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The Towns of Dover and Deal

The town of Dover is a port on the English Channel coast in southeast England immediately opposite the coast of France, some 21 miles away.  Eight miles to the northeast of Dover is the seaside town of Deal. Dover and Deal are in the local government district of Dover in the county of Kent, formed in 1974 by the merger of the municipal boroughs of Dover, Deal and Sandwich and adjoining rural districts.  The towns of Dover and Deal each have a population of about 30,000 (whereas the Dover district has a total population of some 100,000).

The Jewish Community

The Jewish community in Dover dates from the mid-eighteenth century. Also, from the early nineteenth century, there were a number of Jews living in the town of Deal, some eight miles to the north-east, although they do not appear to have established a formal congregation.

Congregation Data


Dover Synagogue


Northampton Street, Dover (from 1862)

Date Founded:

A Synagogue was first opened in Paradise Pent in 1835.

The Northampton Street congregation was established on 10 September 1862.

Current Status:

Closed - during WWII


Ashkenazi Orthodox

Marriage Certification:

Worship Number: 15769
Registration District: Dover

Membership Numbers:

1845 - 4 ba'alai batim  (Chief Rabbi's Questionnaire) 

1852 - 11 Seatholders (Board of Deputies Return)

1860 - 11 Seatholders (Board of Deputies Return)

1870 - 24 Seatholders (Board of Deputies Return)

1880 - 16 Seatholders (Board of Deputies Return)

1890 - 10 Seatholders (Board of Deputies Return)

1896 - 14 Seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1898/99)

1900 - 12 Seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1900/01) or 10 (Board of Deputies Return)

1909 - 14 Seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1910)


Search the All-UK Database

The records in the database associated with Dover and Deal include:

1851 Anglo Jewry Database, including Folkestone (7 miles to the west) (updated 2016)

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in:
Dover during the 1760s (1 record), 1780s (7 records), 1790s (5 records), 1800s (5 records), 1810s (5 records), 1820s (12 records), 1830s (20 records), 1840s (24 records), 1850s (93 records), 1860s (19 records), 1870s (9 records) and 1880s (7 records);
Deal during the 1790s (1 record), 1800s (6 records), 1810s (15 records), 1820s (10 records), 1830s (1 record), 1840s (3 records), 1850s (13 records), 1860s (6 records) and 1900s (1 record); and
Folkestone during the 1780s (1 record), 1850s (2 records), 1860s (1 record), 1870s (2 records), 1880s (3 records), 1890s (1 record) and 1900s (1 record).


On-line Articles and Other Material
relating to the Dover Jewish Community



Other Dover Jewish Institutions & Organisations
(that had been formed by 1900*)

Educational & Theological

  • Dover Hebrew and Religious School (founded 1873).

Other Institutions & Organisations

  • Dover Jewish Ladies Philanthropic Society (founded by 1874, but did not appear in Jewish Year Book of 1896 and later) for the relief of Jewish poor in Dover.

* As listed in the Jewish Directory of 1874 and the Jewish Year Books 1896 & 1900.


Dover Jewish Cemetery Information

There is a Jewish Cemetery in Dover

  • Dover Hebrew Cemetery, Old Charlton Road, Copt Hill, Dover CT16. Opened 1868. It is one of the "disused" Jewish cemeteries administered by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, although it is still in occasional use. The United Synagogue "Find a Grave" search facility at https://www.theus.org.uk/gravesearch enables one to search for a grave at this cemetery. The search result generally includes the date of burial, the grave position and a photograph of the gravestone, if available.

(See also IAJGS Cemetery Project - Dover)


Dover Jewish Population Data


8 families

(The Rise of Provincial Jewry by Cecil Roth, 1950)



(The Jewish Year Book 1896/7)



(The Jewish Year Book 1900/01)



(The Jewish Year Book 1906}



(The Jewish Year Book 1910)



(The Jewish Year Book 1920)



(The Jewish Year Book 1935)



Synagogue Records:

Jewish Congregations in Kent

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