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List of Mlynov Martyrs

Translated and edited by Howard I. Schwartz, PhD.



  Editor's notes
GORDON The Rav Gordon Rabbi Yehuda, Chantzia, the rabbi's wife. [Children] Beracha, Chaya, Devorah (Hershel, Moshe and Tova are in the United States). See photo of Rav Gordon, p. 453, his surviving children, p. 280. On his being an early victim, p. 289, 315 and 384. On his candidacy for chief rabbi, p. 18.
EISENBERG Abraham, Chaya Sarah his wife.  
EINGBER David, Rachel his wife; their children: Bayta and Nehumkeh alt. spelling INBERG
ISKIEWICZ Eliezer, Feiga his wife; children:  Shlomo (disappeared after the Battle of  Stalingrad), Sheindel, Raizel (their son Moshe survived and is Israel) alt. spelling ISAKOVICH, photos 464, 477, essay by son Moshe p. 88
ISKIEWICZ Nute and his daughter Zlata, perished in Lutzk (the daughter Sarah is in Israel, the son Avigdor is in Canada). alt. spelling ISAKOVICH, family photo 465
EPSTEIN Micael, Belumah his wife and his family.  
BREVDA Yaakov, born in Baranowicze (Baranovichi), Leah his wife from the line of Manis Zutelman; children: Sonny, Yonah, Reuven.  
BLINDER Berel,Gitel [nee Hochman], Yeshayahu, Devorah, Ribah, Eta, Efraim (fortunate to have a daughter in Israel-Miriam) Daughter Miriam Barber Blinder contributed essay, p. 370.
BARTNIK Yitzhak, Bat-Sheva his wife; [children] David and Sarah.  
BERGER Tuvia, Miriam his wife, Raisel (fortunate that their son Pinchas is in Israel and their daughter Liza is in Brazil). Liza's essay, p. 347.
BERGER Tzvi, his wife Chaya; daughter Bailah; son Nuta Bir, son Yosef.  
BERGER Shraga (Faivel), Matil [nee Shulman] his wife, Batia their daughter. See photos p. 75 and 76 and essay there.
BERGER Zeev son of R. Nuta-Bir, Golda his wife, Chana their daughter. They were fortunate that their son Aharon [Harari] and daughter Shoshana [Rosa Chizik] are living in Israel; Yisrael [Sol], Kalman [Karl] are in the United States and Shaul in Russia. See photo p. 76 and essay there.
BERGER Chaim See photo of his daughter, 479, host of Zionist leader, p. 69
BERMAN Meir, Etil his wife and their son Avraham (dentist)  
BLINDER David, his wife Brendl  
BURSHTEIN Shmuel, Leah-ke [née Braker] his wife from the village Peremilowka (today Peremylivka) Alt spelling Bursztejn, Burshtein Bursztejn); see essay p. 425 on Jews from Peremylivka
BRONSHTEIN Beracha, daughter of R' Moshe Aharon.  
BRENER Pesach, Sarah his wife, Hersh-Ber, Yukal, Menachem, Malkah.  
BER Tzvi, Sarah his wife; Nisel, Devorah, Batya.  
BER Shmuel, his wife Chaya.  

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  Editor's notes
GOLISUK Hannah [née Schuchman] widow, daughter Tzvia, son Shmuel, Yosef, Mutia, Buka, Pesiah. See photo p. 462 and essay of grandson, Yechiel Sherman, p. 415.
GOLDSEKER Chatzil from Boremel. alt. spelling HOLTZEKER;
GOLDSEKER Yaakov; Risia his wife; David, Avraham, Menashe, Chana, Mindel, Batya, Liba, Hanoch (their son Nahman and their daughter Baila and Tzipporah are in Israel). alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; See family photo p. 225, and essay by daughter Baila, p. 420
GOLDSEKER Risel daughter of R. Yoel, widow of Pinhas Holtzeker; Tovah her dauhgter, Avraham her son. alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; husband Pinhas was probably son of Moshe Holtzeker. It is possible she was a first cousin, daughter of Yoel Holtzeker, one of the five original brothers who arrived in Mlynov.
GOLDSEKER Kalman, Dinah his wife. alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; Kalman was son of Hirsch Holtzeker, the eldest of the five Holtzeker brothers to come to Mlynov. See mention of Dina Holtzeker on page 284.
GOLDSEKER Yaakov son of R. Hirsch [Holtzeker], Rachel his wife; [children]: Avraham, Batia, and Tzviya. alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; son of Hirsch Holtzeker, the eldest of the five Holtzeker brothers to come to Mlynov. See prank on Hirsch's home and daughters on page 134.
GOLDSEKER Avraham son of Aisik [and Perel daughter of Itzi Shochet], his [Avraham's] wife alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; Avraham's father, Aisik, is also the son of Hirsch Holtzeker. A photo of Avraham's brother, Aba, appears p. 479 with additional notes.
