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References to the Dover Jewish Community
Appearing in the Jewish Chronicle and other periodicals
Part 4, 1884 - 1900

Compiled by Harold Pollins  

Jewish Chronicle,  5 September 1884 page 15



Rev. I. BARNSTEIN has much pleasure in announcing his intention of establishing a Boarding School for Boys, to be opened directly after the Holydays. [&c}

[repeated several times, slightly differently]



Jewish Chronicle,  10 October 1884 page 2

Advert repeated with proposed opening date 13 October

[repeated up to 24 October with same opening date of 13th]



Jewish Chronicle,  14 November 1884 page 2

School is in full working order but has a few vacancies.




Jewish Chronicle,  19 December 1884 page 14




Principal ----- Rev. I BARNSTEIN


[repeated with spelling correction]


This advert repeated throughout 1885 until

19 January 1886 page 14. Name changed to Mildmay Lodge School.



Jewish Chronicle,  5 March 1886 page 14

 Added to advert:

'NOTICE - Pupils wishing to attend DOVER COLLEGE can be boarded and assisted'.



Jewish Chronicle,  20 August 1886 page 7

Death of H. Polak who was President and Treasurer of Dover Hebrew Congregation alternately for more than quarter of a century. 'In fact, it was mainly due to his untiring exertions, his unflagging zeal, and his intense love for the congregation that the Synagogue was upheld and the cemetery brought into existence.'



Jewish Chronicle,  24 June 1887 page 16

Jubilee service

On Sunday afternoon a service held at the synagogue, Northampton street, attended by Jewish and many Christian inhabitants. 'The Synagogue has recently been thoroughly renovated and decorated, through the kindly help of many Jewish and Christian friends'.



Jewish Chronicle,  19 August 1887 page 15

? Last advert for Mildmay Lodge School



Jewish Chronicle,  25 November 1887 page 8

Report of emigrant ship from Rotterdam sinking in the Channel. Many Jews involved. Some buried at Dover.



Jewish Chronicle,  2 December 1887 page 5

'The Calamity off Dover

A correspondent writes from Dover calling attention to the services rendered by Mr. Goodman, a Jewish resident of the town of performing tahara. ' The authorities supplied everything necessary for the taharas, and took every precaution that all Jewish ceremonies should be scrupulously carried out. In the funeral procession the Jewish portion had the front place'.

The London correspondent (a co-religionist) of the Norwich Argus provides a graphic account of the scene at the Liverpool Street station of the departure of emigrants for the USA via Harwich and Rotterdam. Among them was Solomon Goldsmith, who died, of the Mile End Road. He could have gone from a British port but wanted to visit Holland to see sister.

A local paper publishes in extenso the address delivered by Rev I. Batrnstein on the interment of the bodies.



Jewish Chronicle,  9 December 1887 page 16

Henry Hart, president of the congregation, is appealing for funds to help in restoring the synagogue. The outlay has exceeded the builder's estimate.



Jewish Chronicle,  13 April 1888 page 7

Letter from Henry Hart. During Passover an itinerant poor man, stating he had come from Ramsgate, asked Hart for assistance. He did so through the holidays, with food and money. Before leaving the town the man stole from the synagogue - from seatholders' boxes 'silk scarves' and books. Hart has since heard that he had stolen a coat from Ramsgate synagogue. Hopes to put provincial communities on their guard.



Jewish Chronicle,  26 April 1889 page 12

Rev I. Barnstein preached  on 7th day of Passover. Mr Harry Barnstein, student of Jews' College, read the services on the 2nd day.



Jewish Chronicle,  3 May 1889 page 15

New advert by Barnstein


Can receive a few more PUPILS who could attend

DOVER COLLEGE, or other Schools if preferred.






Jewish Chronicle,  10 May 1889 page 14

Anglo-Jewish Association

'BRANCHES. - Remittances have been received from Dover and Canterbury, Melbourne and Plymouth'.

