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Town Leader: David Brill

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1900s Name: Tuchin
1900s District: Rovno
1900s Province: Volhynia
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Tuchin, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Тучин  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Тучин  listen town name in russian

1930s: Tuczyn, Równe, Wołyń, Poland
1950s: Tuchin, Soviet Union

Other names: Tuchin [Rus, Ger], Tuczyn [Pol], Tutshin [Yid], Tuchyn [Ukr], Tuczyn Nowy, Tutchin-Kripah, Tutshin-Kripeh, Tutchin-Krippe, Tutsin, Tucyn

50°42'N 26°34'E Mapquest Google Maps


Liquidation of OZPP in Wolyn territory, 1934Ron DoctorIn progress
Report related to the liquidation of OZPP in Wolyn territory and searches of the party members homes.  Party members whose homes were searched by the police are listed. Searches were conducted in: Wlodzimierz, Ostrog, Wisniowiec, Dubno, Hoszcza, Tuczyn, Miedzyrzec (Korecki), Rowne, Luck and Luck district, Kowel, Mielnica, Maniewicze, Holoby and Turzysk; 1934; HM 2-9631.19; Polish. Originally from  GAVO - Government Archives of Luck Province, Fond 1, Opis 2, Delo 4452.
Tuczyn: Revision lists (Revizskie skazki) of Jews in 1850-52David BrillIn progress
Tuczyn: Revision lists (Revizskie skazki) of Jews  in 1850-52 (HM2/9949)

These correspond to Fond 27, Opis 3, Delo 57 in the Rovno regional archives.
State Archives of Rivne Oblast: Fond 27 / Opis 3 / Delo 57
1850-1851 (9th) Revision for Rovno Uezd Towns - the 1851 list is 1771 records

1851 revision list for Tuchin. Jews, family nos. 1-52, 57-228. (partb1399-partb1506)
Melamed applications & certifications Not assignedNot Yet Started
Lists of those who passed exams for melameds from towns and shtetls: Rovno, Klevan, Alexandriya, Derazhnya, Mezhirich, Goringrod, Tuchin, Lyudvipol, Antonovka, Stepan, Berezno, Dombrovitsa, Dubno, Varkovichi, Muravitsa, Olyka, Mlynov, Demidovka, Berestechko, Boremel, Torgovitse, Mizoch, Zhitomir, Kotelnya, Kodnya, Raygorodok, Levkov, Ivnitsa, Khodorkov, Radomysl, chudnov, Leshchin, Chenrnyakhov; 1846-1852, 1856; Russian; CAHJP HM2/9343.3.
Volhyn Province Directorate of public schools, Volhyn Province Jewish Schools"Committee.
GAZhO, Zhitomir Region State Archives, Fond 71, Opis 1, Delo 794
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Yahad-in Unum execution site for Tuchin1941-1945
Yahad - In Unum ("together" in Hebrew and Latin) is a Paris-based organization established in 2004 by Father Patrick Desbois and dedicated to systematically identifying and documenting the sites of Jewish mass executions by Nazi mobile-killing units in Eastern Europe during World War II.

In Yahad - In Unum archives you can find the following resources concerning the Jewish victims of the town/village of Tuchin:

- Video testimonies of eyewitnesses of the mass shootings 
- Contemporary photos of executions sites of Jewish victims
- Archival pictures of the town/village and their Jewish inhabitants 
- German archives about the executions of Jewish victims 
- Soviet archives about the executions of Jewish victims 

Video testimonies can be available online upon request on Yahad Interactive Map page

Photos and short video clips of testimonies are available online on Yahad - In Unum interactive map

Others archives are available for consultation in Yahad Research Center in Paris. For more information, please contact Patrice Bensimon
Yizkor Books, Tuchin
2 books
(1 translated) Tutchin-Krippe, Wolyn; in memory of the Jewish community (Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Tuczyn-Kripe), Translation is at:  http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Tuchin/tuchin.html
and, The Jews of Tuchin and Kripa in front of their murderers (Yehude Tuczyn ve-Kripa mul rotsehehem; "esrim ve-arba" "eduyot). Not yet translated.
Slownik Geograficzny, Tuchin
Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XII, p. 606: "Tuczyn".
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Master Name Index for Tuchin

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