GOLDSEKER Yona-Reuven, his wife. alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; Yona-Reuven was grandon of Yankel Holtzeker, one of the original five brothers to come to Mlynov, and son of Moshe Holtzeker. He was brother of contributor Yankel Goldseker, p. 226
GOLDSEKER Moshe, son of R. Yoel [Holtzeker], Liubah his wife; from Greater Dubno; daughter Batya, sister Chaya, Mordechai (the son Yoel is in Russia). alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; his father Yoel Holtzeker was the youngest of the five brothers who came to Mlynov. See photo on page 472
GOLDSEKER Yehoshua son of R. Moshe Nahman's, Sima his wife, Avraham, Batya, Nahman from the line of Yosef Gelberg (Pinhas his son lives in Russia). alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; Yehoshua, called “Yeshea” in the Baltimore Goldseker tree, was son of Moshe Holtzeker, one of the original five brothers to come to Mlynov. HIs photo with two of his children appears on page 472 and a photo of his sister Rivkah Fisher, daughter of Moshe Nahman's, p. 470, with notes there on possible meaning of “Moshe Nahman's.” See also Golda Shek below who is also daughter of “Moshe Nahman's”
GOLDSEKER Nahum, Henia his wife daughter of R. Nahman from Dobryatyn; Nahman, Yaakov, Avraham, Feiga, Pinya (Rafael their son is in America [=Ralph Golz]). alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; Nahum was son of Moshe Holtzeker, second eldest of the original five brothers who came to Mlynov.
GOLDSEKER Ben-Tzion, Ester-Mania his wife from the line of Pesach Feldman from Boremel; Pesach was killed in the Russian military. Avraham, Rivkah. alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; Ben-Tzion (called Bene in the Baltimore Goldseker tree) was also son of Moshe Holtzeker, one of the original five brothers. The son Avraham helped lead resistance in the ghetto, p. 291.
GOLDSEKER Aisik (Yitzhak), Perel his wife daughter of R. Itzi Shohet, of blessed memory; Aba their son. alt. spelling HOLTZEKER; Aisik is the son of Hirsch Holtzeker. Perel's father, R. Itzi Shohet is listed as a father of Pesach Gelman and that may be the family name. Their son Aba's photo, p. 479.
GOLDSEKER Moshe Goldseker, son of R. Yaakov [Holtzeker], Tova [Kaliner or Kline] his wife from the line of R. Reuven Ostriyever [=Ostrog]; Yona Reuven, Chaya Baila, Rivkah, Genendel, Pesia (they are forunate their sons Avraham and Yaakov are living in Israel]. This Moshe is son of Yankel/Yaakov Holtzeker, one of the original five Holtzeker brothers who came to Mlynov. Moshe's son, also Yaakov, is a contributor to this volume, p. 226.
GOLDSEKER Yehoshua son of Yaakov [Holtzeker], Tova his wife; Avraham, Rivkah, and Beracha. (They are fortunate their daughter Pesie is living in Israel). Yehoshua (also known in Baltimore as Yeshea) is brother of Moshe in previous entry and son of Yankel/Yaakov, one of the original five brothers to come to Mlynov. His wife Tova was born in Berestechko.
GOLDSEKER R. Moshe Nahman's (or Nahmanis). Identified as Moshe, one the five original Holtzeker brothers who came to Mlynov. Father of Yehoshua further above; See noteson page 470 note 4 on possible meaning of Nahman's.

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  Editor's notes
GITELMAN Moshe, his wife Sal, Yehudit, their daughter.  
GELBERG Yitzhak, Chava his wife from the line of Koshuk from Mizoch; their children Meir, Tovah.  
GELBERG Gershon, Beilah his wife, from the line of R. Moshe Nahman's Holtzeker; Yitzhak, Pinchas, Avraham, Ester Gershon was a son of Yossel / Yosef Gelberg, the owner of the mill, listed next.
GELBERG Yosef, Sara Devorah his wife, her sister Leah, their grandson Meir (a stem of this family is in Israel: grandson of Yitzhak ben Avraham. Yosef/Yossel was owner of the mill in town and one of the community leaders, as discussed on pages 53-59, and His grandson Yitzhak Gelberg survived. See the Gelberg family story.
GELMAN Avraham, Machla [nee Kline/Kaliner] his wife, daughter of R. Reuven, of blessed memory, from Ostryiiv [probably Oztriiv]. According to Yad Vashem records submitted by this volume contributor, Bat Sheva Ben Eliyahu, who idenfies herself as a cousin, Avraham was son of Micael and Batia Gelman. Four of their daughters also perished. Avraham's wife, Machla (born Kline/Kaliner), was a sister Toba (Gelman) Holtzeker, mother of Yaakov Holtzeker, who contributed to this volume, p. 226.
GELMAN R. Pesach, shochet, and scribe of Torah scrolls and mezuzahs, son of R. Itzi the shochet, of blessed memory. Unknown if related to the Pesach Gelman from Mervits who died before WWII and is in family photo on p. 473 with son Eliyahu Gelman, who contributed essay on p. 253.
