINTilyaF Yehuda 224LMother is Rivka
MRUBENSTEINYosefMKhyshaNoach 223L 
MRUVNITZAlterM Chaim Simcha 231R 
MRUVNITZChaim SimchaMChana Chaya Itya(F), Alter(M), Henya(F)231R 
MRUVNITZChanaFChaim Simcha Chaya Itya(F), Alter(M), Henya(F)231R 
MRUVNITZChaya ItyaF Chaim Simcha 231R 
MRUVNITZHenyaF Chaim Simcha 231R 
MSADOVSKYChayaF   225RDaughter of Rochel
MSADOVSKYEstherFEliyahu Rochel (F)225R 
MSCHWARTZMANBreindelFHershlAlter YulevitzThree Children229R 
MSEGALOVITCHBunyaF Moshe'ka 230R 
MSEGALOVITCHDvoraFMoshe'ka Henach230R 
MSEGALOVITCHMoshe'kaMDvora Bunya230R 
MSHAPIROAvraham'lM Moshe 231L 
MSHAPIROLubaFMosheAvraham GolubAvraham'l231L 
MSHKLIARAronMChaya Rochel Chiska(F), Esther Boiman(F)232L 
MSHKLIARChaya RochelFAron Chiska(F), Esther Boiman(F)232L 
MSHKLIARChaya SaraFYosef Basha225RBasha wife of Duda GORODETSKY
MSHKLIARChiskaF AronTwo Children232L 
MSHKLIARYosefMChaya SaraAharonBasha225RBasha wife of Duda GORODETSKY
MSHNEIDMANChaykaF AvrahamTwo Children224L 
MSHNEIDMANGoldaF Avraham 224L 
MSHNEIDMANSara FaygelFAvraham Golda (F), Chayka (F)224L 
MSHNEIDMANWifeFSimcha Two Children224L 
MSHULMANAdinaF Moshe 226R 
MSHUSTERChaya ShayndelFMeir Ber  230R 
MSHUSTERFaygelF SenderOne Child232L 
MSHUSTERMeir BerMChaya Shayndel  230R 
MSHUSTERRivka-RochelFSender Faygel232L 
MSHUSTERMANBaylaFYitzkhokMordkhaiFive Children228RAlso Bayla's Sister
MSHUSTERMANDovidMRochele  229L 
MSHUSTERMANFaygelFDovidMordechai ShustermanThree Children230R 
MSHUSTERMANHodelFYitzkhok Sonya229L 
MSHUSTERMANMordekhaiM  Faygel Shusterman230R 
MSHUSTERMANRochelFDovid  229L 
MSHUSTERMANShimonM Dovid 229L 
MSHUSTERMANShimonM Moshe Aharon 229L 
MSHUSTERMANSonyaF Yitzkhok 229L 
MSHUSTERMANWife of MosheFMoshe Two Children230R 
MSHUSTERMANZlataFMoshe Aharon Shimon(M)229L 
MSHUVChannaF Yosef 228L 
MSHUVFaygelFYosef Channa(F), Hershle228L 
MSHUVHershleM Yosef 228L 
MSHVERINElkaFChaim Faygel(F), Sara(F), Rochel(F) (Her Daughters)226R 
MSHVERINFaygelF Chaim 226R 
MSHVERINRochelF Chaim 226R 
MSHVERINSaraF Chaim 226R 
MSLUTCHAKChasheF  One Girl, One Boy231R 
MSLUTSKYChanaFHershele  223R 
MSLUTSKYChayaFChaim Chisa227R 
MSLUTSKYChaykaF YeshayaTwo Children224ROther children survived? Mother was Faygel
MSLUTSKYChisaF Chaim 227R 
MSLUTSKYDvoshaF Meyer 224RMother was Nechama
MSLUTSKYElkaF Yeshaya 224RMother was Faygel
MSLUTSKYFaygelFYeshaya Chayka (F), Elka (F), Yenta (F)224R 
MSLUTSKYFraidel (Franya)F   223R 
MSLUTSKYFrumaFGronem  227R 
MSLUTSKYNechamaFMeyer Riva (F), Dvosha (F)224R 
MSLUTSKYRivaF Meyer 224RMother was Nechama
MSLUTSKYRochelFGershon Yenta225R 
MSLUTSKYSara FaigelF   225R 
MSLUTSKYWifeFYitzkhok (Itchka)  225L 
MSLUTSKYYentaF Yeshaya 224RMother was Faygel
MSLUTSKYYentaFUnknownGershonTwo Children225R 
MSLUTSKYYeshayaMFaygelAharonChayka (F), Elka (F), Yenta (F)224R 
