First ghetto to revolt, Lachwa
(Lakhva, Belarus)

52°13' / 27°06'

Translation of Rishonim la-mered; Lachwa

Edited by: Hayim A. Michaeli

Published in Jerusalem 1957

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This is a translation from: Rishonim la-mered; Lachwa (First ghetto to revolt, Lachwa),
Editors: Hayim A. Michaeli, Jerusalem 1957 (Hebrew, Yiddish, 500 cols).

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TOC translated by Sara Mages


The Community and its History
The History of the Jews of Lakhva Dr. N. M. Gelber 23
The Destruction and the Revolt
The background of the revolt Arye Salutsky 31
The destruction of Lahvka H.A. Michaeli 35
The first thought of planning a revolt H.A. Michaeli 69
Face to face battle Y'hoshua Lichtstein 75
Methods of torture Yeshayahu Milman 79
The adventures of a girl in the ghetto P. Drabeski-Levin 85
During the days of the Nazi occupation Kopel Kelpanitzky 91
The last day Y. Milman 107
Torments and the road to salvation A. Schusterman 113
During the Holocaust Y. Morbatzik 123
Help to the refugees Ori Olomotski 127
Revenge and Payment
On the rivers of Polesia Y. Milman 137
We are from Lahvka Y'hoshua Lichtstein 149
The actions of a saboteur Shimon Hefetz 155
Trial by fire Haim Skalar 159
In the rear of the battle front Kalman Gozevitz 163
Missions Avraham Fienberg 167
Brothers' meeting Y. Lichtstein 175
A gift to the homeland Y. Muravtchik 179
May first Y. Milman 181
Avenging hand in my native village Y. Abramovitz 185
In the Kovpak units K. Kelpanitzky 187
How the Heroes Fell
Y. Rochtsin, the fighter and the revolt commander   199
Dov (Berel) Lupatin   203
Moshe Leib and Asher Hefetz   210
David and Yitzchak Finberg   213
Moshe Kelpanitzky   216
Haim Hefetz   217
Asher son of Yehudah Hefetz   218
Aharon Aschman; Dov Aschman   220
Dov Furer; Moshe Dolgopiaty   222
Shlomo son of Yitzchak Hefetz   224
Zalman (Ziame) Muravtchic   225
Ben-Zion Lichtstein   227
Yitzchak (Eitshele') Fishman; Yisrael Mischelow   229
Arye (Leibel) Wainfeld; Tzvi Shevorin   231
Eliyahu Shechtman; Nachum Milman   233
Yosef Gozevitz   235
Yisrael Darebski; Yakov Meister; Munis Broder   237
Two who fell in the homeland - Tzvi Blez; Avraham Yitzchak Tapohi   239
A lesson from the holocaust Y'hoshua Lichtstein 243
For those we are crying
The list of the martyrs from Lahvka's ghetto   249
Lahvka 1956 N. Ben-Shmuel 267
Before the destruction
The Town and Its People Ch. A. Michaeli 271
The Rabbis of Lakhva A. Katz and Y. Z. Krikon 283
Men of Torah Ch.A. Michaeli 291
Holiday and Festival A. Katz 293
Institutions and Movements
The Buds of the Zionist Movement Ch.A. Michaeli 299
Hanoar Hatzioni (Hashomer HaLeumi) Ch.A. Michaeli 309
Hashomer Hatzair Sh. Kravchik 313
Beitar Y. Bochkin 315
Hechalutz Haklal Hatzioni A. Chefetz 319
Keren Kayemet LeYisrael [Jewish National Fund] and Keren Hayesod [United Israel Appeal] Dov Gozewitz 321
The Yavne School in Lakhva Y. Lichtstein 323
“Kupat-Am” Bank Dov Gozewitz 327
The Charitable Fund M. Ch. 329
The Amateur Theater Club A. Chefetz 331
The Volunteer Firefighters S. Dolgopiati 331
Engaged in Public Needs
A dynasty of ritual slaughterers: R' Matityahu Lerman, R' Sheraga   337
Feivel Chinitz
Y. Zalzman; The community's beadles   341
The Rabbi of Stolin came   343
Communal workers during their lives 345
R' Yehudah-Yitzchak Buktsin   347
R' Shalom Romanovski; R' David Salutsky   351
R' Tzvi (Hershel) Neiman   353
Yakov Skelar; S. Musicant   355
The Young Guard    
Yitzchak Salutsky, a poet and a fighter H.A. Michaeli 357
Meir (Misha) Muravtchik Moshe Kol 363
Alter Levin A. Vekselbaum 367
Images and Personalities
Moshe Gozenfud; R' Yeshaya Shechtman; R' Mordechai Tamkin;   370-380
R' Zalman Hefetz; R' Yehudah Salutsky; R' Orcha Lichtstein; R' Gershon Schusterman; Moshe (Misha) Salutsky; Getzel Pinchasovich; Binyamin Slenznuk; R' Moshe-Yakov Rimer; R' Yosef Hefetz; R' Yosef the water- drawer
Among the Ruins (from house to house)
Szkolna Street   382
Market square   385
Malinowa Street   389
Lyubachin Street   392
Kovalska Street   396
David Gorodok Street   398
Posta Street   402
Kohzan Gorodok Street   402
In the villages of Mokrov and Sinkevichi Arye Salutsky 410
Phrases H.A. Michaeli 413
Lahvka - Life and Revolt [Y]    
Lahvka (Poems) [Y] Y. Salutsky 419
My Gan-Eden (paradise) Shtetl [Y] Yakov Skaler 421
There Was Once in Lahvka [Y] A. Partnoi 433
The Bloody Uprising [Y] H.A. Michaeli 448
Partisans in the Struggle [Y] Yitzchak Lichtenberg 459
Mokrov and Sinkevichi [Y] M. Shifman 467
Brotherly Support for the Refugees [Y] Fishel Gradbein 475
Children Tell Genia Romanovsky [Y] Yospil Chinitz 479
From a Letter to My Father [Y] Y. Salutsky 485
Lahvka [Y] Aharon Shvarin 489
The activities of “Lahvka Landsmanshaft” organizations in Israel and the United States   491
Bibliography   499
Lakhva: Survivors of the Ghetto in Israel and around the world   501


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