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Project: Ship Manifests: Re-index Ellis Island Database (EIDB), Chechelnik

Project Information

Coordinator:Ariel Parkansky
Status:In progress
Description:Extract data for Chechelnik; 70 records from EIDB have been extracted, but not with the unindexed fields. We need to extract and process the full records.
Web address of the Project:Go to the project Home Page
Geographic Area(s):Chechelnik (Town)

Related Collections

CollectionGeographic AreaTypeLocationView
Passenger Ship Manifests, EIDBGeneralMigration: Passenger Ship ManifestsEllis Island Database (EIDB)


Extract DataRon DoctorIn progressExtract full EIDB record data for Berezhtsy; 81 records extracted. Additional extractions pending.
Extract DataAriel ParkanskyIn progressExtract full EIDB record data for Chechelnik; 70 records from EIDB have been extracted, but are limited to EIDB fields.
Dataset, Proofread & format data or documentAriel ParkanskyPendingRe-format dataset for Chechelnik.
KehilaLinks, Post documents on websiteAriel ParkanskyNot Yet StartedPost EIDB spreadsheet on KehilaLinks website
Dataset, Merge records into SIG Master spreadsheetBena ShklyanoyNot Yet StartedMerge extracted and formatted EIDB town records into Ukraine SIG EIDB Re-indexing Master spreadsheet.
Dataset, Create & submit index for MNIAriel ParkanskyIn progressExtract columns for SIG MNI spreadsheet.
Dataset, Submit database to JGAriel ParkanskyNot Yet StartedSubmit re-formatted dataset to JG.
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