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Important Note

The information on this page has been compiled by Ukraine SIG long time ago.
As JewishGen and the Ukraine SIG evolved, the contents of the page became redundant with other areas of
JewishGen (specially the KehilaLinks) and the new SIG website.

This page will be temporarily hosted by the Ukraine SIG site until this contents is transferred to the corresponding
KehilaLink and/or indexed into the Ukraine Database. Then it will be removed.



Kiev Province


Surnames linked to Gorodische

Names Submitted by:    Lois Sernoff, May 1999

The following database was compiled for my own use, and that of other researchers,whose family origins are in the shtetl of Gorodishche, Kiev Guberniya, Russia (Ukraine) located at: 49 17' latitude and 31 27' lon3gitude. This shtetl was called by the Jews, "Hordish"

Most of the names are culled from Philadelphia sources. However, I have added other names as found on the Internet and through direct correspondence with other Gorodishche researchers. One of those researchers, Corin Goodwin, contributed the charter for incorporation of the Landsmanshaftn known as "Hordishter-Korsoner Lodge" in New York. In this case the membership was drawn not only from Gorodishche but also from the nearby shtetl of Korsun. Unfortunately, this NY charter does not contain the names of many members. It appears that only the officers are listed.

Within the database, the names in the Cemetery list and Charter list appear to be anglicized. With other sources, the names appear to be the “original” surname of the immigrant family. In the instances where names are attributed to the charter lists, there is usually an address given. I will be happy to lookup the address associated with a particular surname, upon request.

For the surnames attributed to Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Philadelphia, additional information can be obtained by contacting the cemetery at:

Mt. Carmel Cemetery, 5700 Frankford Ave.; Philadelphia, PA 19135
Tel: 215/289-0939


Names associated with towns of GORODISHCHE and OLSHANA
Indexed by: Lois Sernoff -  April 1996 (update May 1999)

Albert, Jennie [Mt. Carmel] 
Baltansky [Related Fam.]
Barrish, Sam [Mt. Carmel]
Barrish, Hannah [Mt. Carmel] 
Bergman [JGFF]
Bidder, Rebecca [Mt. Carmel]
Bort, Abraham [Mt. Carmel]
Cohen, Sarah [Mt. Carmel] 
Cohen, Fannie [Mt. Carmel] 
Cohen, Morris [Mt. Carmel] 
Cohen, Sophie [Mt. Carmel] 
Cohen, Rosie [Mt. Carmel] 
Cohen, Simon [Mt. Carmel] 
Comer, Eva [Mt. Carmel] 
Comer, Simon [Mt. Carmel]
Datzkowzky [JGFF]
Dvorin [Jewgen]
Feldman, Yetta [Mt. Carmel] 
Feldman, David [Mt. Carmel] 
Feldman, David [H&W Ben.]
Feldman, Morris [H&W Ben.]
Feldman, Jacob [Mt. Carmel] 
Feldman, Anna [Mt. Carmel] 
Feldman, Abraham [Mt. Carmel]
Finkel [Jewgen]
Fliegner [JGFF]
Freedman, Louis [H&W Ben.]
Glazer [JGFF]
Glazer, William [H&W Ben.]
Gleser [JGFF]
Gordon, Rose [Mt. Carmel] 
Gordon, Philip [Mt. Carmel] 
Gross, Jacob [H&W Ben.]
Halpern [JGFF]
Hellis, Charles [H&W Ben.]
Hochman, Louis [H&W Ben.]
Hoffman, Benjamin [Mt. Carmel] 
Jewelson, Herman [H&W Ben.]
Kanefsky, Sarah [Mt. Carmel] 
Kanevsky, David [H&W Ben.]
Kay, Abraham M. [H.K. - NY]
Kernus, Anna [Mt. Carmel] 
Kernus, Harry [Mt. Carmel] 
Kernus, Beckie [Mt. Carmel] 
King, Sophie [Mt. Carmel]
Knosun, Sadie [Mt. Carmel] 
Korson, Chas. [Mt. Carmel] 
Korsun, Lea [Mt. Carmel] 
Kramer, Abram [H&W Ben.]
Kramer, Joseph [H&W Ben.]
Kramer, Max [Mt. Carmel]
Kravitz, Simon [Mt. Carmel]
Kravitz, Samuel [Mt. Carmel]
Kravitz, Jacob [Mt. Carmel]
Kravitz, Sarah [Mt. Carmel] 
Lacheen, Bess [Mt. Carmel] 
Lacheen, Morris [Mt. Carmel] 
Lacheen, Lynette [Mt. Carmel] 
Lehansky, Alex [Mt. Carmel] 
Leshansky, Chas. [Mt. Carmel] 
Leshchinsky [Jewgen]
Leshlansky, Mary [Mt. Carmel] 
Lesonsky, Kate [Mt. Carmel] 
Lesovisky, Sammie [Mt. Carmel]
Lestschinsky [JGFF]
Levin, Louise [Mt. Carmel]
Lishnoff, Kraney [Mt. Carmel] 
Lishnoff, Simon [Mt. Carmel]
Lishnoff, Bessie [Mt. Carmel]
Lishnoff, Eva [Mt. Carmel] 
Lisnewsky, Simon [H&W Ben.]
Litofsky [Jewgen]
Litowski [Jewgen] 
Litowsky [Jewgen] 
Litovski [Jewgen]
Litovsky [Jewgen] 
Mckowsky, Bernard [H&W]
Ben.]Melatsky, Bernard [Mt. Carmel] 
Melewsky, Bernard [H&W Ben.]
Meloesky, Bertha [Mt. Carmel] 
Melofsky, Jacob [Mt. Carmel] 
Melofsky, Anna [Mt. Carmel]
Merenovsky [Chronicles] 
Merritz, Lizzie [Mt. Carmel] 
Meseritsky [JGFF]
Mezhiritzky [My Fam.]
Miller, Esther [Mt. Carmel]
Miranofsky [Chronicles]
Mones, Benj. [Mt. Carmel]
Mones [Mt. Carmel] 