GALPERIN Yisrael, Rivkah his wife, daughter of R. Mordechai Meir Shretzel; Chaika, Elka, Batya, Avraham (their son Lipa passed away in Israel). alt. spelling Halperin. Yisrael was son of Lipa Halperin and Pessia (née Hirsch) Their son Lipa contributed several essays to this volume. Photos of Lipa, his mother Rivkah, and grandfather Modechai Meir appear on page 458 of this volume. Some of Lipa's other sibligns appear in the photo on 248.
GALPERIN Tziupah, widow of Yosef Halperin; Dov her son-in-law, Hadi his wife. Rosi (Benyamin is in Russia, Shaul is in the United States). alt. spelling Halperin, Yosef/Yosel Halperin was a brother of Yisrael (previous entry). Shaul /Saul Hapern survived the Shoah and migrated to Canada.
GELER Asher, Rachel his wife, his daughter Machla, his daughter Ester.  
GELER Moshe, Chaya his wife.  
GELER Moshe, his wife Rusya, his son Zeev, his daughter Machla.  
GELER Rabinovitch Mania, Gitel Geler Rabinovit[ch] (their brother Berel Rabinovitch in Israel) alt. spelling Rabinovitch. Berel Rabinovitch, who survived the Shoah, appears in the photo on page 467 and is described as the initiator of the commemoration by survivors, p. 309, and appears in the photo of that ceremony, p. 313.
GELER Rabinovitch Chaim, Devorah [Berger] his wife; Shlomo a son Tzisl a daughter. Alt spelling Rabinovitch. A photo of Chaim is on page 478. His wife Devorah was daughter of Yosef and Malka Berger.
GANTZMAN R. David, shochet and inspector, Malkah his wife; Yaakov, and Mani.  
GRUBER Tova and her son Hanich and her daughter-in-law, Frieda Tova was married to Yisrael Gruber who was son of Mordechai Gruber and his wife Perel. Hanich (also Hanoch) and his brother, Shmuel, was in the bunkers outside Mlynov as described on pages 293-294.
GRUBER Shmuel, Charna [Goldseker] his wife and the children, Shimon and Yisrael Shmuel and Chara in photo p. 471. Shmuel Gruber was son of Yisrael Gruber and Tova. His wife Charna (Goldseker) was daughter of Shimon Goldseker. They were in the bunkers as described in the tetimonies on pp. 291, 294, 298, 301
GERTNIKH Moshe son of R. Yitzhak (shochet in Dymidivka) and his wife. Alt. spelling Gertnich. Son of Yitzhak below.
GERTNIKH Moshe, son of R. Mordechai Shmuel, of blessed memory, Sarah his wife daughter of R . Mordechai-Meir Shrentzel, of blessed memory; Shmuel [and] Faiga (their son Kuftzia is in Israel) alt. spelling Gertnich. A photo of the family p. 458. “Kuftzia” refers to Yosef (Gernich) Ganon who contributed to this volume, p. 261.
GERTNIKH Yitzhak (Yitzhak they called glazier), Tehila, his wife native of Trovits, their son Moshe, shochet and examiner in Demydivka, and Tzvi. alt. spelling Gertnich. Brother of previous Moshe and Yeshayahu below.
GERTNIKH Yeshayahu, son of R Mordechai Shmuel, of blessed memory, Peril his wife; Moshe their son and his family perished in Trochenbrod; Rachel perished in Mizoch (Nimrober); Feiga, Meikah. alt. spelling Gertnich. Brother of Yitzhak and Moshe above.

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  Editor's notes
GRINTZVEIG Zisia, Rivka [Schwartz] his wife. Rivka was a niece of the Schwartz brothers who came to Baltimore. Her parents name are unknown.
GRINIG Naaca, daughter of R. Yosel Shraga Kreitzer, the Cohen; Tzvi.  
GRIN Avraham, Kutzka Rachel his wife, daughter of R. Moshe Melamed and their family. See family photos, p. 465 with additional notes.
GRIN Devorah, wife of R. Leib Grin; their children: Hershel, Leibish See family photos, p. 465 with additional notes.
GRIN Ben-Tzion, Zalta his wife, son Arieh and his family. See family photos, p. 465 with additional notes.
GRINSPHAN Aba, Pesia his wife; Moshe and Yaakov. alt. spelling Grinsphun, Grenspun, Greenspun.
GRINSPHAN Ben-Tzion, Dina his wife; Eliezer, Binyamin, Moshe, Miriam. alt. spelling Grinsphun, Grenspun, Greenspun. This Binyamin or the one listed in Mervits list of martyrs is in the family photo on page 473
GRINSPHAN Yaakov, Mishkah his wife, and her family. alt. spelling Grinsphun, Grenspun, Greenspun.
GRINSPHAN Gisiah, wideo of R Moshe from Mervits, daughter Nechmakah. alt. spelling Grinsphun, Grenspun, Greenspun.
no entries
HESHIS Yitzhak, Chatzil his wife; Penina, Eliyahu.  
