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References to the Dover Jewish Community
Appearing in the Jewish Chronicle and other periodicals
Part 1, 1833 - 1860

Primarily compiled by Harold Pollins


Kentish Gazette, 12 November 1833 page 3, column 4

"Mr. Joseph Abrahams of Canterbury to Fanny, daughter of  Mr. Nathan, foreign fruit merchant, Snargate Street, Dover, on 6 November."


Dover Telegraph, 16 November 1833
page 8, column 4

"Mr. J. Abrahams, Canterbury, married at Dover to Fanny Nathan, eldest daughter of Mr. B. Nathan, china and fruit importer, on 6 November."


Dover Telegraph, 30 April 1836 page 8, column 4

"Ephraim Friedman, Prussian Jewish boy aged 15, at Dover Sessions. Pleaded to stealing a greatcoat. One month's imprisonment."


Dover Telegraph, 17 December 1836
page 8, column 2

"Mr. Danofsky, of King Street, St James, Westminster, married 30 November at Margate to Mrs. Hughes, widow of the late Mr. Moses Hughes formerly of Albion Hotel, Dover."


Voice of Jacob, 21 January 1842
page 72

"DOVER, - MR. COHEN begs to announce to his Friends  and the Public, that in consequence of having received several applications, he has removed his Establishment to Nos. 10 and 11 High Street, Charlton, where he will be able to receive an additional number of children."


Voice of Jacob, 18 March 1842 page 104

Advert [extracts]

'MR. R.I. COHEN'S HEBREW ACADEMY, 10 & 11 High Street, Charlton, Dover.'

'The course of Education comprises English in all its branches, Hebrew, German, French, Latin, Mathematics, &c.'


Voice of Jacob 14 April 1843 page 152

'HEBREW, GERMAN, and ENGLISH ACADEMY, No. 10. & 11, High Street, Charlton, Dover. - Principal Mr. R. I. Cohen, assisted by eminent masters. Mr. R.I. Cohen in returning his thanks for the patronage and confidence he has already experienced, begs to inform his friends and the public generally, that he intends to be in London, on Wednesday, 26th inst., and will take up residence at No. 8, St. Mary Axe, for a few days prior to his return to Dover with his pupils at the end of the present vacation. There being ample accommodation for a few more pupils, Mr. Cohen will be happy to treat with those parents, who may feel disposed to entrust their children to his care; in the mean time, particulars of his terms, &c. may be known upon application to Mr. I. Lyon, or Mr. J. Dias, Duke St., Aldgate; or to the Rev. D. Meldola, 10, Bevis Marks'.


Voice of Jacob, 22 March 1844 page 112

Notice. New name:

'VICTORIA HOUSE ACADEMY, 10 and 11, High St., Charlton, Dover.'


Voice of Jacob, 29 March 1844 page 116

Mr Moses Moses has presented the Jews' Free School with a collection of fossils. Mr Cohen has promised a collection of shells.


Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1845 page 1135
[From the Dover Chronicle]

PURIM. Celebrated at the Victoria Establishment, Charlton, Dover. Attended by the Jewish families and several of Mr Cohen's Christian friends and neighbours. A drama 'Ahasueras; or Esther, the Royal Jewess' performed by the boys.


Voice of Jacob, 23 May 1845 page 168

'A Young person, aged 20, is desirous of obtaining a Situation, as Companion to a Lady, or assistant in a shop; she is an excellent needlewoman, and can write a good hand. Address E. A., or at Mr. Moses, 29 Strond Street, Dover.'



Voice of Jacobs, 10 April 1846 page 116

"VICTORIA HOUSE ACADEMY.  - Mr. Cohen (of Dover) begs to return thanks to his Friends and the Public, for the liberal support he has met with, and has much pleasure in informing them, that his establishment will re-open on Tuesday, May 5th, 1846, when he will have a vacancy for two pupils."


Jewish Chronicle, 19 March 1847 page 104

Cohen's school will remove in the summer to larger and more convenient premises 'built entirely for scholastic occupation .... will contain well-aired and spacious dormitories, dining, school, and class-rooms, warm and cold baths, covered winter play-grounds, etc.; and during the summer, pupils will be permitted to enjoy sea-bathing almost daily.' Mr Cohen has engaged a Classical master and a French master. Also there are 2 Hebrew and German teachers. The course of education is under the direction of the Chief Rabbi who has also had plans for the house submitted to him.



Jewish Chronicle, 23 July 1847 page 201

Statistical Summary of the Hebrew Congregations in the British Empire

Dover; 4 Baale Batim; No seatholders; 31 Individuals


Jewish Chronicle, 17 September 1847 page 248


Mr R.I. Cohen late of 10 and 11 High St, Charlton has removed to new premises.


