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Jews from Danzig at the Leipzig Fairs, 1675-1764
by Dr. Max Freudenthal
Dr. Max Freudenthal published the names of Jewish visitors to the important trade fairs held in Leipzig, taken from original Leipzig records covering 1675-1764, in his 1928 book Leipziger messgäste: die jüdischen besucher der Leipziger messen in den jahren 1675 bis 1764. Frankfurt am Main: J. Kauffmann. This book is organized by place of origin, and the following people and the dates they visited are listed under Danzig. If you have further information about any of them, please contact us. Information in the Notes column does not appear in Dr. Freudenthal's work. Historical information about the Leipzig trade fairs can be found here (at the bottom is a link to a PDF document with more details).

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