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For more than fifteen years, JewishGen has facilitated the connection and re-connection of untold numbers of families. During those years, we have heard so many heart-wrenching stories--stories that bring us to tears of anger and frustration.

But beyond the anger and frustration, we have also heard amazing stories of success, turning our tears to joy.

Through this website we begin to document some of these stories. When we read these stories, we share the pain, but above all we share the exuberance and the excitement of success.

These success stories--some small, some momentous, all in their way life-changing--tell of connections forged by ordinary people, people who have come together through the exciting world of JewishGen--sharing, giving, and working together to make family connections happen.

So many stories, so many connections.

Savor the stories. We hope you'll be inspired by them to begin or continue your own journey of connection, using the resources and community that JewishGen provides.

And if you have a story of your own to share, please contact us so we can tell it here.


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