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Synagogue Minute Book,


Glossary of Hebrew \ Yiddish Terms encountered with the text of the Minutes

(Please note this is not intended as a definitive reference, and is included to give the reader some idea as to the meaning of some of the phrases encountered.)

Mitzvah - A religious obligation

Chazzan - The one who leads the singing and chanting of the service

Yom Kippur- Day of Atonement

Mohel - A ritual circumciser

Shabbos - The Sabbath

Shul - The Yiddish word for synagogue

Mikveh - A Jewish communal bath for washing away ritual impurity by immersion

Shochet - Performs the ritual act of slaughtering for food he is a very religious man who will have undergone an extensive period of training

Bal-Korah - The one who reads the Torah portion from the scroll.

Chazzan Berashish - The person given the honor of being called to the reading of the first section of Genesis, during the ceremonial Torah reading

Shectin - SHECTIN" Board in London. SHEHITAH means "slaughtering" and refers to the Kosher method of killing the animal.

Chevra Kedusha - Sacred Society. It's the standard term for a Jewish burial society.

Sabbai - SABBAI" to the above. That's GABBAI, an official who is a sort of general factotum.

Porging - Is the technical term for removal of the sinew of the thigh bone to make hindquarter meat kosher.

Bais-Chaim - Sketch a plan for "BAIS-CHAIM literally "House of Life" is a euphemism for "cemetery."

Bal-Teffillah - Master of prayer, the one who leads the prayers in communal worship.

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