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Project: Revision list transcription, Grafskaya, 1858

Project Information

Coordinator:Chuck Weinstein
Status:Not Yet Started
Description:This project involves transcribing an online translation of the 1858 revision list for Grafskaya (an Agricultural Colony). The current translation is in the Documents Online section of the Agricultural Colonies KehilaLinks website. When completed, the Excel file will be uploaded to JGUD and the UkrSIG MNI.
Web address of the Project:Go to the project Home Page
Geographic Area(s):Grafskaya (Town)

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Revision Lists, Grafskaya, Mariupol District, 1858, TranslationsGrafskaya (Town)Census: Revision ListsKehilaLinks


Dataset, Create Excel spreadsheet To be definedNot Yet StartedTranscribe online translation spreadsheet into Excel revision list template.
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