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The Saints/Martyrs from Yampol, the district of Volhyn, that were murdered by the Nazis
(may their name [Nazis] be erased and their memory, too).


Abeles Family of Berel Yoel Abeles 
Abners Family of Yossi Abners 
Aharon Son of my brother in-law Aharon the slaughterer and checker 
Alter Family of Alter: Rabbi Dodis Azriel, Baruch and their sisters.
Altereche Family of the widow Altereche 
Ashers (Kessel??) Family of Yisrael Ashers (Kessel??) 
Asnat Family of Lipa Asnat 
Asnat Family of Leibene Asnat
Avraham Family of Avraham Yehuda 
Avraham Family of Shmuel Avraham (tailor and Torah reader) 
Azriel Family of Azriel son of the widow Breina 
Babas <return> Family of Itzi Babas 
Badner Family of Aryeh Badner 
Baranick Family of Moshe Baranick
Barles Family of Zeida Barles the son in law of Rebbe Yisroel Feiveshes and his wife Rachel
Barles Family of Barles Grandson of Rebbe Yisreol Feiveshes 
Ber Family of Binem Ber 
Bereshes  Family of Yossele Bereshes 
Berger Family of Shmuel Berger 
Berger Family of Avraham Berger 
Bernstein Family of Moshe Bernstein 
Bernstein Family of Moshe Bernstein from Techemlie 
Blecher Family of Yosef Blecher 
Blecher Family of Moshe Blecher 
Boibe Family of Boibe the hipacrit 
Bonemas Family of Velvel Bonemas and Heitman? 
Borstein (Disnitzkis) Family of Velvel Borstein (who is called Disnitzkis)
Borvitsch Family of Itzi Borvitsch 
Breiness  Family of Zalman Breiness 
Bridyage  Family of Yaacov Bridyage 
Chaim <return> Family of Chaim Ben David 
Chaim  Family of Chaim from the ???? (in yiddish)
Chaim Family of his son in-law Reuben 
Chaimless  Family of Avraham Rebbe Chaimless 
Chait Family of Moshe Perles Chait 
Chait Family of the sons of Matti Chait 
Chalaf  Family of Yossi Chalaf 
Chalaf  Family of Yisroel Chalaf 
Chana Family of Chana Lieba the Seamstress (??yiddish - Shenayderka) 
Chanas Family of Bonim Aaron Chanas 
Chava Family of Chava Shaindel & her husband, Zaidel 
Chayes Family of Azriel Shmuel Chayes 
Chazan  Family of Yosel Chazan 
Chazan Family of Rabbi Pesah Chazan, Rabbi Fischel the son-in-law (a judge). 
David <return> Family of Hershel Chaim David from founders of the Zionist group in the city 
David Family of Hershel son in-law of Chaim David 
Doodi Family of the Dayan Rav Doodi, of blessed memory 
Dricker  Family of Binem Dricker 
Eideles <return> Family of Issac Eideles 
Ekav (Yaacov) Family of Moshe Ekav (Yaacov) 
Elihus Family of Yosel Elihus (the teacher) 
Eliyas Family of Eingel Eliyas 
Eliyas Family of Moishlah Eliyas 
Esther Family of Esther the midwife 
Fankevitzer <return> Family of Avraham Fankevitzer 
Feivishes Family of Yisrael Feivishes 
Feivishis Family of Azriel (his son in-law) 
Feivishis Family of Lazel Feivishis 
Feldman  Family of Moshe and Esther Feldman 
Fiegeleches Family of the widow Hentze Fiegeleches 
Figer Family of Chaim Figer, his wife Sarah and their daughters. 