[1st mention of branch?]

[Also 9 May 1890 page 15 and in 1895 and 1896]



Jewish Chronicle,  25 October 1889 page 17

'WANTED, A JEWISH PERSON, in a family of eight, age about 28 or 30 years. One who is willing to do plain cooking and sewing, and to assist the maid in the general house work. Wages 15. Apply to Mrs. John Davis, 63a Biggin-street, Dover'.



Jewish Chronicle,  6 December 1889 page 19

Regina Davis of Biggin Street Dover was 2nd in the list of successful candidates in the local exam of the Trinity College of music for piano playing.



Jewish Chronicle,  10 January 1890 p. 18

First advert for Minerva College.

[Advertised weekly thereafter ]



Jewish Chronicle,  24 January 1890 page 10

Regina Davis has passed recent exam of College of Precentors 2nd class 2nd division.



Jewish Chronicle,  17 April 1891  page 12

Letter stating that writer believes it was the late Earl Granville , the Warden of the Cinque Ports, who presented the ground for the synagogue at the nominal cost of one shilling.



Jewish Chronicle,  16 October 1891 page 15

Services were conducted by Rev I. Barnstein assisted by Messrs Goodman and Spero.



Jewish Chronicle,  30 October 1891 page 17

Re Fund for Relief of Russian Jews

The Jewish Relief Committee formed at Dover has three Jewish members (Rev I. Barnstein, Mr John Davis, and Alderman Hart). Remainder are Christians including Major-General Heath as Chairman and Lt-Col Miller as Treasurer. 1st list of subscriptions is headed by Mayor and contains names of several magistrates and other prominent citizens. At meeting of the Committee 'all the members stated that the inhabitants of Dover of all denominations evinced the deepest sympathy and kind-heartedness towards the Russian Jews'.



Jewish Chronicle,  13 November 1891, Jubilee Supplement  page 23

Article by Rev G. J. Emanuel on 'Provincial Judaism' [sc over 50 years]

'Fifty years ago Bristol, Canterbury, Dover, Plymouth and Portsea were the seats of congregations which formed no insignificant sections of the Anglo-Jewish community. These, for the most part, are "fallen from their high estate." Their power is decayed; their importance is diminished'.



Jewish Chronicle,  11 March 1892 page 14

'More Worthies of the Half Century'

'...the Rev. R. Cohen of Sussex House, Dover, a man dear to all his pupils for the attention he bestowed upon their gastronomic comforts'.



Jewish Chronicle,  24 June 1892 page 7

Re munificent bequest left by late David Lewis of Liverpool who raised himself from humble beginnings to become founder and principal of Lewis's 'perhaps the largest and best known retail house in Liverpool'. Fund left for working classes of Liverpool and Manchester.

Died childless. Widow is daughter of late Rev R.I. Cohen of Sussex House, Dover.



Jewish Chronicle,  26 January 1894 page 16

 Lucille Jacobs, Rebbie Isaacs, Maud Hart, pupils of Minerva College, have passed the College of Presecptors exam, 3rd class 2nd division, distinguishing themselves in French.



Jewish Chronicle,  4 May 1894 page 20

On 8th day of Passover Master Montagu Barnstein, a Barmitzvah, read the whole portion of the day and was addressed by his father the Rev I. Barnstein.



Jewish Chronicle,  6 July 1894 page 3

4the Report of the Jewish Provincial Ministers' Fund. 'A subvention was also granted to Dover for a short time but was afterwards discontinued'. 



Jewish Chronicle,  10 August 1894 page 115

Samuel Cohen, Dover National School, has gained a 3rd prize (1) offered by the government of Canada for essays by UK pupils on the history, geography and resources of Manitoba and the NW Territories of Canada. [Son of Reuben Lewis Cohen?]



Jewish Chronicle,  4 January 1895 page 22



The Rev. I. Barnstein has been authorised by the Head Master of the Dover College to Board Jewish boys, who will be admitted to the Classes subject to the College regulations.