MSLUTZKYFreydelF Yisroel Slutzky 231LDaughter of Tema Chinitz
MSLUTZKYSecond WifeFAsher One Child230RSecond Wife of Asher
MSLUTZKYYentaF Yisroel Slutzky 231LDaughter of Tema Chinitz
MSTAROBINSKYBetzalelMYenta  230R 
MSTAROBINSKYEshkaFBinyamin Shulamis (F), Avram'l (M)224LDaughter of Shayndel RUBINSTEIN
MSTAROBINSKYYentaFBetzalel  230R 
MSTRIGATCHBashaF Baruch 230R 
MSTRIGATCHChayaFFeivel Gittel(F)227L 
MSTRIGATCHFeivelMChaya Gittel(F), Mirel(F), Nechama(F)227L 
MSTRIGATCHGittelF FeivelTwo Children227L 
MSTRIGATCHLeibelM Baruch 230R 
MSTRIGATCHMirelF FeivelOne Child227L 
MSTRIGATCHNechamaF Feivel 227L 
MSTRIGATCHRayzelFBaruch Leibel(M), Zalman(M), Basha(F)230R 
MSTRIGATCHZalmanM Baruch 230R 
MTANISNachumMSonia  226L 
MTANISSoniaFNachum  226L 
MTEMCHINHersheleM Chaim-David 226LHinda's son
MTEMCHINHindaFChaim-David Hershele (Her Son)226L 
MTEMCHINWifeFIzel One child226L 
MTEMKINDobaF NechemiaOne Child225L 
MTEMKINFaygelFHershele Two Children228RLeah Kolpanitsky's Daughter
MTEMKINFeygelFDovid  231L 
MTEMKINLipaMShayndel Leah (F)224RRiva married to Shmuel Yitzkhok MIGDALOVICH
MTEMKINShayndelFLipa Leah (F)224RRiva married to Shmuel Yitzkhok MIGDALOVICH
MTOPCHIKBaruchM Yakov 230L 
MTOPCHIKEliyahuM Yakov 230L 
MTOPCHIKEstherF Benya 225LMother was Itka
MTOPCHIKMiriamF Yakov 230L 
MTOPCHIKMiriamF Lipa 230L 
MTOPCHIKRivaFYakov Shlomo, Zelig, Baruch, Eliyahu, Miriam230L 
MTOPCHIKShlomoM Yakov 230L 
MTOPCHIKZeligM Yakov 230L 
MTZIGLIGAdelF EliyahuTwo Girls229R 
MTZIGLIGBaruchMSonya One Child230L 
MTZIGLIGChaya LeahFEliyahu  229R 
MTZIGLIGSonyaFBaruchChanan EptseinOne Child230L 
MTZIKLIGBasyaF Mordkhai 223LDaughter of Rochel
MTZIKLIGBrochoF Yakov 226L 
MTZIKLIGEliyahuMGittelYosef 223L 
MTZIKLIGElkaF Leib 223L 
MTZIKLIGGetteleF Gedalyahu (?) 226RDaughter of Rochel
MTZIKLIGGittelFEliyahu  223L 
MTZIKLIGItkaFDavid Zelig(M)227L 
MTZIKLIGLeibM YosefSheindl(F), Elka(F)223L 
MTZIKLIGMoisheleM Gedalyahu (?) 226RSon of Rochel
MTZIKLIGMordkhai MRochelYosefBasya (F)223L 
MTZIKLIGMordkhai LeibM   226R 
MTZIKLIGRishaFYeshayaShimshon CHINITZ 224LMother is Miriam
MTZIKLIGRochelFMordkhai Basya (F)223L 
MTZIKLIGRochelFGedalyahuYakovMoishele (Her Son), Gittele (Her Daughter)226R 
MTZIKLIGSheindlF Leib 223L 
MTZIKLIGWifeFYehuda Two Children223LYehuda, Son of Leib
MTZIKLIGYakovM BoruchBrocho (F), Rochel (F)226L 
MTZIKLIGYenta RochelFZelig  226R 
MTZIKLIGZeligM David 227L 
MTZUKROVICHFraydelFMosheZelig GelensonTwo Daughters229L 
MTZUKROVITCHChishaFLeibAlter YulevitzOne Child229R 
MTZUKROVITCHItka TzirelF   227R 
MTZUKROVITCHSaraF  Itka Tzirel(F), Feigel(F), Feivel227R 
MTZUKROVITCHWife of FeivelFFeivel One Child227R 
MUNKMashaF  One Child227LWife of German, Sister of Sabina. Both From Warsaw
MUNKPeshaF   227RMother of Necha Hrafon
