The Destruction of Glubokie
(Hlybokaye, Belarus)

55°08' / 27°41'

Translation of
Khurbn Glubok

Edited by M. and Z. Rajak, Former residents' association in Argentina

Published in Buenos Aires, 1956


Project Coordinator

Anita Frishman Gabbay


Emerita Coordiantor: Eilat Gordin Levitan


Note: Jerrold Landau made a light editing pass over the entire book to correct obvious translation error,
fill in missing photo captions, and ensure proper pagination. Some inconsistencies and errors may still remain.

This is a translation from: Khurbn Glubok
(The Destruction of Glubokie),
ed. M and Z. Rajak. Buenos Aires, 1956: Former residents' association in Argentina (H)

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TOC translated by Eilat Gordin Levitan


Michael and Zvi Rajak

Memorial For The Jewish Communities of Glubokie, Szarkowszczyzna, Dunilowicze, Postavy, Druya and Kaziany,
(in Belarus and Lithuania-Vilna region) perished by the barbaric hands of Nazi Germany

Publisher: Salomon Suskovich

Edited by the society of the residents of
Szarkowszczyzna, Dunilowicze, Postavy and Glubokie in Argentina

Special Thanks for Sonia and Noach Katzovitz of Postavy
For their generous financial donation for the book

Buenos Aires

Contents of the Original Yiddish Version


Yahrzeitn (Remember)   I
Remember Dr. Mark Dwerdeshetzki II
Forward Society in Argentina III
Dedicated to the holy memory Michael and Zvi Rajak  
Glubokie   9-265
   The Destruction of Glubokie Michael and Zvi Rajak 11
   To the Reader   11
   To the Story of Glubokie Michael and Zvi Rajak 13
   The Outbreak of World War II The Rajak brothers 32
   The Jews Under the First German Influx   50
   The First German Provocation   51
   Russian War Prisoners   53
   The Agreement Between the Magistrate and the Mayor   58
   Bread Rationing   58
   Death Sentence for having Extra portion of Flour   59
   Forced Labor   60
   The Isolation of the Jews   62
   The Police   62
   The Judenrat   63
   The Gestapo in Glubokie   66
   The German Civil Administration   68
   The Jewish Police   71
   Confiscation of all the Jewish Property   73
   Confiscation-Money Action   75
   Village population under Terror   75
   The Gypsies' Chase   76
   The Ghetto   78
   Bemma, Commandant of the Glubokie Slaughter House   87
   The Abuse of The Jews from Krulevshchizna   89
   The Murder of Forty Souls   90
   The Great Exodus from the Vilna Ghetto   92
   Mass Murders in the Surrounding Shtetls   94
   The Murder of One Hundred and Ten Jews   94
   The Ghetto Space allowance Decreases   98
   The “Black Students”   101
   The Extermination of the Jews of Surrounding Shtetls   104
   The Second Ghetto   111
   The Second Ghetto is about to be Liquidated   112
   June 19, 1942; The Liquidation of the Second Ghetto   119
   After the Slaughter   127
   The Reduction of the Ghetto size   133
   The German Spy Vitvitzki   136
   “Warehouse”   142
   Workshops and the Office of the GEBIT Komisar   144
   Glubokie Ghetto; A Concentration camp for the Remaining Jews of the surrounding liquidated Shtetls   150
   The First Glubokie Partisans   157
   The Arrest of Moshe Abramovitz   162
   The Germans Arrest the Judenrat Elder; Gershon Lederman   163
   The Germans Swallow Jewish Victims   165
   The Radianovtzes Join The Partisans and Fight The Glubokie Germans Gendarmes   176
   The Criminals liquidate the Glubokie Ghetto   178
   The Last Night   180
   Friday, August 20, 1943; A Day of Pandemonium and carnage   181
   The Ghetto is Burning   184
   Before the Final Hour   189
   We Wander Aimlessly and Come to the Partisans   195
   The Principal Murderers of the Glubokie Jews   199
   At Combat against The Enemy   204
   After We Separated   208
   After the Liberation   253
   List of the Perished Jews   257
   A list of Glubokie Partisans   268
   Pictures   270
Szarkowszczyzna   285-322
   The Destruction of Szarkowszczyzna   285
   The First World War (1914 - 1918)   289
   R' Yehoshua Estrin   294
   When the Red Army Entered Szarkowszczyzna   295
   Szarkowszczyzna Survivors Relate…   311
   Sonia Szmuskowicz-Pajkin   321
Dunilowicze   323-364
   The Annihilation of Dunilovichi   323
   June 1941, The Germans entrance to Dunilovichi   339
   The 11th Yahrzeit of Hirshke Trotzky   358
   Dunilowicze Jewish residents in 1939   360
   Jewish survivors who were in Dunilowicze during the war   362
Postavy   365-382
   The Topographical Situation   365
   Postavy History Until 1914   365
   A Blood Libel   366
   Preventing a Pogrom   367
   The First World War - 1914-1918   367
   The Return to Postavy   369
   The Soviets Entry in 1939   371
   The Arrival of the Germans   372
   The First Victims   372
   Incarcerating the Potsavy Jews   374
   The Liquidation of the Postavy Ghetto   375
   The Survivors of the Postavy Ghetto   377
   Partisans of the Postavy Ghetto   378
Druya   383-396
   Druya   383
   Druya Noted Personalities   390
   Snapshots of Druya School Life during the 20th Anniversary of the Druya Folkshule   393
   The Liquidation of the Druya Ghetto   396
Kaziany (Kozyany)   397-405
   The Destruction of Kazan   397
   Baile Reichel   400
   Former Kazan Partisans in Israel   404
Pictures   404-424
Landsleit Organization of Skarkowszcyzna, Dunilovitch, Postov, Glubok and Environs   423-428
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