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Entrees: Chicken Bullion with Noodles

By Lena Yelkova

Related to: Poltava (Province)Recipes

The Cooks: Yunia and Regina Sovietov

My grandfather's specialty (Yunia SOVIETOV)

Very simple and somewhat healthy.

You buy the whole chicken, wash it, and clean it. Put it in the pot with the whole carrot, 1 whole onion and some salt. Cover the ingredients with water and keep it simmering on a very low heat for about two hours, depending on how old the chicken is. You have to keep in mind that it should be a free range chicken. One of those healthy ones. When the chicken and absolutely clear bullion is almost ready add the whole pepper.
Then you can discard the veggies, as well as the chicken itself and eat the bullion separately as a soup with pies (buns) or bread or serve it with home made noodles that first you prepare separately.

Home-made Noodles

This is a tricky one. You go with the feel of it.
Take 2 eggs, break them into the bowl add a pinch of salt, then add 5 tablespoons of water and start adding tablespoon after tablespoon of flour until the dough is stiff, very stiff, then you beat it. Divide it into parts and start rolling out very thin layers of dough.

Let them dry for about 30min to an hour. Then, roll the thin layer of slightly dry dough into a roll and with a very sharp knife start cutting the thin strips of the noodles while turning the roll around. You'll have to separate them eventually. Some of them you may cook immediately in salted boiling water, some you can leave to dry off for the future and keep them in the jar or wherever.

When serving with bullion it is better for the homemade noodles to be cooked separately from the soup.
Before serving add already cooked noodles to that clear bouillon.

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