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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)







Translated by Sara Mages


Hello my beloved sister!

I received your letter with the sad news and they hit me like a thunderclap. I can imagine your situation right now. After all, our aunt, May she rest in peace, was the only person who was interested in everyone and in you.

Write me the truth. Is it true that our uncle hadn't changed his attitude towards you, meaning, is his attitude towards you better than before? Because I'm pretty sure that he had very little interest in you. We can't only blame him because he's very busy with his business, and can't devote himself to other matters. I think that now, when he's lonesome, he might pay more attention to you.

How are you Freidale? You wrote me that you were sick. If you wrote me about it, then you must have been very sick. Write me, for God's sake, what did you have and how do you feel right now. I ask you my sister to write me at least once a week. You should go to a doctor and ask his advice, don't neglect it. You have to look after your health. Travel and have a good time. What can we do, we can't stand against nature. The “dead is dead and the living lives”.

Freidale, I ask you to write me about our aunt and what she suffered from, you mentioned it in this letter and it is very very interesting to me.

Write about everything, everything. After all, you can write me in more details, more intimately. What do you think about Moshe? In what ways can you bring him? If you do, it wouldn't be stupidity. After all, life is very difficult here. Sometimes I think about Moshe coming here, but I don't know what kind of work he could do. Maybe he'll be able to manage here.

Anyway, it would be very good if he could travel to America. If not, he would come here. At the end we'll find a way to bring him, and then, we'll come to visit you and all of us will be together. Don't worry Freida, everything will be fine.

Today I received a letter from home, all of them are healthy. Mother already knows. They received the money. In my opinion, they should use the money to marry Miriam. What is your opinion on this matter? After all, Miriam is not so young. They didn't write me what they're planning to do with the money.

There is a little change in my life. On IX/1 [November 1, 36], I'm moving to live in Haifa. I'll get a job there. I'll be fine there, it's not worst there than in Tel Aviv. As we say: “Change your place, change your luck”. I'll try. My belongings are already packed. My friends were here and helped me with everything. They'll arrange a party for me and it will be very happy. I received several gifts from my acquaintances.

The parting from Zahava isn't so pleasant. After all, we lived together for nearly four years. We know about each other. But it doesn't matter since Haifa isn't far away from Tel Aviv. Freida, do you have girlfriends or intimate friends? Write me about everything. Be well and happy and don't worry, it's not good for your health.

You'll receive my next letter after I move to Haifa. For now write me to this address:

Zahava Frid, 28 Trumpeldor St. Second floor, Tel-Aviv. For Shoshanna
Zahava will send me your letters. Greetings from her.

Shalom and many kisses.
Your sister, Shoshanna

On the margin: Greetings to uncle. I would write him a letter, but I took into consideration that three months have passed since the disaster and I don't want to arouse the pain. I trust you. Tell him from me what you think to say in such a situation.

P.S. Your last letter is very scattered and it's difficult to understand what you want to express in a number of sentences. I'm very worried about you, that your nerves are very upset. Try to heal your spirit and your strength. S.


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