Mones, Esther [Mt. Carmel]
Morgan, Sara [Mt. Carmel] 
Mosline, Morris [Mt. Carmel]
Nemorofsky, Israel [Mt. Carmel] 
Nemorofsky, Mollie [Mt. Carmel] 
Nierow [Related Fam.]
Olshansky [Jewgen]
Ostroff, Hyman [H&W Ben.]
Phillips, Anna [Mt. Carmel] 
Polin, Hannah [Mt. Carmel] 
Polin, Bessie [Mt. Carmel] 
Polin [Mt. Carmel]
Polin, Mary [Mt. Carmel] 
Polin, Abraham [Mt. Carmel] 
Polin, Mrs. J. [Mt. Carmel] 
Polin, Jacob [Mt. Carmel] 
Polinowsky, Jacob [H&W Ben.]
Polinowsky, Jacob [H&W Ben.]
Polonovsky, Abe [H&W Ben.]
Popkin [JGFF]
Rabinowitz, M. A. [H&W Ben.]
Regal, Isaiah [H&W Ben.]
Robinson, Jacob [H&W Ben.]
Roseman, Israel [H&W Ben.]
Rosen, Samuel [Mt. Carmel]
Rosenthal, Aaron [H&W Ben.]
Rubin, Fannie [Mt. Carmel] 
Rubin, Alex [Mt. Carmel]
Rubin, David [Mt. Carmel]
Rubin, Abe [H&W Ben.]
Rueman, Israel [H&W Ben.]
Rutman, Moris [H&W Ben.]
Safran, Max [H&W Ben.]
Satlow, Joseph [H.K. - NY]
Schaff, Fudel [Mt. Carmel]
Schaff, Harry [Mt. Carmel]
Schaff, Ida [Mt. Carmel] 
Schafshevsky [My Fam.]
Schlyfman, Bernard [H&W Ben.]
Schwartz, Ike [H&W Ben.]
Segal, Louis [H&W Ben.]
Segal, Florence [Mt. Carmel] 
Segal, Harris [H&W Ben.]
Segal, Aaron [H&W Ben.]
Shaposhnick, Rebecca [Mt. Carmel]
Sharovsky [My Fam.]
Shporkin [Related Fam.]
Silver, Child [Mt. Carmel]
Silver, Esther [Mt. Carmel] 
Simon, Abe L. [H&W Ben.]
Simon, Abe [Mt. Carmel]
Simon, Eva [Mt. Carmel] 
Simon, Harry [Mt. Carmel]
Simon, Dora [Mt. Carmel] 
Sinewsky, Benzion [H&W Ben.]
Sitomer, Isidor J. [H.K.- NY]
Smith, Isidor [H.K.- NY]
Snitzer, Isadore [Mt. Carmel]
Soefer, Morris [H.K.- NY]
Sosnofsky [JGFF]
Sosnorsky, Max [Mt. Carmel] 
Sosnovsky, Leisor [My Fam.]
Sosnovsky, Yetta [Mt. Carmel] 
Sosovnisky, Abra'm [Mt. Carmel]
Sterling, Sussie [Mt. Carmel] 
Sterling, Max [Mt. Carmel]
Swoetsky [Related Fam]
Tractenberg, Abraham [H.K.- NY]
Walador, Rebecca [Mt. Carmel] 
Walder, Lena [Mt. Carmel] 
Walder, Louis [Mt. Carmel] 
Wand, Mollie [Mt. Carmel] 
Weiner, Lena [Mt. Carmel] 
Winapole, Tillie [Mt. Carmel] 
Winitsky, Sam [Mt. Carmel]
Winitsky, Charles [Mt. Carmel] 
Winitsky, Samuel [Mt. Carmel]
Winitsky, Esther [Mt. Carmel] 
Winitsky, Len. [Mt. Carmel] 
Winitsky, Barnett [Mt. Carmel] 
Winitsky, Benj. [Mt. Carmel]
Winitsky, Mattel [Mt. Carmel]
Winitsky, Minnie [Mt. Carmel]
Winitz [Mt. Carmel] 
Winitz, Sidney [Mt. Carmel]
Winitzky, Barth [Mt. Carmel]
Winokur [JGFF]
Winstein, Hyman [H&W Ben.]
Wischnopolsky [Related Fam.]
Zoll, Ida [Mt. Carmel] 
Zoll, Rubin [Mt. Carmel]
















































The above names were culled from:  
1. Burials in "Hordishter-Wilschaner" Beneficial Society area of Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Phila., PA [Mt. Carmel]
2. Search of Jewish Genealogical Family Finder [JGFF]
3. Charter of "Hordishter-Wilschaner" Beneficial Society in Phila., PA (1905) list of founding members. [H&W Ben]
4. My Family [My Fam]
5. Family names linked to my family records listing Gorodishche origin. [Related Fam]
6. Personal contacts by mail or JewishGen [Jewgen]
7. Vol. 15; No. 3, Pg. 13, "An Orloff Family Tree' - ed. note," Autumn, 1996 [Chronicles]
8. Names found on Certificate of Incorporation (1928) for "Horodishter –Korsoner Lodge, Inc." in NYC.
(Copy of document contributed by researcher, Corin Goodwin)



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