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Collection: Names List, Head of Household, Odessa

Collection Name:Names List, Head of Household, Odessa
Geographic Area:Odessa (Town)
Type:Name Lists, Residents
Time frame:1893-1916
Description:This index lists 4,505 heads of household (all Jewish, most with patronymics) and their addresses. The original index, in Russian, is on the Odessa Archives website.

A searchable index also is available on Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots website. Weiner notes that both indexes are extracts from an archival collection titled Odessa Board for Small Business, Jewish Section, 1894-1918, which is at the Odessa Oblast Archives (Fond 359, Opis 1, Delo 3). She also reports that 'the actual documents (in the archives) include address locations and names/ages of family members' and that 'the name index was previously published (in the Russian language) in a book entitled The Jews of Odessa and Southern Ukraine: The History in Documents (end of XVIII-Beginning of XX Century), published in Odessa in 2002, jointly by the Odessa Oblast Archives and “Migdal” (Jewish Community in Odessa).' The Archives gave Weiner permission to post the index on her RTR Foundation website. The RTR Foundation webpage gives instructions for ordering records from the Archives.

Location:RTR Foundation Website
Availability:SELECT from List

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Odessa (Town)Head of Household Index, Odessa, 1893-1916Bena ShklyanoyFinished
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