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Landsleit Organization of
Skarkowszcyzna, Dunilovitch, Postov, Glubok and Environs

Translated by Anita Gabbay


Founding and Activity

December 14, 1946, at the home of Ruben Weinunsky, 15 Landsleit met with the vision to form an organization. It was at the time when the bitter news started pouring in about the survivors of the Holocaust, the survivors of our old home. We leaned on each other and we decided to do whatever was necessary.

The organization met and it was decided to locate and help those that survived from S./D./P./ and its surroundings, and even from other places if need be. The name decided was “Landsleit Organization for S./D/P. and others”. At another meeting Glubokie was added to the name.

March 29, 1947, our first undertaking took place. All the Landsleit and their families met, which took place in Buenos-Aires. The meeting was very festive, never again were the numbers so large. Sholem Asch's book “The Thorn that Burns” was auctioned. We raised a lot of money. The moral enthusiasm was even greater. All the Landsleit felt that they belonged to one family.

The organization sent packages to the refugees who were still in Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

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We also sent papers to six Landsleit, who where in Italy. These papers were from the Paraguayan regime, although none of them wanted to remain in Paraguay.

Every year the organization leads a memorial service for our nearest and dearest. In the first years we conducted the service in a synagogue. We organized it in an evening, every detail. Most of the Landsleit came. In 1950 our organization presented 2 bronze covers for the monument to our Holy Martyrs,


Fellow townsfolk at a farewell evening for Noach Kacewicz and his wife upon their journey to the State of Israel


which can be found in the “Tablada” cemetery. Every year there is a memorial is at the cemetery, in the month of November-Sunday morning. A Chazzan says the prayers and we say the Kaddish. The monument: one part to remember the shtetls Skarkowszcyzna, Dunilovitch, Postov, Glubokie. The second part is for the memory of Druya, Kazan, Svir, Kobylnik, Pahost, Opsa, and Dokshitz.

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Such evenings were performed for the Landsman Ruben Weinunsky, on his return from North America, where he went on a search mission. As it turned out he read a list of our survivors. Many such acts were performed through the organization. Half the Yiskor book was subsidized by Nahum Katevitch and his wife.


Our fellow townsfolk at a memorial ceremony at the monument for the martyrs at the cemetery in Toledo


Rivka Rifkind (da) Greenberg also contributed to various causes, she came from Israel. Also from Minia Kohen, North America. Mrs. Schpunt, the sister of Ruben Schpunt, from Glubokie, came for a short visit from North America. To Zelig Modlin who went for a visit to North America, for Hertzke Reichel who went for a visit to Israel. A wonderful farewell evening was prepared for the Skarkowczcyzner Leib Schulkin, on his departure for North America. He was one of the most active volunteers of the organization. An evening for the chairman Shloime Suskevitch when he issued his philosophical journal “Dvaka”. Another important event took place to honor the pioneer

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Mendel Reichel, who made Aliya to Eretz Israel. We welcomed the Landsleit from America Benia and Ethel Brezg. They were Kopel Itzler's sister and brother in law.

The organization welcomed the refugees from the old home. April 9, 1949, the first known faces arrived, Shachna and Chana Schteinman, and the Dunilovitcher Chaia Muskat, Yitzhak Muskat and Avraham Muskat. They endured the entire Nazi occupation and liquidations of their shtetls. They told their stories for hours about their struggles, life and liquidations. This was the first news of our old home.

November 7, 1951, Beilka Hadash was the second to arrive. Her survival is outlined in the Yiskor Book. That evening we heard a few words about her struggle for survival.

A separate joy was the evening the organization gave praise to Avraham Reichel, who came for a short visit from Israel. He was in Israel over 25 years. He was one of the most active Halutzim that came from our region. He also gave us a greeting of good wishes from our Israeli Landsleit.


Current Management of the Landsleit Organization

Chairman: Shlomo Suskevitch
Vice-Chairman: Nahum Katavitch and Hertz Reichel
Secretary: Berek Weinunsky
Treasurers: Nachke Swirski and Ruvke Schpunt
Board members: Alter Schulkin, Zelig Modlin, Meir Swirski, Shloimke Feigelson, Ruben Lewin, Tanchum Pintzov, Chaim Tiles, and Moishe Chazan
Translators/Accountants: Kopel Itzler, Yehoushe Schuskevitch
Women's committee: Malka Steinberg, Yente Tiles, Sonia Katavitch, Rosa Reichel, Itke Swirski, Gesia Modlin, Chana Steinman, Itke Gurevitch, Rocke Schpier, Sheindel Schpunt, and Chana Schulkin

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The current committee of the Landsleit organization of Szarkowszczyzna, Dunilowicz, Postavy, Glubokie, and region in Argentina

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A group of town natives in the first years after their arrival in Argentina, 1930


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