Dokszyc-Parafianow Memorial Book
(Dokshytsy, Belarus)

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Translation of Sefer Dokshitz-Parafianov

Hebrew and Yiddish Editor: David Stockfish

Published in Tel Aviv, 1970

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Project Coordinator

Joel Alpert

Our sincere appreciation to Yechezkeel Levitan, Head of the Organization of Former Residents of
Dokshitz - Parafianov in Israel, for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of portions of the Sefer Yizkor Dokszyce-Parafianow (Dokszyc-Parafianow Memorial Book),
Editor: David Stockfish; Tel Aviv, Association of Former Residents of Dokszyce-Parafianow in Israel, 1970 (Hebrew and Yiddish, 350 pages).
The contents herein are the portions already translated in the 1990 English version of the book translated
by Yariv Eldar plus more recent translations by Daniella HarPaz Mechnikov.

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Outside Cover of the Original Hebrew Book

Inside Front Page (Hebrew and Yiddish) Inside Second Page

Contents of the Original Yiddish and Hebrew Version

Reorganized by Chapter and including the Images from the Yizkor Book

Captions Translated by Daniella HarPaz Mechnikov

Page Contents of the Book
3 Foreward - David Stockfish
Chapter 1. This is Our Shtetl
11 Dokshitz - according to historical sources (Hebrew and Yiddish)
18 Only Memories Remained / Kalman Shultz (Hebrew and Yiddish
47 My Shtetl Dokshitz / Zvi Markman (Yiddish)
73 Memories and Impressions / Zelig Ben Moshe (Hebrew)
78 Religious and National Life / Zvi Bar Massada (Hebrew and Yiddish)
81 Professions of Jews / Zvi Rafaeli Gilenson (Hebrew and Yiddish)
89 Memories from My Shtetl / Shoshan Tchuchman-Drezin (Hebrew)
92 My Childhood Memories / Shechna Kanterowitz (Yiddish)
94 Jewish Youth in Our Shtetl / David Kopelowitz (Hebrew)
99 Memories from My Mother's Stories / Devora Matkman (Hebrew)
100 Memories from the Far-Far Past / Shaul Markman (Hebrew and Yiddish)
106 The Shtetl and its Jews in Our Memory / Sara Rozov (Hebrew)
115 Dokshitz Its Jews, Traditions, Holidays / Sara Rozov (Yiddish)
Chapter 2. Personalities From Our Town
131 Chaim Zamiri / by Nessia, Shmuel Zamir, Beila, J. Levitan, Sarah Rozov (Hebrew)
140 Aryeh Fogelman / by Offira (Hebrew and Yiddish)
147 "I, Chaya Bloch..." / Zvi Markman (Hebrew)
150 "Chaya Bloch - The Death of a Martyr" / Zvi Markman (Yiddish)
158 Sheinkeh Markman/ Zvi Markman (Yiddish) Photo
160 The 16 Year Old Partisan Izia Katzovitch / Dov Katzovitz - (Yiddish)
167 ..... Till The End / Dov Katzovitz - (Yiddish)
170 My Family / Nessia Zamiri Kopelowitz (Hebrew and Yiddish)
175 Our Brother Yeshayahu / Dobbeh and Esther Sosman (Yiddish)
180 In Memory of Moshele Kuzinitz / Shoshana Meltzer-Weinbaum (Hebrew and Yiddish)
182 In Memory of My Brother Zosia / Malka Abel (Hebrew and Yiddish)
185 About a Dokshitzer Family / Sonia Komankowitz (Hebrew)
187 In Their Memory (Hebrew) - Photos
Chapter 3. Parafiaov
195 The Shtetl Parafianov / Chaya Foss (Markman), Moshe Mor (Markman) (Hebrew and Yiddish)
202 My Shtetl Parafianov / Shmuel (Ben Raphael) Markman (Yiddish)
Chapter 4. Holocaust and Heroism
209 In Ghetto Dokshitz / Yoseph Shapiro - (Yiddish)
217 The Holocaust in the Shtetl / (Mordechai Warfman) (Hebrew)
219 A Partisan's Story / (Boris Kozinitz) (Hebrew and Yiddish)
274 Memoirs of a Partisan / (Y. Sigaltchik) (Hebrew and Yiddish)
280 The Partisans Attacked Dokshitz / (Lydia Brown) (Hebrew)
280 In the Partisan Detachment / Shmuel Margolin (Yiddish)
282 With the Partisans and in the Red-Army / (Dov Katzowitch) (Hebrew)
301 Testimony of Batia Pren / (Batya Friedman) (Yiddish)
310 The Jewish Resistance in Dokshitz and the Surrounding Area / Shabtai Ruderman, Canada (Yiddish)
314 The Mass Grave of the Dokshitz Martyrs / Ephraim Lipshitz (Yiddish)
316 At the Grave / Tzvi Markman - Poem (Yiddish)
319 The Partisans (Yiddish) - Photos
Chapter 5. The Dokshitzers in Israel and the Diaspora
323 The Activities of the Dokshitz Veteran Organization (Dov Katzowitch) (Hebrew and Yiddish)
327 Dokshitzers in America / Nechama'leh Zalkind-Greber (Yiddish)
Chapter 6. Our Martyrs
331 List of Dokshitz Martyrs (Hebrew)
347 List of Parafianov's Martyrs (Hebrew)
350 List of the Anti-Nazi Fighters of Dokshitz and Parafianow (Hebrew)

Other Translations not yet identified with the Table of Contents Above:
  Map of Dokshitz from the Yizkor Book
  Another German Failure (Dov Katzowitch)
  List of People of Dokshitz Killed in Gleboki
  List of Dokshitz Martyrs (by streets)

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