MUNKSabinaF   227LSister of Masha. Both From Warsaw
MUNKSisterF   228RSister of Bayla Shusterman
MUNKNOWNChancheF   231LSister of Galya
MVILK (BLECHER)FraydaFYitzkhok Two Children226R 
MVILK (BLECHER)YitzkhokMFrayda Two Children226R 
MVINNICKFeyvelM Masha's Son 231L 
MVINNICKGalyaF   231L 
MVINNICKItkaF  Masha231L 
MVINNICKMashaFTuvya Sonya, Feyvel231L 
MVINNICKOvadyahuMGalya Yentl Maslov231L 
MVINNICKSonyaF Tuvya 231L 
MVINNICKTuvyaMMasha Sonya231L 
MWANDEROVFaygelFBerel Moshe(M), Hinde(F)228R 
MWANDEROVHindeF Berel 228R 
MWANDEROVMosheM Berel 228R 
MWARSHALDvoraF Shlomo NissonThree Children230L 
MWARSHALFreidkaFYitzkhok  232L 
MWARSHALMiriamFYitzkhok Shulamis230L 
MWARSHALRochel LeahFShlomo Nisson  230L 
MWARSHALShulamisF Yitzkhok 230L 
MYOSELEVSKYNeshaFUnknownDovid ShustermanTeibele229L 
MYOSELEVSKYTeibeleF Unknown 229L 
MYULEVITZAlterMSimka Shaynka(F), Breindel Schwartzman(F), Chisha Tzukrovitch(F)229R 
MYULEVITZFaygelFDovid Four Children231R 
MYULEVITZNoachMRiva  231R 
MYULEVITZRivaFNoach  231R 
MYULEVITZShaynkaF AlterTwo Children229R 
MYULEVITZSimkaFAlter Shaynka(F), Breindel Schwartzman(F), Chisha Tzukrovitch(F)229R 
MYULOEVITZGoldaFNachum Nossen Minya224L 
MYULOEVITZMinyaF Nachum NossenThree Children224L 
MYULOEVITZNachum NossenMGolda Minya224L 
MZARETSKYHashaFEliyahu-Aron  227R 
MZARETSKYLipkaFMoshe Reuven Fruma LIFSHITZ (F)225R 
MZARETSKYMoshe ReuvenMLipka Fruma LIFSHITZ (F)225R 
MZARETSKYNechaFYosef  228R 
MZARETSKYYosefMNecha  228R 
MZAYTCHIKAharon LeibMRishka Bayla (F), Batya (F)224L 
MZAYTCHIKBatyaF Aharon Leib 224L 
MZAYTCHIKBaylaF Aharon Leib 224L 
MZAYTCHIKElkaF Betzalel 223R 
MZAYTCHIKGutaF Laybel 227R 
MZAYTCHIKHillelM   227R 
MZAYTCHIKHindlF Betzalel 223R 
MZAYTCHIKLaybelM  Guta(F), Lipka(F), Osna(F), Shifra(F)227R 
MZAYTCHIKLipkaF Laybel 227R 
MZAYTCHIKOsnaF Laybel 227R 
MZAYTCHIKRishkaFAharon LeibIsaac (Unk)Bayla (F), Batya (F)224L 
MZAYTCHIKSaraF Lipa 226LDaughter of Lipa
MZAYTCHIKShaindelFLipa  226L 
MZAYTCHIKShayndelFMoshe  227L 
MZAYTCHIKShifraF Laybel 227R 
MZEVINAydelFVelvel  224RMother was Liba MARGOLIN
MZEVINBracha (BAVKIN)FAvromKalman 223LDaughter of Vichna BAVKIN
MZEVINKalmanM Avrom 223LSon of Bracha
MZEVINLaibelM Manus 225R 
MZEVINManusMRiva Laibel (M), Sonia (F)225R 
MZEVINRivaFManus Laibel (M), Sonia (F)225R 
MZEVINSoniaFUnknownManus ZEVINThree Children225R 
MZUKROVICHFayvelMTzyrkaDovThree Sons223R 
MZUKROVICHHindeFDovid Sholom Four Daughters223R 
MZUKROVICHTzyrkaFFayvel Three Sons223R 
MZZA     232RFrom Milevitz 15 People
MZZB     232RFrom Chvorostow 10 People
MZZC     232RFrom Grabow 5 People
MZZD     232RFrom Wolka 45 People
MZZE     232RRefugees From Poland 15
STZUKROVITCHFeivelMWife One Child227R 
WSLUTZKYDinaFAsher Two Children230RFirst Wife of Asher

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