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Taurida Province

1900s Country: Russian Empire


Main Towns

Reference: When these letters appear the town has
Town Leader, KehilaLinks, Projects, Documents


About setting up Jewish college commissions in Belorus, Derpsk, Kiev, Odessa educatio Not assignedNot Yet Started
About setting up Jewish college commissions in Belorus, Derpsk, Kiev, Odessa educational districts. Information about college commissions, kheders, talmud-torahs, beit-midrashes, about teachers and students of Volyn, Yekaterinoslavsk, Kiev, Kurlyandsk, Podolsk, Poltava, Tavriya, Kherson, Chernigov provinces and Bessarabskaya region, 1840-1852; Russian; CAHJP HM2/9465.1.

Department of Public EducationRGYA, Saint Petersburg. Fond 733, op. 97, d. 16
Lists of merchants and family members in Podolia and Tavrida Provinces, 1826-1828 Not assignedNot Yet Started
Lists of merchants and members of their families in Podolia and Tavrida Provinces , 1826-1828, Russian, CAHJP HM2/9315.3.

Department of Manufacturing and Internal Trade of the Finance Ministry
RGIA, Saint Petersburg, Fond 18, Opis 4, Delo 337

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