HELMAN Liba and her family; daughter Manis Zutelman. There was a Zutelman family living in Mervits. Two of them came to Baltimore: Paul Zutelman became Paul Shulman. His brother became Frank Settleman. They appear in a photo on page 203.
HERBSMAN Hershel son of R. Moshe Melamed, Sara his wife; Beilah, Liba, Yosil, Yisrael. Brother of Kurtza, wife of Avraham Grin above.
WULACH Moshe, son of Natan HaCohen and his wife; Lohakah their rmother, Tzvia, Menunah. alt. spelling VULACH. Brother Jacob Wallace who migrated to Chicago.
WULACH David, son of Natan HaCohen and his wife. alt. spelling VULACH. Brother of Jacob Wallace who migrated to Chicago.
VEIZER Elka, Eta their daughter, Nekhama their daughter. (Their daughter Polyah and son Eliyahu are in Israel). alt. spelling Veiter, Weitzer.
VEINSHTOK Zinia [Zina, Zanvil], Roza his wife; the mother Sonia, wife of R. Moshe Apoteker from Mlinov (their daughter Dina [Klingbeil] is in Israel) alt. spelling Wajnsztok, Vinshtok. A David Apithoker appears in the photo on page 203.
VINOKUR Baila from the line of Slivka Morkovitch, widow most of her years, no children; wiped out in town and by Dubna.  
VEINER Abrahamkeh from the Stolin Hasids; he was single. Mentioned as a unique character and teacher, p. 265. His photo is on page 256.
VEINER Asher (who is called Kreimer [lame]) Batya his wife  
VEINER Beracha, wife of R. Itzi, Chana Brendel's [mother?] (son and daughter Hannah and Yehudah and their families made aliyah from Russia to Israel). alt. spelling Weiner.
VEINER Yaakov (from the town of Uzhynets', Breindl his wife; Avraham and Feiga (their son Sunny in Israel) alt. spelling Weiner, Feiga's photo 480, Sunny's contribution 251 and notes there.

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  Editor's notes
WEISFELD Khana (nee Gruber), their children Eliyahu and Perel (their son Meir is in the United States) alt. spelling Veisfeld, Khana Gruber was daughter of Mordechai and Perel Gruber.
WURTZEL Yosef son of R. Zelig Ulynik from Mervits, Rachel his wife daughter of R. Chaim Berger; Mordechai, Zelig, Gedaliah, Yaakov. alt. spelling VORTZEL. Photo on page 474.
ZAZULI Eliyahu, his wife and his family.  
ZEID Yaakov and his wife.  
ZIDER Zalman, his wife Zaldah, their sons Zelig and Avraham-Aharon. Photo of family p. 463. Zelig assigned to Jewish police, p. 288
ZIDER Moshe, Freida his wife (from Mervits), Avraham, Zelig their sons. Photo of family p. 463. Zelig assigned to Jewish police, p. 288
KHEIM Yudel and his wife. alt. spelling Chaim.
[KHAIT] Aharon Asher from the Stolin Hasids, Bat-Sheva his wife, Perel, her husband Yitzhak [Lejbel], Golda, Batya, Faiga and their children. alt. spelling Chayat. Briefly mentioned among Stolin Hasids in synagogue p. 313.
KHINKES Tzvi-Zeev, Ester his wife (the midwife) from Trovits their son Shaul, lived in Boremel.  
HACHMAN Leib, his wife [Rochel] and his family. Alt. spelling Hochman. The daughter, Tama (Hochman) Fineberg, the youngest of six children, survived and gave testimony for the Shoah Foundation. She was first cousin of Miriam Barber (née Blinder) who contributed the essay on page 370.
TEITELBAUM Binyamin, Rivkah his wife from the Khinkes line; Yitzhak their son and Silka their daughter. alt. spellings Tatelbaum, Teitelbaum, Ferteybaum. Binyamin was an uncle (the mother's brother) of Sylvia Barditch-Goldberg, a contributor to this volume. Binyamin's father was the Stolin Hasid called Yitskhok Staroste, described by Sylvia p. 80. Binyamin is mentioned in Sylvia's essay, “Visiting My Grandparents”, p. 266. Another brother Harry (Usher) Teitelbaum came to Baltimore in 1911. Photo 498.
TEITELBAUM Yosef, Hudel [Edel Halperin] his wife; Chaim their son, Silka their daughter (their son Zeev is in Israel)  
TEITELMAN Fishel and Shlomo (two sons of Nahum and Rachel Teitelman, who live in Israel). Photo page 479, story page 322.
TEITELMAN R. Anshel from the Trisk Hasids; Zelda [Paken] his wife; Asher their son (their son Moshe [Tamari] the writer lives in Israel) Anshel was brother of Nahum Teitelman, contributor to this volume. Photo of family on p. 468. Anshel's son, Moshe Tamari contributed essays, p. 30 and 32.
