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Synagogue Minute Book,

12 January 09 February 16 February
23 February 24 February 22 March


12 January

A General Meeting was held on Sunday Jan 12/96 by special request to take into consideration the necessity of a Minister & Teacher. There was a large attendance.

Mr Abrahams prop. that a Minister & Teacher be advertised for at a salary of 2 per week for the first year with 25 raise if suited. Mr S Bennett seconded.

Carried unanimously.

It was resolved that a General meet be take place in 4 weeks to open applications.

(signed) B Cohen Feb 9/96


09 February

A General Meeting was held on Sunday Feb 9/96 for purpose of selecting candidates for the office of Minister & Teacher. There was a large attendance. B Cohen Chairman.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

There were four applications for the vacancy, Messrs Revs. B N Rosengard, Jaffe, Lawrence & Aarons.

Mr I Wood prop. that a School Committee be formed to deal with the candidates & all matters relating to the Teaching of Children. Mr D Berman seconded. Carried.

The following were elected to serve on such Committee:


M Abrahams, H Ruben

S Bennett ,B Sterne

H Harris, C Kalson

L Bennett, S Bernstein

A Guttenberg, M Isaac

A Grant, I Wood

The Chairman informed the members present that the Burial Ground was fenced in & awaited Consecration.

It was resolved to call a Gen. Meet on the following Sunday for purpose of forming a Chevra Kedisha.

Mr J Hitner proposed a vote of confidence in Mr B Cohen for the able way in which he had carried out the works of the New Burial Ground & should continue till completed the said place without being interfered with. Mr H Altman seconded.

Carried with acclamation.

(signed) B Cohen


16 February

A General Meeting was held on Sunday Feb 16/96 for purpose of forming a Chevra Kedisha Burial Board. There was a large attendance, B Cohen presiding.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read & confirmed.

Mr Goldman prop. that Mr J Hillelson remain Gabbai of the Chevra Kedisha.

Mr L. Bennett seconded. Carried unanimously.

The following were elected to act on Committee:

Mr L Bennett, Mr Goldman

Mr M Isaacs, Mr Guttenberg

Mr J Berman ,Rev. Goldschmidt

Mr S Bloom, Mr M Abrahams

Mr H Harris, Mr H Alge

Mr Bernstein, Mr L Bennett


Mr Isaacs was elected Treasurer for Burial Fund.


It was resolved that Mrs Green be head of Ladies Burial Committee & all other members of Committee's wives act.

Mrs J Berman, Mrs Bloom, Mrs Isaacs

Mrs Goldman, Mrs Cohen, Mrs Wolfe

Mrs Rosenberg, Mrs Guttenberg, Mrs L Bennett

Mrs. Saltman

(signed) B Cohen chairman


23 February

A Gen Meet. was held on Sunday 23 Feb/96 to confirm the minutes of the School Committee, to elect Rev Rosengard as Minister etc, large attendance. B Cohen presided.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read & confirmed.

Mr Abrahams moved that the adoption of minutes be carried. D Berman seconded. Carried unanimously.

The President then declared Rev Rosengard duly elected. The meeting closed with the usual thanks.

(signed) B Cohen Chairman.


24 February

A Burial Trustee meeting was held on Monday Feb 24/96 to decide about consecration of New Ground. B Cohen Chairman, S Bennett, M Isaac, J Hillelson, M Abrahams were present.

M Abrahams prop. that all arrangements be left in the hand of B Cohen, President. Mr L Bennett seconded. Carried.

(signed) B Cohen Chairman


22 March

A Special Meeting was held (Committee) to decide whether the congregation pay Railway expenses of Rev Rosengard’s effects to 7.3.10, incurred by his removal

Present B Cohen, chair, D Berman, H Altman, C Bimbarum, L Rosenberg, H Rosenberg, I Wood, J Berman, B Sterne, C Altman.

B Sterne prop. that the committee paid. I Wood seconded.

An amendment was made by C Altman that amount of 7.3.10 be not paid. C Bimbarum seconded.

The proposition was carried by one.

(signed) B Cohen Chairman


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