Jewish Chronicle, 10 March 1848 page 464

Long notice re Sussex House. Details of courses etc, and description of building


Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1848 page 523

Repeat of 10 March with addition of Terms:

Pupils under 7 years             25 guineas per annum

Pupils over 7 and under 14   30 guineas per annum


Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 1849 page 211

Claremont Villas, Folkestone-road, Dover,

Jewish families visiting Dover can be accommodated with Board and Lodging with Mrs Simons. Or a Lady or Gentleman requiring permanent residence, and children requiring sea-bathing or change of air
[In 1851 Census Sarah Simons at Claremont Villa]


Jewish Chronicle, 25 March 1850 pages 197-8

Feast of Purim. Celebrated  on Wednesday 27th at Rabbi Cohen's establishment, Folkestone Road attended by most of the Jewish families in Dover together with several of Cohen's Christian friends and neighbours. Began with a 'sumptuous repast', followed by Morton's musical farce

'The Invincibles'. Lists the cast of pupils, 30 names. The entertainment concluded with a ball.


Jewish Chronicle, 5 April 1850 page 205

Letter from R. J (sic) Cohen re the raising of a Society for the Encouragement of Literature among the Jews. He is to become an annual subscriber of one guinea and Mr J. Jonas of Dover late of Leman-street to pay 10s. 6d a year.


Jewish Chronicle, 7 June 1850 page 278

The Prize Essays.

Contributions to augment the amount to be awarded to the successful competitors. Includes collections from Dover per Rev R.I. Cohen. . [1st of several lists].


Jewish Chronicle, 30 August 1850 page 368

Michaelis Silverstein, late Resident Teacher at Sussex House, is desirous of giving lessons in Hebrew, German, French, English and Drawing. Undertakes to teach the German language in 6 n=months. 11 Devonshire street, Bishopsgate.


Jewish Chronicle, 21 March 1851 page 187

Testimonial to the Rev R.I. Cohen by His Pupils. Long report of presentation by 53 pupils of a silver goblet and a cream-ewer, each inscribed 'Presented to the Rev. R. I. Cohen by his affectionate Pupils, Purim, 5611'. Also addresses to Rev and Mrs Cohen by two senior pupils.


Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1854 page 209


By the congregation of Dover, a Shochet [in Hebrew], after the 23rd of April next. No married man need apply.

For particulars, address to the Rev. R. I. Cohen, Sussex House, Dover.'


Jewish Chronicle, 26 May 1854 page 291

Board of Deputies, List of Births, Marriages and Interments From January 1853 to January 1854

8 Hawkesbury St. President Moses Moses [died 1861]

No births. 2 Marriages. No interments


Jewish Chronicle, 18 August 1854 page 8


By a Lady, of the Jewish persuasion, a Situation, as Companion, or to undertake the management of a household. She is very clever at her needle, and would have no objection to travel. For address and references, apply to the Rev. R.I. Cohen, Sussex House, Dover'.


Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1854 page 55

Death on 16th inst at Bench Street aged 74. Maria  wife of Lewis Aaron, late of Liverpool. [Buried Canterbury]


Jewish Chronicle, 31 August 1855 page 293

At meeting of members elected - D. Barnard, Warden; Mr Moses; Treasurer.


Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 1855 page 423

Address to David Salomons on his becoming Lord Mayor of the City of London from the pupils of Rev R.I.Cohen


Jewish Chronicle, 4 April 1857 page 207

Report of dramatic presentation at Purim from the Dover Chronicle of 29 March. 'Rob Roy'. Gives list of pupils and their roles. Reference to conductors: W.C. Grant and Jackson.


Jewish Chronicle, 18.11.1859 page 7

Wanted in a Ladies' school, where the number of pupils is small and where there are resident French and English Governesses, a GERMAN LADY to teach her own language and to give Instruction in Hebrew. Apply Miss Cohen, Marine House, Dover.
[repeated 25 November]


Jewish Chronicle, 2 December 1859 page 5

Election of officers for ensuing year. N. Gruenwald, Parnass, and H. Barras, Gabbai.


Jewish Chronicle, 23 March 1860 page 5

'DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE AT SUSSEX HOUSE, DOVER. - The "Dover Express" of the 17th inst. contains a very pleasing account of an amateur dramatic performance, which took place on Purim last, in Mr. Cohen's educational establishment, Dover. The play performed was Horne Tooke's "Tekeli." The actors were the pupils of the establishment, who acquitted themselves very well of their parts'.


Jewish Chronicle, 22 June 1860 page 1

'FURNISHED APARTMENTS. - TO LET, in a Jewish house, two minutes walk from the sea, a large Drawing-room, Breakfast-room, Kitchen, and four or five bedrooms. Apply to Rev. R.I. Cohen, for particulars, Sussex House, Dover'.



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