TILIMZEIGER Ezra, Chana his wife; Chaim.  
TILIMZEIGER Yeshayhu and his wife A son of Ezra and Chana.
TESLER Yitzhak, son of Yaakov, his wife; their sister Belimah Brother of survivor Liba Tesler. Photos on page 478.
TESLER Yaakov, Belumah his wife; Peretz, Hinda, and Yitzhak. Father of Yitzhak and Liba. See prior note.
YENUBAR Moshe and his wife Reiziah.  
YITZHAK son-in-law of R. Moshe Nahman's, Tsvia [Holtzeker] his wife. Yitzhak is prob first name. Moshe Nahman's is believed to be Moshe Holtzeker, one of the five Holtzeker brothers who came to Mlinov.
KATZ Avraham, his wife Pesia, daughter of Chuna-Gershon, and their son Yaakov. I think she is daughter of Chuna Gershon because there is no semicolon after her name.
KATZ Zanvil, Beracha his wife; their sons: Tzvi, Arieh, Moshe, Avraham and their wives. Photo of family p. 476. Daughter Bayta survived with husband Yitzhak Mohel. Batya is in window in Mohel house photo, p. 411.
KATZ Shmuel  
LIBERMAN Aisik, Etil [Nekunchinik] his wife, and their son Rafael.  
LIBERMAN Yehezkiel, Doba his wife; Rachel their daughter (their son Herschel in Canada)  

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  Editor's notes
LIBERMAN Mordechai, Beracha [Gruber] his wife; Asher, Eidel, Rivkah, Miriam, Chaya.  
LITVAK Mordechai [Motel], his wife [Devora] Riba, daughter of R. Yehuda Leib Lamdan, of blessed memory, (this son Yosef and daughter Pepe [Penina] in Israel) Photos on page 454. Son Yosef contributed several essays, 53, 283, 413.
LOMAR Mendel  
LERNER Perel Perhaps related to family of Joseph Lerner who migrated to Baltimore.
MEIRZON Aba, Pesia his wife, and their daughter. Alt. spelling Meyerson Meierzon. Pesia (Grin) Meirzon in photo on page 464.
MORER Shlomo, Buzia his wife from the line of Zacryhu Alt. spelling
MOHEL R. Eliezer, local kosher slaughterer and examiner, Chana-Leah his wife (from the line of Kaszkiet from Lutsk), Batya, Buziah, Yenta (their children Yudel, Yaakov, Devora and Chaya are in Israel) Alt. spelling Mojel, Moyel. A photo of the Mohel home and daughters on p. 410 with essay by son Yitzhak Mohel, 408 and 410, and essay by daughter, Dvora, p. 427.
MUCHNIK Shmuel and his wife.  
MANDELKERN Rivkah, Moshe Mendelkern, Shoshana Mandelkern (their children Pesach, Eliyahu, Feiga and Yehudit, are in Israel). Alt. spelling Mandelkoren. A photo of Rivka and daughters p. 472. See survival testimony of daughters Yehudit and Fania, 287-314.
MANDELKERN Chaika, Yenta and Aisik.  
MANDELKERN Nechama, Perel and Moshe (their children Shmuel and Yitzhak are in Israel, Yosef died in Israel; Perel also has a son in Israel, Gershon). Alt. spelling Mandelkoren. Son Shmuel contributed essays, 116 and 208. Photo of Yosef, p. 448-449
MESSINGER Eliezer, Malka his wife; David and Chanoch (the sons Shmuel [Victor] and Koppel [Karl] in the United States). Koppel is mentioned on pages 303 and 331.
MEREN Ben-Tzion (local prayer leader), Miriam [Holtzeker] his wife, Seril their daughter (their son Baruch-Yitzhak is in America). A photo of family on p. 456. Son Baruch contributed several essays including a profile of his father, 255. His mother, Miriam, was daughter of Hirsch Holtzeker, the eldest of five Holtzeker brothers who came to Mlynov.
NUDEL Pesach, his wife Zimel; daughter Sarah and her family; daughter Freida.  
NUDLER Khaykl (Khakly they call schneider [tailor]), Bat-Sheva his wife; Avraham, Yaakov, Elka, and Feiga. A story about Khaykl's gramophone on p. 199. Khaykl's father's name is Shloyme and thus appears to be the brother of Aaron Nudler, father of survivors Helen (Nudler) Fixler and her brothers, Harold and Morris who were in the Red Army.
NUDLER Matityahu, Chaika his wife from the Mandelkern line and their family, Mendel, Feiga.  
NEYTER Sarah (Moshe and his wife live in Russia); Chaim his brother-in-law and his wife. Alt. spelling Neiter. Moshe Neyter met in woods by cousin, p. 374. Sarah wrote to Yitzhak Mohel on fate of his family, p. 410.
NEPOMISHCHI Yaakov, Malka his wife, daughter of R. [Efraim] Fischel Teitelman; Asher the son, Chaya the daughter. Alt. spelling Neformnishi. Malka was a sister of Nahum Teitelman, a contributor to this volume.
