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The following resources may be of interest to researchers of Danzig Jewish genealogy. Please notify the Research Director of additional resources. If you have personally used a resource, we would also welcome your comments to be displayed here. The JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk Research Division is not responsible for the content of external websites, nor should the appearance of links here be construed as endorsements by the Research Division.

Locations of Records

For vital records and censuses, both from the Jewish communities and civil authorities, see our chart.

Online Searchable Records

As records from our indexing projects are made searchable online, links and other details will be provided here. For more information about the records included in JewishGen's Germany and Poland Databases, see the introduction to the Danzig Database.

Danzigsurname adoption list1814Also viewable on our website here. A typewritten version is viewable at FamilySearch (the original Amts-Blatt publication was indexed, not this).NALDEX
Danzigcensus11 Aug 1939CAHJP Da/1645aGermany Database, Poland Database
Altschottlandfamilienbuch1880-1882CAHJP Da/596Germany Database, Poland Database
Altschottlandfamilienbuch1850-1879CAHJP Da/1156Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigbirth1905-1939FHL 1184407/2, FHL 1184407/3Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigbirth1847-1848APG 1497 vol. 2Germany Database, Poland Database
Altschottlandbirth1838-1846CAHJP Da/754Germany Database, Poland Database
Mattenbudenbirth1832-1846CAHJP Da/286Germany Database, Poland Database
Weinbergbirth1839-1847FHL 1184407/4Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigmarriage (civil)1875-1914APG 1609, all marriages with at least one Jewish spouseGermany Database, Poland Database
Langfuhrmarriage (civil)1911-1914APG 4400, all marriages with at least one Jewish spouseGermany Database, Poland Database
Altschottlandmarriage1838?-1846CAHJP Da/753Germany Database, Poland Database
Mattenbudenmarriage1832-1846CAHJP Da/286Germany Database, Poland Database
Weinbergmarriage1837-1847FHL 1184407/5Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigdeath1925-1927, 1936-1940FHL 1184408/1, additional years not yet indexed are in "Non-Searchable Records" below.Germany Database, Poland Database
Mattenbudendeath1832-1846CAHJP Da/286Germany Database, Poland Database
Breitgassememorbuch1821-1878CAHJP Da/685Germany Database, Poland Database
Mattenbudenyahrzeit list1825-1877CAHJP Da/533Germany Database, Poland Database
Mattenbudenmembership list1832 or 1833The Jewish Museum, New York D166Germany Database, Poland Database
Weinbergmembership list1817-1881CAHJP Da/1598Germany Database, Poland Database
Hoppenbruch, Stolzenberg, Langfuhrmembership list1773Also viewable on our website here.Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigcollection inventory name indexName index for CAHJP's inventory of the Archives of the Jewish Community of Danzig.Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigbusiness transactions1774-1786Also viewable on our website here, with an introduction by Dr. Tobias Schenk, who developed the data as part of his research into Judenporzellan. Comparison with the 1814 surname adoption list might help to extend family trees prior to surname adoption.Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigdirectory of businessmen1687-1763Leipziger messgäste: die jüdischen besucher der Leipziger messen in den jahren 1675 bis 1764, by Dr. Max Freudenthal (Frankfurt am Main: J. Kauffmann, 1928). Also viewable on our website here.Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzig, Altschottland, Mattenbuden, Weinberginscriptions1697-1935Danzig 1939: Treasures of a Destroyed Community, edited by Sheila Schwartz (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1980). Also viewable on our website here.Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigbook name indexDie Juden der Freien Stadt Danzig unter der Herrschaft des Nationalsozialismus, by Erwin Lichtenstein (Tübingen: Mohr, 1973). Also viewable on our website here.Germany Database, Poland Database
Danzigcivil birth, marriage, death1874-1900Partial index of civil records. For search tips and how to view corresponding images of scanned records, see our finding aid.West Pomeranian Genealogical Society
Danzigcivil birth, marriage, death1874-1899Partial index of civil records. For search tips and how to view corresponding images of scanned records, see our finding aid.FamilySearch
Germanyregistration cards1938-1942Registration cards from the "Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland." Database is being updated and currently (12/2/2015) includes the following surnames for people who were born or died in Danzig: ABRAHAM, ANKER, ASCH, ASCHER, AUERBACH, BERGHOLD, BERGMANN, BERNSTEIN, BLUMENTHAL, BORCHARDT, BRAUER, CAMINER, CAMNITZER, COHN, CZARLINSKI, KUSHELEWSKY, LANDECKER, LEOPOLD, LESSER, LEWENSOHN, LEWI, LIEBES, LIEPMANN, LOEPERT, LOEWENSOHN, LOEWENTHAL, LOEWY, LOHDE, MEYER, WILLDORF. If you find a relative and want a copy of an individual registration card, contact Peter Landé
Mauritiuspassports1944-1945Passport information from a list, "Refugees in Mauritius who consider themselves citizens of the Free City of Danzig." Note that this Mauritius database also includes Polish nationals.JewishGen Holocaust Database
Mauritiusburial1941-194513 of the deceased identified with Danzig, surnames FELD, FLATOW, FRIED, FRIEDMANN, HEYMANN, KOHN, KURNIK, LINDENBAUM, MICHELSON, REPINSKY, WARTSKI, WILDORFJOWBR

Online Non-Searchable Records

Online images of Danzig records that are not searchable, or not fully searchable, meaning that finding records of interest could be difficult:

Danzigbirth, death (civil)1874-1914Use the finding aid prepared by Rodney Eisfelder, et al. Even with that, and even if you know the date of an event, it still might take a long time to find the record. and
Danzigbirth, marriage, death1846-1927 (mostly, 1846-1879)Use the finding aid, which includes a partial (in progress) name index. and
Danzigdeath1889-1925, 1927-1936Indexing in progress, contact us to volunteer. Indexed years are in "Searchable Records" above.FamilySearch
Danzigburial1883-1900/1929Indexing in progress, contact us to volunteer.FamilySearch
Langfuhrbirth, death (civil)1911-1914Use the finding aid prepared by Rodney Eisfelder. Even with that, and even if you know the date of an event, it still might take a long time to find the record. and
Altschottlandburial1848-1883/1920Indexing in progress, contact us to volunteer.FamilySearch
Altschottlandburial1720?-1874Indexing in progress, contact us to volunteer.FamilySearch
Danzigresidential registration cards1843-1918Essentially alphabetical by surname of head of household, census-like information plus dated list of street
Danzigcitizenship?c. 1814This list shares much in common with the 1814 citizenship list, but is not identical. Surnames beginning with letter "A" are missing. Indexing in progress, contact us to volunteer.FamilySearch

Finding Other Danzig Researchers

You can search the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) for Danzig surnames being researched by others (to find all surnames being researched from Danzig, search by "Town Is Exactly Gdansk"). If you have not added your surnames to the JGFF, you should do so. You can also search for Danzig surnames (search by both "Danzig" and "Gdansk") at the Family Tree of the Jewish People, and publish your GEDCOM-format family trees there.


The Archives of the Jewish Community of Danzig: Thousands of files covering the Danzig Jewish Community, its precursor communities of Altschottland, Langfuhr, Mattenbuden, Weinberg, and Danzig in der Breitgasse, and Tiegenhof/Nowy Dwór Gdański, some as far back as 1720, were shipped out of Danzig in 1939 and are now kept at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) in Jerusalem. A very detailed inventory is available online (PDF). Follow the links within the inventory for additional details. Many of the items' descriptions suggest they contain significant genealogical information, but the precise extent of the genealogical content of the Archives is unknown. Included are documents in at least German and Hebrew.

Fundraising is underway for a Research Division project to extract genealogical information from this material, which you can read about here and contribute to here.
The CAHJP also contains microfilms of files at the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin (1869-1938), and microfilms, documents, and inventories of files from the Polish State Archives in Gdańsk (source). The genealogical content of this material is unknown.

The Family History Library (FHL) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has microfilmed Danzig Jewish vital records (birth, marriage, death), burial records, burial plot purchase records, an 1814 surname adoption list, and a (possible) citizenship list. Details can be found here and here, and a list of the contents of individual microfilms by clicking on the "View Film Notes" buttons on these pages.

This material is now the subject of a Research Division project, which you can read about and volunteer for here. The project description includes a more accurate assessment of the contents of some of the microfilms.
JRI-Poland also describes LDS Danzig microfilms and some birth, marriage, death record holdings of the Polish State Archives in Gdańsk. Additional holdings of the latter — immigration files, Holocaust-era files, Kahal files, police files, tax and occupation lists, and local government files — are also described by the Routes to Roots Foundation (click "Archive Database," then "Search Database," then type "Gdansk" and click the "Search" button), where it is also stated that the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw has Danzig Holocaust-era files and Polish Aliyah Passports to Palestine. For more information about Polish Aliyah Passports, see JRI-Poland's Polish Aliyah Passports project website.

The Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin-Dahlem has documents about Danzig Jews in the 18th and 19th century with very significant genealogical information. Some of the documents have been acquired, but not all. If you might be willing to perform research in Berlin, please contact us.

The Routes to Roots Foundation also indicates that the Central Archive for Genealogy (Zentralstelle fuer Genealogie) in Leipzig contains births records from Nowy Dwór Gdański (Tiegenhof) for 1855-1889. These were, apparently, microfilmed by LDS and are available from the FHL — details can be found here (click "View Film Notes" for more).

The Leo Baeck Institute has in its online catalog many items pertaining to Danzig — family trees including people from Danzig or with the surname Danzig, items from the Danzig Jewish Community, items from former Danzigers. We would appreciate information about the genealogical content of this material.


For a list of books concerning Danzig Jewry, click here.

An English translation of the Gdańsk chapter of Yad Vashem's Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, vol. VI is available online.

"Danzig Jewry: A Short History", by Gershon C. Bacon, is a brief online history. See also the Jewish Encyclopedia entry for an historical overview and a partial list of rabbis.

A small list of Jewish soldiers from Danzig who fought for Germany in World War I can be found here. Scroll down to Die Jüdischen Gefallenen des Deutschen Heeres, der Deutschen Marine und der Deutschen Schutztruppen, then download file listed below. In this compressed file is the image file 2-0046.tif, which contains the Danzig entries. (Hopefully, we will receive permission to extract this information.)

The Aufbau Indexing Project has made searchable thousands of announcements of births, engagements, marriages, deaths, and other events from the pages of Aufbau. You can find many Danzigers by following the "Search the Database" link and then searching by "German Origin" of Danzig (at the bottom).

Holocaust Documentation

Search the JewishGen Holocaust Database and the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names at Yad Vashem. Survivors can also be registered in the Registry of Holocaust Survivors at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Business, address, and telephone directories can also provide useful genealogical information, and many covering Danzig have been digitized and are available online. At you can search online Danzig directories for 1836-1942 plus many directories with larger geographic coverage including Danzig. To complement these directories, there is a list of Danzig street names in both German and Polish.


Photographs of Danzig and Danzig Jewish life can be found at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the YIVO Institute's People of A Thousand Towns Online Photo Catalog. Some of the people appearing in these photographs are identified in the captions.