Mlynov-Muravica Memorial Book
(Mlyniv, Ukraine)

5030' / 2536'


Translation of
Sefer Mlynow-Marvits

Editor: J. Sigelman

Published in Haifa 1970

This is a translation of: Sefer Mlynow-Marvits (Mlynov-Muravica memorial book),
Editor: J. Sigelman, Former Residents of Mlynov-Muravica in Israel, Published: Haifa 1970 (H,Y 511 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Mlyniv

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Hebrew translated by Yocheved Klausner

Yiddish translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


There Were Two Shtetlekh [towns]
A memorial to the towns Mlyniv-Mervitz [H] 7
The Shtetlekh [towns] Mlyniv-Mervits, a memorial 8
The Mlyniv-Mervitz towns in past centuries [H] 11
The Mill [H] Lipa Halperin 13
In Past Centuries 13
Mlyniv - an Intercity Jewish Community Sonya and Mendel Teitelman 16
The Swamp [H] Aharon Harari 25
A Wedding in Mlyniv Sylvia Berditch-Goldberg 27
With Yitzhak Lamdan in Mlyniv [H] Moshe Tamari 32
The Great disaster Asher Teitelman 38
The end of the Mlyniv-Mervitz Community Sonya and Mendel Teitelman 42
Our town that is no more… [H] A. Gelman 44
A prayer of revenge (a poem) [H] Yitzhak Lamdan 46
Life and Youth
Sad greetings (a poem) [H] Yitzhak Lamdan 51
The town Mlyniv [H] Josef Litvak 53
Mlyniv in the past [H] Moshe Fischman 60
The Shtetele [small town] Mlyniv Israel (Sol) Berger 63
There Once Was a Shtetl [town] Mlyniv David Fishman 65
Culture, education and social life in town [H] Aharon Harari 66
The youth movement Hashomer Hatza'ir Aharon Harari 69
Jewish farmers in Mlyniv [H] Aharon Harari 75
A visit in Mlyniv in 1938 [H] Aharon Harari 77
Stolener Hasidus in Mlyniv Sylvia Barditch-Goldberg 80
A collection of poems [H] Yitzhak Lamdan 83
Impressions and Memories Moshe Iskowits 88
People in a Shtetl [town] Sonya and Mendel Teitelman 90
Times in the Shtetl [town] S.M.T. 99
The Source of Our Existence S.M.T. 102
Community Structures in Mervits S.M.T. 108
Poem Alef Katz 112
This Is How We Lived
An Old Portrait Alef Katz 115
Self-defense in Mlyniv [H] Shmuel Mandelkern 116
My dove [H] Dr. Shlomo Mandelkern 146
The Pain of the First World War Helen Lederer 147
A Headstone Baruch Meren 149
I was a young boy… [H] Lipa Halperin 153
Of the Former Mlyniv Ways of Life G. Goldberg 156
Life in the Synagogue [H] Aharon Harari 159
Holiday Days in the Shtetl [town] Sonya and Mendel Teitelman 161
Joy and Suffering in Mervits S.M.T. 167
Matzoh Baking S.M.T. 181
Recruited to the army [H] Aharon Harari 186
An Occurrence in the Shtetl [town] Borukh Meren 188
Bread and firewood Sonya and Mendel Teitelman 195
A True Happening in Mlyniv 96 Years Ago Shoyrle Jakobs 196
In the Shtetl [town] David Fishman 198
Cheikl Shneider's Gramophone Borukh Meren 199
A young boy writes to his brother in Eretz Israel [H] Avraham Halperin 202
Poem Dr. Shlomo Mandelkern 204
People and Landscapes
To my town [H] Eliahu Gelman 207
Yakov-Yosi goes to Eretz Israel [H] Shmuel Mandelkern 208
The First Immigrant to Eretz-Israel in [town] Borukh Meren 220
My hometown Mlyniv Yakov Holzheker 226
Poor Lives Sonya and Mendel Teitelman 229
Two of them [H] Eliahu Gelman 241
Portraits [H] Josef Litvak 242
The Golzhekers Borukh Meren 245
Reb Noah-Moshe B. M. 246
Home and youth-movement in Mlyniv [H] Yafa Dayaggi 247
Poems Sany Weiner 251
Our Own and Closest
My Father, Ben-Tzion, of blessed memory Borukh Meren 255
Small Shtetlekh [towns] - Large Families Mendel and Sonya Teitelman 256
Reb Avraham-Shlomo Teitelman [H] Eliahu Gelman 259
Memories from home [H] Josef Gonen 261
The house that was lost [H] Bat-Sheva Ben-Eliahu (Ribatz) 263
As a Guest at the Grandparents Sylvia Barditsh-Goldberg 266
The run-out treasure Borukh Meren 272
Chana Klapetch - a Mlyniv tragedy [H] Reuven Raberman 277
A Mlyniver Page 280
Destruction and Death
The Mlyniv Community at the start of the Soviet occupation [H] Y. Litvak 283
The Holocaust - a collective testimony of Yehudit Mandelkern (Rudolf), Fania (Mandelkern) Bernstein, David Bernstein [H] 287
Mlyniv after its liberation by the Soviet Army [H] Fania (Mandelkern) Bernstein 310
In the Big Hell Nakhum Teitlman 314
Stories of Death Mendel and Sonya Teitlman 325
The separation from home [H] Yechiel Scherman 344
Roaming in Pain and Hunger Liza Berger 347
The Pain of Regret Alef Katz 351
Ruin Shaulik Halperin 352
A Family Survives Itzik Kazik 354
In the Horror of Death Mendl (Anshel's) Steinberg 358
Where Do We Go? Miryam Barber (Blinder) 370
A Child in the Storm Batya Kuptshik (Blinder) 374
From the Past Ruchl Teitelman 380
In Fear and Pain Leah Weiner-Lichter 382
Death of the Sakaliker Refugees Frida Kuperberg 384
During the Holocaust [H] Gedalia Lahav 386
Wandering in Great Misfortune Bunya Opstein 387
In Memory and Sorrow
In Memory and Sorrow Sonya and Mendel Teitelman 405
At Yad Vashem N.D. Karman 405
A memorial candle [H] Yochanan Wiener 406
Now [H] Yitzhak Lamdan 407
My Book of Lamentations Yitzhak Mohl 408
A Family Perished Y. Mohl 410
The Litvak home [H] Josef Litvak 413
A memorial candle [H] Y. L. 414
The Sherman-Gulisk Families [H] Yehiel Sherman 415
My Ester and Nachman, of blessed memory Mendel Teitelman 416
In Memory [H] Rachel Giv'on 418
My family [H] Chaia Moses (Fischer) 418
In Memory of my beloved ones [H] Holzhacker Bila 420
In Memory [H] Bella Halevi (nee Fischer) 422
In Memory of a family [H] Miriam Fischer 423
In Memory of ten Jews in Permilowka [H] Tova Wahrman 425
A Ballad of a Tree Dvora Mohl-Yarnicki 427
List of the Mlyniv martyrs 431
List of the Muravitsa martyrs 441
List of the Sokoliki martyrs 445
Martyrs of the neighboring villages 446
Names of our town's residents who passed away in Israel 447
The fallen soldiers 447
Nazi murders in the Wolhyn region Sara Schichman-Vinokur 449
Photographs of our martyrs 453
Writers and Poets 485
Over the Ocean [H] 495

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