NEKUNCHINIK Gershon, Hashkah-Nehama his wife; Rafael their son, Golda and Chaya. Alt. spelling Nakonechnyuk, Nakonechnik Nakonechnik. See pages 290, 300, photo p. 467
NEKUNCHINIK Shlomo, Ester his wife (from Trovits, her sister is in Israel); Yaakov, Yitzchak, Rivkah Alt. spelling Nakonechnyuk, Nakonechnik Nakonechnik. Shlomo's photo, p. 467, mentioned as head of the youth organizing resistance to Nazis, p. 290.

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  Editor's notes
SEGEL Mekhael, Khasia his wife.  
EPEL Yitzhak, Henia his wife. Alt. spelling Apil
POLISHUK Ben-Tzion and his wife. Alt. spelling Polashuk. Father of Masha Eata Polishuk who married Aaron Nudler. Grandchildren Helen (Nudler) Fixler, Harold and Morris Nudler survived and settled in Canada and Oakland. Son Pesach (Ellis) migrated to Baltimore.
PICHNIUK Chaim, his wife Rivka Alt. spelling Pikhniuk Pikhnyuk. Chaim was son of Yaakov and Gitel below.
PICHNIUK Yaakov Yukel, Gitel, Zelig, Avraham, Rachel, Faiga (Sonia and Bat Sheva in Russia). Alt. spelling Pikhniuk Pikhnyuk.Yaakov is listed as a hair dresser in Yad Vashem records. Gitel's family name was Retzepter. Zelig in photo in uniform, p. 455, is also listed as one of the youth organizing resistance, p. 290.
PICHNIUK Pesia Alt. spelling Pikhniuk Pikhnyuk. Pesia was mother of Yaakov.
FISHMAN David and his wife. David Fishman was the brother of contributor, Moshe Fishman, p. 60.
FISHMAN Kalman, Chaya his wife, their sons, Pesach, David, Shimon, Asher Yosel Kalman was the son of David Fishman.
FISHER Meir, his wife Tovah; Shmuel, Herschel, Fruma, Moshe, Shlomo, Ephraim, Hanoch. (daughter Chaya is in Israel on Kibbutz Kinneret. Alt. spelling, Fischer. Meir is brother of Shimon below. Daughter Chaya Moses-Fisher contributed essay on her family, p. 418.
FISHER Tzvi, son of Shimon from the village Mantyn; Rivkah his wife, from the line of Moshe Nahmanis Holtzeker. Alt. spelling, Fischer. Photo on page 470. Tzvi was the brother of contributors, Yafa Dayagi, p. 247, Bella HaLevi (Fisher), p. 422 and Miriam Fisher, p. 423. Rikvah's father Moshe Nahmanis is believed to be Moshe Holtzeker, one of the five Holtzeker brothers who came to Mlynov.
FISHER Shimon, from Mantyn, Tobiah [Tova Guz] his wife; Binyamin, Ester, Shmuel, Breindl, Tzvi and the grandmother Pesia Guz (the sisters Miriam, Baila, Sheindel, and Rachel are in Israel). Shimon and Toba were parents of contributors, Yafa Dayagi, p. 247, Bella HaLevi (Fisher), p. 422 and Miriam Fisher, p. 423. Photo on page. 470
FELTZHANDLER Chaim Moshe, his wife Freida.  
FRIDMAN Nahum, son of R. Yosil Shichnas from Mervits (the educator of most of the children of Mlynov, Mervits and Lutzk in Torah and haskalah (enlightenment), Pesia his wife, Yosef and Yisrael. Alt. spelling Friedman, Freedman. Possible photo of “Israel Freedman” p. 481
PREZIMENT Yaakov, Chana-Gitel [Gelberg/Goldberg] his wife; Leibish and their daughters. Photo of family p. 473. Chana was daughter of Labish Gelberg and Eta Leah (Schuchman).
TZWIK Eta Mendel Brendel  
CHIZIK Mordechai the great tacher who instilled Torah in the youth of our town, Rut his wife, Liuba his daughter. The son Meir is in a Kibbutz. Moshe, of blessed memory, is also in a kibbutz. Alt. spelling Tzizik. A photo of the family appears on p. 457. Liuba helped organize resistance, p. 290. Moshe married Mlynov born Rosa Berger in Palestine and later died from a poisonous snake bite.
KULISZ Peisach, Baila his wife from the Holtzeker line; Yenti his sister, Chana the mother. Beracha Kulisz-Feinbilt was eliminated in Vurkovitz with her huasbn Yankel, their son Ben-Tzion, their daughters, Golda, Henia, Moshe and Shimon. Alt. spelling Kulish, Collidge. Photo of Baila and her family p. 471. Baila was daughter of Shimon Goldseker, one of the five Holtzeker brothers to come to Mlynov. Several of her siblings migrated to Baltimore before and after WWI including contributor Eta (Goldseker) Fishman, p. 495.

