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[Columns 501-502]

Lakhva: Survivors of the Ghetto in Israel and around the world

Translated by Judy Petersen

No. Surname Given name Remarks Place
1 AVRAMOVITZ Yakov Israel
2 OLIMOTZKI Uri Israel
3 GUZBITZ Kalman Israel
4 GRADBIN Fishel Israel
5 GRADBIN Israel
6 GRADBIN Israel
7 DOLGOFITI Shlomo Israel
9 DROPSKY-LEVIN Pesya Israel
10 CHAFETZ-BAUMAN Chaya Israel
11 CHAFETZ Shimon Israel
12 CHAFETZ Zelig Israel
13 CHEINITZ Dov Israel
14 CHEINITZ Yosef Israel
15 TURKENITZ Aryeh Israel
16 YULEVITZ Yakov Israel
17 LEIBMAN Zelig Israel
18 LICHTSTEIN Yehoshua Israel
19 MURAVCHIK Yakov son of Aryeh Israel
20 MILMAN Yeshayahu Israel
21 FINBERG Avraham Israel
22 KOLPENITZKI Koppel Israel
23 KOGOT Adam refugee Israel
24 KRAVCHIK Moshe Israel
26 KRAVCHIK Shimon Israel
28 RIEMER Chaim Israel
29 SHVORIN Zev Israel
30 SHVORIN Yisrael Israel
31 SHUSTERMAN Avraham Israel
32 SCHIFFMAN Michael Israel
34 SCHIFFMAN Zev Israel
35 SHLIPAK-BIK Sarah Israel
36 SHAKLER Chaim Israel
37 EISENBERG daughter of Eizik Russia
38 EISENBERG son of Eizik Russia
39 GLINSON Shimon Russia
40 GUZBITZ Leah Russia
41 DOLGOFITI Ben Tzion Russia
42 CHAFETZ Chaim son of Reuven Russia
43 CHAFETZ Asher son of Shmuel Russia
44 CHAFETZ Yerachmiel Russia
45 CHAFETZ Reuven Russia
46 WILK Sarah Russia
47 YULEVITZ Roza Russia
48 MARGOLIN Zelig Russia
49 STOLLER Yitzchak Russia
50 FELDMAN Yosef Meir Russia
51 KIRZSNER Yitzchak Russia
52 KIRZSNER Shabtai Russia
53 KRAVCHIK Dov Russia
54 KRAVCHIK Meir Russia
55 SHUSTERMAN Yakov Russia
56 SHEVRIN Herschel son of Nachman Russia
57 STEINBERG Avraham Russia
58 STEINBERG Meir Russia
59 SHAKLER Alexander Russia
60 SHAKLER Bila Russia
61 SHAKLER Liebel Russia
62 GITTELMAN Dov America
63 GITTELMAN Tzipora America
64 ZARETZKY Chaim America
65 ZARETZKY Channah America
66 ZARETZKY Eliahu America
67 CHAFETZ Yakov America
68 KATZ Miriam America
69 KAPLAN Moshe America
70 ROMANOVSKY Moshe Zev America
71 ROMANOVSKY Yocheved America
72 ROMANOVSKY Genya America
73 SHVORIN Zvi son of Moshe America
74 SHVORIN Zev America
75 SHAVIKO Avraham America
76 SHAVIKO Sima America
77 ZELMANOVITZ Noach Canada
78 MURAVCHIK Yakov David Canada
79 MURAVNIK Aharon Canada
80 FELDMAN Aharon Canada
81 SHVORIN Aharon Canada
82 WALOCHINSKY Aharon Germany
83 SLUTZKY Aryeh Austria
84 KRAVCHIK Kalman Germany
85 KRAVCHIK David Germany
86 FRIEDLAND Sarah Italy
87 OLOMOTZKY Zev Poland
88 GUZANSKY Alexander Poland
89 GUZANSKY Poland
90 LICHTENBERG Yitzchak Poland


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