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Synagogue Minute Book,

(Please note a number of the minutes are missing, hence the limited list of dates below)

21 October 25 November 03 December 09 December


21 October

A General meeting was held Sunday Oct 21/94 for the purpose of electing President & Treasurer. Mr S Bennett in the chair. The election took place with the following result:

Mr B Cohen President, Mr H Rosenberg Treasurer.

The election of Committee was postponed till a future date.

(signed) B Cohen


25 November

A Special General meeting was called for the purpose of electing a committee. Present Messrs B Cohen, President, H Rosenberg, Treasurer, Mr M Abrahams, Secretary, Messrs Grant, L Bennett, J Solomon, D Berman, J Berman, H Harris, I Wood, J Hillelson, J Alge, B. Sterne, J. Cantor, M. Moscow, C Kalson, J Shenke & L Bloom.

Mr M Abrahams proposed that the nomination takes place today & the election takes place next Sunday, which was seconded.

Carried unanimously. 7 to form the Committee.



Proposer Candidates Seconder

Mr L Bennett Mr H Harris Mr B Cohen

Mr Grant Mr Green Mr Rosenberg

Mr Harris Mr Grant Mr D Berman

Mr Green Mr Guttenberg Mr Cohen

Mr Abrahams Mr Ruben Mr Wood

Mr Rosenberg Mr Hillelson Mr Abrahams

Mr Solomon Mr Wood Mr Moscow

Mr Rosenberg Mr L Bennett Mr B. Cohen

Mr Hillelson Mr Bernstein Mr S Rosenberg

Mr I Wood Mr M Abrahams Mr L Bennett

(signed) B Cohen


03 December

The meeting of the members was held to elect the committee by Ballot on Sunday December 3 1894.

Present B Cohen, Chairman, Rosenberg, Treasurer, M Abrahams, Secty. Present Messrs H Harris, J Hillelson, H Ruben, S Bennett, J Berman, Isaac, Hyam, M Green, A Grant, C Bimbarum, S Bernstein, David Berman, A Jacobs, B Stern, C Kalson, I Wood, Freedman, S Rosenberg, P Bennett, H Bennett, J Harris, L Harris, H Ruben, Isaac Bennett, J Isaac, Alga, Solomon, L Bennett, Moscow, Bloom, Taylor.

The voting was as follows:

Abrahams M 20

Bennett L 7

Berman D 19

Bernstein S 10

Grant H 13

Green M 18

Guttenberg A 14

Harris H 21

Hillelson J 18

Ruben H 17

Woods I 13

Messrs Abrahams, Berman, Green, Guttenberg, Harris, Ruben, Hillelson were duly elected.


09 December

A Committee Meeting was held on Sunday Dec 9/94, present B Cohen in the chair, Messrs H Rosenberg, D Berman, H Harris, L Bennett, J Hillelson, H Ruben.

The application for a loan of 5 was considered from Mr Levy. Mr Harris prop. that the Committee grant it, Mr Hillelson seconded. Carried. unanimously.

Mr S Bennett gave notice that at the next Committee meeting he would bring forward the question of a Minister & Teacher.

This concluded the Business.

(signed) B Cohen


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