 Prospectuses, &c., on application to the Rev. I. Barnstein'.

[Repeated 11 January 1895. But only once.]



Jewish Chronicle,  31 May 1895 page 15

University of Heidelberg has conferred title of Dr. Philosophiae on H. Barnstein and W. H. Geenburg, students of the Montefiore College, Ramsgate. The students had sent in details of their course and were told that the secular education of the College was equivalent to a recognised university and so would be allowed to submit these. They were successful.


[Earlier in 1895 had been discussion on both Jews' College and Judith College, Ramsgate. Thus, 10 May 1895, p. 7, letter from 'Blue Blood' saying that educational standards at Ramsgate were low. And 24 May 1895 p. 7, letter from 'Aleph'  [in Hebrew] who said there had been no good results at Ramsgate since foundation 25 years before. But answered by letter 21 June 1895 p. 7: the results of Barnstein and Greenburg at Heidelberg show the high level of work at Ramsgate]



Jewish Chronicle,  14 June 1895 page 17

A 'pleasing function'. Valuable testimonial - a handsome silver cup   and a purse - presented to Rev Isidore Barnstein for his services to the congregation for the last 25 years'.



Jewish Chronicle,  3 April 1896 page 16

Passover service was greatly improved by 'the singing of a well-trained voluntary choir, an innovation which was introduced on the strong recommendation of the Chief Rabbi, when he visited Dover'.



Jewish Chronicle,  14 August 1896 page 5

Obituary of Mrs David Lewis. Mrs Bertha David Lewis [nee Cohen] died at Boulogne-sur-mer on the 4th inst.

Coincidence that Mrs Sampson performed the same last offices for her as for Mrs Lewis's  mother 60 years ago [The first Mrs Cohen died in 1833].

Her sister was Madame Otterburg, widow of Meyerbeer's physician and friend.

The two widowed sisters and a widowed friend had journeyed to the Holy Land.

Funeral was in Liverpool.



Jewish Chronicle,  16 October 1896 page 19

Alderman H. Hart and Mr Samuel Hart re-elected President and Treasurer respectively.



Jewish Chronicle,  23 October 1896 page 20. 

Rev I. Barnstein attended funeral of Archbishop of Canterbury in Canterbury as representative of Chief Rabbi and delegate of the Dover Hebrew Congregation. Also Alderman H. Hart as member of the Corporation of Canterbury.



Jewish Chronicle,  19 February 1897 page 28.

Br. Alexander W. Prince (partner in the firm of Sir Richard Dickeson and Co) was installed as Worshipful Master of the Corinthian Lodge (no. 1208), Dover. Youngest WM who has presided over the Lodge and the first member of our community.



Jewish Chronicle,  15 December 1899 page 1

Death in Bonn-on-Rhine of Jennie, relict of late Henry Polak, of Dover.



Jewish Chronicle,  29 December 1899 page 9

Mr Jack Barnstein, son of Rev I. Barnstein of Dover, is serving as a Trooper in Brabant's Horse in Northern Cape Colony, included in General Gateacres's Division. He distinguished himself on 5 November last in the restoration of telegraph communication between Aliwal and Cape Town which had been cut by the Boers.



Jewish Chronicle,  9 November 1900 page 19

Alderman Henry Hart JP elected Mayor of Canterbury. Held this office 1869-71. He is Senior Alderman and Senior JP for Canterbury. Also a JP for County of Kent. Brother of Sir Israel Hart and is President of Canterbury and Dover congregations.. Also President of Dover Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association.



Jewish Chronicle,  23 November 1900 page 12

Obituary of Rev Lazarus Polack in Maidenhead. Born Hamburg 1813. At age 40 came to UK, Dover, and for 3 or 4 years taught French and German at Rev I. Cohen's school. Father of Rev J. Polack, Housemaster at Clifton College.


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