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KWASGALTER Meir, Sheintzi [Gonik], his wife, Chaim[“Monik”] their son. They were fortunate their daughter Rachel Rabinovitch is in Israel) Photo of Meir and Shentzi, p. 466. Meir was son of Faivel and Leah and was a pharmacist. On Meir as reservist in self-defense, post WWI, p. 131, Meir and Rachel in the bunkers, p. 294 and Rachel wandering, 367.
KWASGALTER Menachem Mendel son of R. Yankil, Babtzia his wife, Zalta (Grin), Chaim. Menachem Mendel was son of Yaakov and Rivkah, next. Photo of daughter Zlata, p. 465.
KWASGALTER Yaakov, his wife Rivkah.  
KOLTUN Arieh, his wife and his family.  
KOLTUN Moshe, his wife Bat-Sheva from the Klaper family line, their sons Leibish, Avraham, Batya, Baurch.  
KUGAL Pesach, Feiga his wife and their son Moshe. Alt. spelling Kugal, Kogul
KUGAL Baruch, Sara his wife. Alt. spelling Kugal, Kogul. See photo 481.
KEVITSKI Yaakov, his wife Gitel.  
KIPERGLUZ Chaim Yitzhak, Sarah his wife from the line of Marnitz from Trovits; Chaia their daughter, Yoseleh, their son, Beracha the mother (they were fortune their daughter Rachel Kleinman /Kleeman is in Israel). Alt. spelling Kiperglaz. Chaim Yitzhak was the son of Yosel Kipergluz and Brakha (Gelman). He is mentioned working on a Zionist scheme with Shmuel Mandelkern, p. 216, as a president of the community (p. 90), as synagogue sexton (p. 21), and later part of the Judenrat, p. 288. Rachel made aliya, p. 74, Daughter Chaia was arrested as a suspected Community after the Nazi occupation (287). A tribute to Chaia, p. 414.
KLEPATCH Moshe Yosef son of Rabi Yitzhak Leib from Smordva, of blessed memory, Sorke [Kaliner] his wife; Gitel, Reuven, Chana, Yitzhak Leib, Batya, Mutel. Tribute to and photo of Chana Klepatch, p. 277.
KLAPER Reuven, his wife Sarah. Reuven was son of Ben-Tzion and Tsherna.
KLAPER Mendel and his wife. Mendel was son of Ben-Tzion and Tsherna and a blacksmith.
KLAPER Avraham and his wife; Mendel and Reuven; Tsherna the mother Avraham's mother Tsherna had married Ben-Tzion Klaper. Avraham married Khaia Shteinkroin.
KRITZER Yerachmiel, Doba the his wife [sic]from the Mandelkern line; Yosef, Shimon, Tova.  
KRITZER Avraham, Chaya his wife, Eta, Yosef.  
KRITZER Fishel, Beracha his wife; Tova, Freida, Sharga, Rivka.  
KREIMER Shlomo (Shlomo, the lame shoemaker) Teltzi his wife; Yaakov, Rachel, Aharon, Shmuel. Shmuel Mandelkern takes shelter in Shlomo's shoemaking shop for protection, p. 138.
RIVITZ Avraham and Rivkah [Klaper] his wife; Bat-Sheva, Rachtzi, Yaakov. Alt. spelling Ribitz, Ribic, Riwic. Avraham is son of Chana and Nute below.
RIVITZ Chana [nee Braker], widow of R. Nute Rivitz; Freidel the daughter (the daughter Bat-Sheva is in Israel). Alt. spelling Ribitz, Ribic, Riwic. Photo of family, p. 70. The daughter Bat-Sheva contributed essay p. 253. Mother Chana was from Klevan.
RIVITZ Yitzhak and his wife Basia [Gonik]; Roni and Nute. Alt. spelling Ribitz, Ribic, Riwic. A son of Nute. Basia was born in Luck.
RIVITZ Mutil and Devora [Kuperman] his wife from Berestechko; Pesie, Naami, Zalteka, Nute. Alt. spelling Ribitz, Ribic, Riwic. Mutil also called Mordechai was a son of Chana and Nute.
REIS Yosef, Brakha his wife, Henia. Alt. spelling Rajs, Reiz. Contributor Bat-Sheva, p. 253, identifies family as relatives in Yad Vashem records.
REIS Tzvi, his wife and their son. Alt. spelling Rajs, Reiz.Tzvi also called Hershel was a son of Yosef and Brakha. Contributor Bat-Sheva, p. 253, identifies family as relatives in Yad Vashem records. Perhaps young man called “Rayz” (same spelling) in photo on p. 227 is son or father.

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SHAPOVNIK Abisch, Chaia [Fridman] his wife; their sons Levi and Moshe, and their daughter Berakha (their daughter Rachel is in Israel). Alt. spelling Schapownik. Abisch is described as beggar in humorous story about his horse and self-defense after WWI, p. 132. Daughter Rachel Shapovnik wrote tribute, p. 418, and appears in Zionist Youth group photo, p. 71, 8, 460. She changed her name to Givol in Israel. Her son was killed in combat in Israel, p. 453.
