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Project: CAHJP Document Acquisition and Translation - Kherson Province

Project Information

Coordinator:Sylvia Walowitz
Status:In progress
Description:This is a general project for Kherson province towns, including Novopoltavka. It deals with the following documents obtained from the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (at Hebrew University in Jerusalem).
  • HM2/9025.1 -- Novo-Poltavka The offices of Novo-Russian and Bessarabian general governor, 1841-1842
    • Files 14783-14869. Novo-Poltavka The offices of Novo-Russian and Bessarabian general governor, 1841-1842. FINISHED
  • HM2/9024.44 -- Correspondence with the ministry of governmental properties regarding permits for selected people of newly established settlements in Lvovo, Nowo Bereslav, Novopoltavka, Romanovka and Malaya Seideminucha to depart from Kurliatsky, Vitebsky and Mogilevsky regions in order to collect donations for the erection of synagogues and houses of prayer. 1842-1843
  • HM2/9025.6 -- Items from the journey by the inspection commission of the region into the Jewish settlement of Kherson region. List of Jewish settlers in Romanovka, Nowo Bereslav, Novopoltavka, 1843-1849
  • HM2/9021.11 -- Committee for foreign settlers in southern Russia (Jewish settlement). Matter in the affairs of exclusion of citizen from the settlement of Novopoltavka David Pape in connection with his conversion into the Christian faith, 1850-1853.
  • HM2/9973.13 -- Regarding the application of Baron Hirsch for Russian Jewish immigration to Argentina, 1881-1904
The HM numbers in this list refer to the document's catalog number at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People.
Web address of the Project:N/A
Geographic Area(s):Kherson (District)Kherson (Town)Lvovo (Town)Malaya Seydeminukha (Town)Novo-Poltavka (Town)Novyy Bereslav (Town)Romanovka (Town)

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Acquire DocumentsSylvia WalowitzIn progress
TranslationSylvia WalowitzIn progress
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