Brzeziny Memorial Book

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Translation of Bzhezhin yisker-bukh

Edited by: A. Alperin, N. Summer

Published in New York: Brzeziner Book Committee, 1961 (Y)

Brzeziny Plaque


Project Coordinator and Editor

Fay Bussgang


Our sincere appreciation to Henry Pius, President, of the Brzeziner Sick & Benevolent,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Bzhezhin yisker-bukh, Brzeziny memorial book, ed. A. Alperin,
N. Summer. New York: Brzeziner Book Committee, 1961 (Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Brzeziny

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brz000.jpg - Monument erected at the cemetery of the New York landslayt as a memorial to the martyrs
Monument erected at the cemetery of the
New York landslayt as a memorial to the martyrs




Jacob-David Berg Our Book XI
A. Alperin Sefer Brzezin (A Short Introduction)  XIII
Jacob Pat About Sefer Brzezin and the Destroyed Town of Brzezin XVII
Joseph Shaibowicz Brzezin in History 3
Aaron Fogel Past Generations 21
Yehiel Erlich The Last Kaddish  31
David Lencicki (Leczycki) Brzeziner Tailors 40
Sh. Pinczewski Brzeziner Rabbis and Hasidim 44
Jacob-David Berg The Jews of My Generation 46
Jacob-David Berg Our Melamdim (Teachers of Children in a Heder) 56
Melekh Hershenberg Benjamin Malamed 59
Aaron Mendlewicz Two Mishpokhes (Families)  61
Moishe Frank A Bintel Zikhroynes (A Bundle of Memories) 69
Israel Kahn A Brzeziner Jew – A Grand-Vizier in Turkey 72
List of Brzeziner Jews – Menadvim (Contributors) to Keren Kayemeth in 1913 75
Joseph Shaibowicz Towards a History of the Brzezin Kehilah [Jewish Community] 78
The Great Synagogue in Brzezin 84
Fishel Maliniak Brzezin Between Two World Wars 87
Fishel Maliniak Election of Rabbis in Brzezin 97
Abe Rosenberg Brzezin's Way of Life 98
Abraham Abramowicz The Workers Movement in Brzezin 104
Yehiel Erlich A Shpatsir (Stroll) Through Our Shtetl 108
Icchok Janasowicz My Gate to the Great World 109
Velvl Rosenblum Two Victims: Memories of the First World War 112
  Herzl – Organization in Brzezin 116
Abe Rosenberg Jewish Sports in Brzezin 118
Velvl Rosenblum Icchok Kacenelson in Brzezin 122
Malke Rose (Rosenblum) Yiddish Theater in Our Shtetl 124
Nahum (Nathan) Summer Poems 126
My Shtetl Brzezin
Our Besmedresh (Prayer House)
Yudel the Watercarrier Geheylikt (Honored)
The Oyel (Structure Over the Tomb) of Reb Shimon Bel-Rakhmones
Nahum Jud Shnayder-Yinglekh (Tailor Apprentices) (Fable) 130
  The First Korbn (Victim) 133
Aaron Fogel The First Shocking Encounter 134
Dr. S. Warhaft I Saw the Destruction of Our Shtetl 135
Abraham Blanket-Sulkowicz Destruction of Brzezin 140
David Tuszynski There Once Was a Jewish Shtetl Brzezin 144
Dora Zagon-Winer I Saw the Hurbn (Destruction) 147
Chaim-Leib Fuks Our Two Shrayber-Kdoyshim (Writer-Martyrs) 149
     1) Jacob-Ber Gips Poems of Jacob-Ber Gips 151
     2) Melech Fogel A Shnayder-Lid (Poem about a Tailor) 153
Genia Brandschaft The Wretched Cry 154
Rebecca Tajczer In the Tragic Years 154
  Matseyve (Gravestone) in Bergen-Belsen 155
Rebecca Hendler-Gociol The Brzeziner Jewish Gminy (Community) In the Geto-Tsaytn (Time of the Ghetto) 156
Rhoda Hendrik-Karpatkin Upon Keyver-Oves (Visiting Parents’ Graves) in Brzezin in 1960 157
Jehuda Fuks Brzeziner Years in the Wide World 160
  Jews in Brzezin Before and After the Hurbn (Destruction) 162
Nathan Summer Our Landsmanschaft (Landsman Society) 165
Nathan Summer
and Fishel Maliniak
Relief Work and “Shikkun Brzezin” (housing project) in Israel 182
  Brzeziners and Lodzers in California 193
Leibush Lehrer Jankiel Chaim-Icek's 195
Mordechai Dantsis Nahum (Nathan) Summer the Brzeziner 196
Asher Grossman A Letter From a Landsman 197
Moshe Har-Jaffe (Szajnberg) The First Brzeziner Chalucim [Pioneers] 201
David Poliwoda Our Landslayt in the Yidisher Medine (Jewish State) 203
  How the “Shikhun Brzeziner (Apartment Building)” was built 207
  Fallen in the Defense of Israel 213
G. Waldman Dovid Lencicki (Leczycki) z”l (zal = may his memory be blessed) 216
  The Matseyve (Tombstone) in Har-Tsion  (Mt. Zion) 217
  Our Leaders in Israel 219
  Photographs of Brzeziner Jews in Paris 222
Icek Fajgenbaum Our Landsman Abraham Rosenberg 225
Icek Fajgenbaum Harov Reb Chaim Szotland, z”l 225
The Brzeziner Book Committee Heartfelt Thanks! 226
Jacob-David Berg My Father Chaim-Icek Ajnbinder (Nisenberg) 227
Z[usman] Segalowicz Don't Forget My Soul 229
  Necrology (Alphabetical List of Names) 231
  Pictures and Memorials 241

Vocabulary List for Brzeziny Yizkor Book
Style Sheet for Brzeziny Yizkor Book
Place Names Mentioned in Brzeziny Yizkor Book
Organizations and Publications in Brzeziny Yizkor Book

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