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Discovering My Borkovsky Ancestors In Hailar, China

By Myra Waddell

“The only information I knew about my Borkovsky family was that my great-grandparents, who had lived in Kolno when my grandfather was born, were buried on the Chinese side of the Russian-Chinese border— and I wondered what on earth they had been doing in China!”

A Fragment of My Mother’s Life

By Sarah Rembiszewski

“My mother returned to her hometown in Poland only to face the bitter reality that she remained the only survivor of her entire family.”

Reuniting the Maniches Family

By Robin Koerner

“My mother occasionally wrote letters in English to the last known address of her South American relatives, but never received a response…In 2013, I once again listed my family’s information on JewishGen’s Family Finder database, and this time a connection was made!”

EDITORS' NOTE - January 2015

We present three amazing success stories that bring us to all corners of the globe: Australia, Russia, China, England, Poland, Germany, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and the United States. JewishGen’s Family Finder plays a key role in two of the stories.

Myra Waddell posts her Borkovsky family surname on JewishGen’s Family Finder database, connects with two previously unknown cousins, and learns about her great-grandparents’ migration from Russia to China.

Sarah Rembiszewski finds her mother’s name on an index of people mentioned in a memoir of the Kielce Ghetto. Tracking down a copy of the memoir, she discovers information that her mother, a Holocaust survivor, never shared with her children.

Robin Koerner posts her family names in JewishGen’s Family Finder database and reconnects with her Maniches family in South America and Israel after 100 years of separation and more than 50 years without any contact. They are now planning a family reunion in Montevideo, Uruguay.

JewishGen has many resources to support you in your efforts to expand your knowledge and connect with family. We wish you success and encourage you to send us your stories.

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