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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)






Translated by Sara Mages

Estimated date - Friday 6.11.36  

My beloved daughter Freida,

It makes me happy that you meet with our beloved cousin Chaya and her daughter. They are still the only family members who know me. I'm very pleased to hear their regards. Write me my beloved daughter, what's new in your uncle's home, how is your life? Who is cooking for you? How uncle Morris feels? Write me in details about everything. Sabbath is arriving soon and your father is in a hurry, we need to light the candles. Be healthy and have fun, we hope to hear good things from you, be healthy.

Wishing you, your mother.
Cordial regards to your uncle.


Friday evening – Candles lighting time

My beloved Freida,

Our happiness was great when we received your letter today. We haven't received a letter from you for three full weeks. It was the first time since you arrived to America. Make sure Freidale that it won't happen again because it distresses us. I just wrote a letter to Moshe and also added your letter; they urge us to send them your letters.

I'm very happy that you visit Jewish artists like Morris Schwartz, and you can also study with him.

Last week I was in Keidan and saw a Jewish play, “Michel Gibson”, I liked it very much. The pleasure cost me 2 Litas, but it was worth it.

Our first snow fell today, everything is white outside and it is a lot happier, it brings light to the eyes. We put in the double windows in the rooms, but not in the parlor. Miriam and I had a fight over the double windows in the parlor. Miriam says that the smoke comes out faster through the cracks in the windows.

We received a letter from Moshe. He invited me to come to him for Hanukah. I really want to go because it is very sad here. But I was not given permission to travel because of many reasons. First, it involves the expense of some Litas, secondly, mother says that it's too cold now and I can catch a cold.

And as you see, I'm sitting again at home and that's it. Moshe promised me the best, an evening of “Hechalutz”, an Israeli film, and additional pleasures that I can't have here in Dotnuva. So, I'm not losing hope and I believe that I'll be able to travel sometime.

We received a postcard from Leah. Everything is as usual. We received two letters from Reizale in Haifa and also pictures. She looks very good. Friedale, you promised to send us picture, where did they arrive to? Don't think that I forgot.

I finish writing to you. Right now, Perale is standing next to me asking me who I'm writing to. She is a very smart girl. If I sat down to write you all her smart remarks, there wouldn't be enough paper for that.

Be well, yours Peskale (as Perale calls me)


Dotnuva, Friday 6.11.36

My dear Freidale,

Your letter really pleased us. We were very worried because we didn't receive a letter from you for three weeks when you used to write us every week. Be well. We still hope for better times. Thank God, we are all healthy. Write us more often. It is Sabbath eve now and I'm in a hurry to finish writing, I have to finish writing before lighting the candle. Be well. Regards to your uncle, be healthy.

Your father


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