JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Project:
Archives of the Jewish Community of Danzig at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP), Jerusalem

The Archives of the Jewish Community of Danzig is a massive collection of documents (about 2000 files, some consisting of hundreds of pages) that was shipped from Danzig to Jerusalem in 1939, "the first major community collection to be deposited in the" Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP), where it resides today. The rich variety of genealogical and historical information contained in these documents can be glimpsed through CAHJP's online inventory of the collection. This is a rare legacy that our relatives have left, and you can help to make it widely accessible by volunteering as a transcriber or donating to fund acquisition of scans. As far as we know, this is the first large-scale examination of the genealogical content of this material.

Acquisitions and indexing status are shown in the tables below, with files that are indexed and online being searchable via JewishGen's Germany and Poland Databases (for details of contents, see the introduction to the Danzig Database). Data needing proofreading will not go online until proofread with reasonable assurance of accuracy. We need additional volunteers for transcription and proofreading, Hebrew and German. If you might be interested in volunteering, please email the Project Coordinator. The brief descriptions below are based on the genealogical content our transcribers have observed, which can differ from CAHJP's inventory.

Group 1 was funded with donations of $438. Group 2 was funded with donations and part of a grant from GerSIG, at a total cost $1483. Because of the very large size of this collection, we will need additional funding to be able to cover the rest of the genealogically interesting material. Donations are welcome at

Da/360Danzigcensus of families1931265 pagestypewritten Germanready to be indexedGroup 2
Da/2059Danziglist of emigrants1930s?209 peopleGermanready to be indexedGroup 2
HM2-9324.3Altschottland, Langfuhr, Weinberg,
Hoppenbruch, Stolzenberg
marriage concessions, property concessions, contracts, disputes1809-1812about 540 pagesGermanready to be indexedGroup 2
HM2-9325.1All Communitieslist of members1808about 260 peopleGermanready to be indexedGroup 2
HM2-9323.6Altchottlandlist of members1808about 125 peopleGermanready to be indexedGroup 2
Da/305Mattenbudenmemorbuch1734-188340 pagesHebrew, Germanneeds proofreadingGroup 1
Da/596Altschottlandfamilienbuch1880-1882418 peopleGermanneeds proofreadingGroup 2
Da/862Langfuhrlist of members of Chevra Kadisha, minutes and accounts, deaths1765-184950 pagesHebrewneeds proofreadingGroup 1
Da/1156Altschottlandfamilienbuch1850-18791072 peopleGermanneeds proofreadingGroup 2
Da/2056Altschottlandcemetery register1720-1874232 pagesHebrew, Germanneeds proofreadingGroup 1
HM2-9325.3All Communitiescensus of families1809-1810about 1200 peopleGermanneeds proofreadingGroup 2
Da/533Mattenbudenyahrzeit list1825-1826about 40 peopleHebrewindexed, not yet onlineGroup 2
Da/753Altschottlandmarriage register1838?-184635 marriagesGermanindexed, not yet onlineGroup 2
Da/1645aDanzig, Zoppotcensus of families19391662 peopletypewritten Germanindexed, not yet onlineGroup 2
Da/286Mattenbudenbirth, marriage, and death registers1832-184620 pagesGermanindexed and onlineGroup 1
Da/685Breitgassememorbuch1821-1903about 10 pagesHebrewindexed and onlineGroup 1
Da/754Altschottlandbirth register1838-184610 pages in a large formatGermanindexed and onlineGroup 1
Da/1598Weinberglist of members1817-1881about 52 pages in a very large formatGermanindexed and onlineGroup 1
Da/971Altschottland, Breitgasse, Weinbergsynagogue seat records1820-1894about 200 pagesGermanneeds analysisGroup 2
Da/1004All Communitiessynagogue seat records1882-1884about 38 pagesGermanneeds analysisGroup 2
Da/1650a1815-1893?about 175 pagesGermanneeds analysisGroup 2
HM2-9323.4Visitors?tax list?1641-1642about 11 pagesGermanneeds analysisGroup 2
HM2-9323.6Altchottland?narrative documents1808about 60 pagesGermanneeds analysisGroup 2
HM2-9325.1All Communitiesnarrative documents1808-1812about 70 pagesGermanneeds analysisGroup 2
HM2-9330.4Visitors?lists related to trade?1640-1702about 25 pagesGermanneeds analysisGroup 2

Contact: Logan Kleinwaks, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG Coordinator