Is your organization or group interested in Jewish history?  The Jewish Historical Society of Central Jersey can supply speakers on a variety of topics.  An honorarium of $100 is requested.  Please contact the JHSCJ for more information.

Nathan Reiss:
"Jewish Genealogy"
"Cousin Marriages in History and Jewish Custom"
"A Short History of German-Jewish Life in the United States"
"History of the Sephardic Jews of Central New Jersey"
"Jewish Family Names"
"Anarchists Among Us: The Modern School of Stelton, N.J."
"The Jews of the Bronx"

Harvey Hauptman:
Jews in Sports
Media Moguls: David Sarnoff
Media Moguls: Adolph Ochs
Media Moguls: William S. Paley
Legal Eagle David Wilentz: Prosecutor, Power Broker, Patriarch

Marcia Midler:
“Notorious R.G.B.”: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Impact on American Culture
Molly Picon, the Sweetheart of Second Avenue
Bella Abzug: Feminist Firebrand, Passionate Politician, Force of Nature
Emma Goldman: Jewish Radical Icon

Howard Jacobs:
The Catskills: An Insider’s Perspective

Dr. Joseph Cohn
The Columbia Country Club: The Harry’s Farm Experience
E.Y.‘Yip’ Harburg: The Real Wizard of Oz
“The Thing” and Other Jewish Superheroes