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Important Note

The information on this page has been compiled by Ukraine SIG long time ago.
As JewishGen and the Ukraine SIG evolved, the contents of the page became redundant with other areas of
JewishGen (specially the KehilaLinks) and the new SIG website.

This page will be temporarily hosted by the Ukraine SIG site until this contents is transferred to the corresponding
KehilaLink and/or indexed into the Ukraine Database. Then it will be removed.


Famous Ukrainian Jews Commemorated on Postage Stamps

Vitaly Charny's Philatelic Biographies

"My only goal is to attract people to the hobby of topical philately as a way to learn Jewish history"




Sholom Aleichem (1859-1916)

Regarded as one of the most creative writers in Yiddish, Sholom Aleichem was famous for his sad and ironical novels and stories that describe the life of simple Russian Jews in small towns. His most known characters are Menachem Mendel, the typical small-town Jew; the eternal dreamer and schemer (Luftmensch); and the best loved, Tobias the Dairyman (Tevye der Milchiger), an indestructible optimist.


Dr. Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine

(aka Vladimir Aronovich Khavkin)

Dr. Haffkine worked in Pasteur's world famous laboratory where already worked Elia Metchnikoff. His initial work on producing a cholera inoculation was successful. During the Indian cholera epidemic of 1893, he traveled to Calcutta and introduced his new preventative inoculation. After initial criticism by the local medical bodies, it was widely accepted.


Leonid Osipovich Utyosov 

Leonid Osipovich Utyosov was and is the legend and pride of the Russian culture. Regardless of his lack in musical background, he became the most popular singer of his time. In a country where jazz was declared foreign, western influence, he managed to not only establish, but to also preserve for many years to come, the first of the Soviet jazz.


Isaak Dunayevsky

A unique personality in the history of Russian culture, Dunayevsky’s music is the essence of the Soviet song. Unlike many other composers, he was immensely popular in his lifetime. 45 years after his death, his radiant, cheerful and optimistic melodies have lost none of their charm.







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