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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

Dotnuva, Tuesday 3.11.36  

My beloved daughter Freida!

We received your letter, don't worry and don't be sad. I understood in advance that this would happen, but it is not bad, don't argue and don't quarrel with them because they are a closer family to him than you and, God forbid, if you fight with them they'll inform on you and something bad would happen to you.

You must live with them a life of love and brotherhood, and then you'll be able to live with them in the same house. Eventually you'll know what you should do, consult your relatives about this.

In our opinion, there should be peace and brotherhood among you. If you quarrel with them, you wouldn't be able live with them in the same house and on one table. I understand that this is a heavy burden for you, but what can you do, this is the only way to go.

Please write us if you still live in the same room where you lived before, and how your uncle treating you. Don't worry about us. Thank God, all of us are safe and sound.

Be happy and cheerful.
Your father.


Dear beloved Freidale!

Winter is already approaching us, for the time being there is little rain it is chilly. As you know, it's not “a big deal” when it is raining in Dotnuva. Maybe it is in New York. But I believe that the harsh weather isn't as prominent in a big city as in a small town.



My dear beloved daughter Freida,

I believe that you can endure it all with apathy because you are a person with patience and wisdom. Just live in peace. In this manner you'll be able to improve your future. Write us how these people treat you. I think that so far you've not received the two letters that I sent you. I asked you to send me a number of addresses from Chicago. If you don't mind, tell me if, God forbid, something happened. Write me what you know, I want to write them.

We received the documents. When we get your letter Bat-Sheva and I will go to the consulate in Kovna and arrange everything.

Be well. I wish to hear good news from you.

Greetings to our friends.
Write me how is Shefszon and his four [maybe the father of four].


Continuation from Pessie:

Today we received a postcard from Moshe. We sent him your letter. I would send you his postcard but I'm afraid that the letter would be too hard for you. He writes us (and you) not to worry about you, and that everything will be good. A young person can manage and live pleasantly. Don't worry, everything will be good. One day we'll see each other. I think that it would be very hard for you to spend another day here in Dotnuva because of the great boredom. .

Go to the cinema, to the theaters, and don't look for anything. It will be good. Greetings
to our uncle. How's the “daughter?” Live in peace with her. What good would it do?

You probably know that Shoshanna moved to live in Haifa. She writes that she'll get a better job there.

Moshe wrote me that if I want I could come to him. It's still difficult to travel from home. And what would I do there? His salary isn't big enough for both of us. Right now he's sewing himself a good suit.

We also received a letter from Leah, she is healthy.
Greetings to you from our aunt and from Miriam.
Be well and have fun. I'm sending you many many kisses.

Mother was photographed today. She wants to get a passport because she needs it now. You probably remember that she lost her passport when she traveled to Keidan [Këdainiai]. You were at home at that time.


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