A City in Flames, Memorial Book of Yampol
(District of Volhyn)

(Yampol, Ukraine)

49°58' / 26°15'

Translation of
Ayara be-lehavot; Pinkas Yampola, Pelekh Volyn

Edited by: L. Gellman

Published in Jerusalem, 1963



Project Coordinator

Judy Wolkovitch

This is a translation from: Ayara be-lehavot; Pinkas Yampola, Pelekh Volyn;
Town in flames; book of Yampola, district Wolyn, Editors: Gellman, Jerusalem,
Commemoration Committee for the Town with the Assistance of Yad Vashem and the World Jewish Congress, 1963 (Hebrew,Yiddish, 154 pages)

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Title Author Page
Forward Judy Wolkovitch iii
A Memorial for Future Generations Commemoration Committee for the Town vi
Judaism of the Heart and Mind Aryeh Leib Gellman 1
For Ukraine and its Towns Y.L. Bieler 6
G-d of Revenge Chaim Chemiel 9
About the Martyrs of our Times Moshe Prager 13
The First Office of the Great Rabbi in Yampol, Yechezkel Landau Aryeh Leib Gellman 20
The Blood Libel Trial in Yampol Alarms and Horrifies the Jewish World Professor M. Balaban 34
Tell me Ezriel Goren 40
Tsaddikim and Hidden Tsaddikim in Yampol Aharon HaLevi Pinchnik 49
Jewish Town Judith Kleish 59
I Believe Rabbi Shimon Effrati 62
Our Friendly Village, Yampol Yaacov Horzshach 65
The First Yizkor of the Last Time David Reuben 79
Reb Zalman the Poor (An Example of a Repentant Sinner in Yampol) Dr Yitzhak Weisstaub 82
In Memoriam (A Lament for the Martyred Dead of Volhyn) H.B. Ayalon 86
Extracts from the Ledger of the Chevra Kadisha of Yampol Arieh Leib Gelman 90
A.  Great events in a small town   101
B.  Holocaust songs:
        A Regard
        My Jewish Child
Hadassah Rubin 103
C.  Our Shtetl is Burning
        A Day of Revenge
M. Gvirtig 106
D.  Chapters from Yampol Memoirs David Rubin 108
E.  Images of Yampoller Society Ezriel Goren 123
F.  Yampoller Holy Men Hershel Zuckerman 129
G.  My Childhood Friend
        (Epilogue for Yaakov Horzshach)
Aryeh Leib Gellman 134
H.  An Evaluation of My Father Sonya Horzshach 137
I.  Notations   140
J.  May G-d Remember
        A List of Murdered/Burned Jews and Families in Yampol
David Rubin 141
K.  Letter to World Union of Emigres   150

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