SHEFER Mordechai, Malka his wife, from the Aisik Holtzeker line. Alt. spelling Shafir. Malka's grandfather was Hirsch Holtzeker, one of the five Holtzeker brothers to come to Mlynov. Her mother was Perel “Shochet” daughter of Itzi (and possibly from the Gelman family line). Her brother Aba appears in photo, p. 479 bottom row, with additional notes.
SHEFER Zecharia, his wife Golda; Chanoch and Yitzhak. Alt. spelling Shafir.
SHULMAN Shlomo, Chantzi his wife, daughter of R. Yehuda Leib Lamdan, of blessed memory. Chantzi was sister of the poet Yitzhak Lamdan and Devorah Litvak. Shlomo possibly a relative of Tzodik Shulman who migrated to Baltimore.
SCHWARTZ Beinish, Faiga his wife from the line of R. Yitzchak Rabinovitch; Sheintzi his mother, their daughter Nusia. Alt. spelling Svartz. A photo of Beinish on p. 478 with notes. A nephew of the Schwartz brothers who came to Baltimore. Beinish is likely the brother of Rivkah (Schwartz) Grintzveig listed earlier.
SCHEINBOIM Yehoshua, Elka his wife from the Rabinovitch line.  
SHIPER Yaakov, Reizel his wife and his family. Alt. spelling Shafir.
SHIPER Natan, son of R. Itzi Ulinik, Gitel his wife, daughter of R. Shlomo Zalman, of blessed memory, from Mervits. Itzi Ulinik was wagon driver for Sylvia Barditch's trip to Mlynov, p. 266. Natan was in bunkers with others, p. 294 with additional notes. Asher Teitelman in book length account, Happy is the Man, reports Natan was killed when they left the bunkers looking for food, pp. 33-35.
SCHECHMAN Batya, widow of R. Noach Moshe Schechman; Meir and Mordecia. Alt spelling Schuchman, Shakhman. (Not to be confused with Shichman family from Mervits.) Batya recalled by descendants as “Feiga.” Tribute to Noach Moshe on page 246. Noach Moshe was son of Gershon Schuchman and Shaindel Bluma. His siblings included Eta Leah (Schuchman) Goldberg, Joseph Schuchman, and Hanah (Schuchman) Golisuk. Son Shlomo survived and settled in Baltimore.
SCHECHMAN Aharon Shmuel, Pesia his wife; Leah, Belumah. Son of Batya (Feiga) and Noach Moshe.
SCHECHMAN Shimon, Pesia his wife; Sarah their daughter. Son of Batya (Feiga) and Noach Moshe.
SCHECHMAN Yitzhak, Pesia his wife; their daughter Sheindel. Son of Batya (Feiga) and Noach Moshe.
SCHECHMAN Ben-Tzion (the carpenter ) Tuviah his wife; Yaakov. Son of Batya (Feiga) and Noach Moshe.
SHLAYEN Yaakov, Sarah his wife; Moshe, Henia.  
SHNEIDER Ben-Tzion and Shoshana his wife.  
SHNEIDMAN Aharon Yitzhak, Sarake his wife; Zalman, Chaya, Ester, Leib, Taamah, Ana.  
SHKOLNIK Chaim, Liba his wife from the line of R. Yoel Holtzeker Avraham; Chasia, Eliyahu, Batya. Liba is daughter of Yoel Holtzeker, youngest of the five Holtzeker brothers to come to Mlynov. It is unclear why the name “Avraham” appears after Holtzeker unless he is one of the sons and punctuation is incorrect.
SHEK Mendel, Golda his wife from the line of Moshe Nahmanis [Holtzeker]; Yechiel, Devora, Rivka, (Eliyahu in America) Golda's father, Moshe Nahmanis, is believed to be Moshe Holtzeker one of the five brothers who came to Mlynov. See notes under Holtzeker. Son Avraham Shek p. 302 was mentioned with a Czech farmer in testimony, p. 302.
SHIKREV Moshe and his wife; Yechiel, Devorah, Rivkah (Eliyahu in America). Alt spelling Shakrov, Shekrev.Yechiel Sherman mentions him as a shoemaker when he returns to Mlynov for the last time, p. 345.
SHTEINSHNEID David from the line of Moshe Gontchear. And his family (their daughter Pola [Grinstein] is in Israel). Pola Grinstein was living in Los Angeles when she submitted records to Yad Vashem about her mother Tzirla or Gizla.
SCHREIBER Binyamin, Hinda his wife; Yitzhak, Soni.  
SHERMAN Moshe, his wife Etil [Golisuk]; Sheindel, Yosef (they were fortunate their sons Yechiel and Ezra are in Israel). Photos of Moshe and Etel p. 462 with notes. Son Yechiel contributed essays, pp. 344 and 415.


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