Fitzis /Pitzis  Family of David Shaindel Fitzis /Pitzis 
Flam  Family of Sender Flam 
Fonkevitch Family of Yudel Fonkevitch 
Friedman Family of Anshell Friedman 
Garberg <return> Family of Yosef Garberg and his family 
Gassi Family of the widow Gassi 
Gassis  Family of Aharon David (son in-law of Gassis) 
Gassis Family of Mattel Gassis 
Gat Family of Yankel Gat 
Gat Family of Matti Gat 
Gele Family of Gele 
Gerberg Family of Hershel Gerberg 
Gerberg His wife Baibe, and their daughters Bayla, Malka Toiba? 
Gitles Family of Yankel Gitles 
Gittelman Family of Moshe Gittelman 
Greenberg  Family of Shmuel Greenberg 
Greenstein  Family of Peretz Greenstein 
Guberman Family of Head of the Kahal (community of the city of Yamel) our teacher the rav Shmuel Guberman of blessed memory, who was killed in a strange way by the Nazis (may their name be erased).
Haber <return> Family of Haber son of the Rav 
Hazakan  Family of Rebbe Yehuda Lieb Hazakan (name or / the elder) 
Hazkan  Family of sons of Toivel Hazkan (name or / the elder) 
Hershel Family of Hershel from the wall 
Hillel Family of Rebbe Hillel and his wife Chana 
Hindes  Family of Haim and Chaya Hindes son in-law of Lezel 
Horzshach Shmuel Horzshach son-in-law of Hershel Gerberg
Horzshach Family of Sanny Horzshach 
Issacs  Family of Simcha Chaim Issacs 
Kakeshes <return> Family of Moshe Kakeshes 
Karlinishke  Family of Rachel Karlinishke. Her son of Yosef and daughter Esther Feige
Karpin  Family of Avraham Karpin and his son, Tzvi (Hirschel) 
Kartman Family of David Kartman
Kavel  Family of Ephraim Kavel 
Kemmelmacher Family of Berel Kemmelmacher 
Kertman Family Shmelke son of Noah Kertman, 
Kertman Family of Yisrael Kertman. Itta Toiba Saraes, Chaya, her daugther; Chaim Leib, & Noah
Kesselman Family of Nechemiah Kesselman 
Kesselman Family of Simcha and Channah Kesselman 
Ketzeles Family of Moshe Ketzeles the Shoemaker 
Ketzeles Family of Shlomo Ketzeles. 
Kirzshener Family of Yisroel Kirzshener 
Kniff Family of Pinni son of Baruch Kniff 
Kniff Family of Barish Kniff
Kniff  Family of Simcha son of Baruch Kniff 
Kotlier Family of Mendel Kotlier 
Krupnik Family of Berel Krupnik 
Labishkes <return> Family of Simcha Labishkes from outside the city 
Lerner Fievel Lerner, son-in-law of Hershel Gerberg
Lerner Family of Shalom Lerner 
Lerner Family of the Rav Meir Lerner 
Lerner Family of Chaim Shalom Lerner 
Lerner Family of Yankel Lerner & wife Hannah 
Lerner  Family of Feivel Shalom Lerner 
Lieb  Family of Dackman Hirsh Lieb 
Lielka  Family of Moshe Lielka (Tailor) 
Mak <return> Family of David Mak 
Makrofedereni Family of Yehezkel Makrofedereni
Mallin  Family of Shaul Mallin 
Manies Family of Avraham Manies 
Manies  Family of Yossel Manies 
Maskaliveker Family of Shmelke Maskaliveker 
Matya  Family of Iytzi Matya (the butcher and Torah reader) 
Meister  Family of Eliyahu Zeiger Meister 
Melach Family of Yossel Melach 
Melamed Family of Rebbe Yankel Melamed 
Melamed Family of Natan Melamed 
Melamed Family of Nachman Melamed 
Melamed Family of Eliezer Melamed 
Melamed Family of Yehezkel Melamed 
Melamed Family of Yoel Melamed, his wife Bayla Toibe 
Melamed Family of Ephraim Melamed 
Melamed  Hoddel daughter of Rebbe Zanweil Melamed and his family 
Miazevetz  Family of Baruch Miazevetz 
Mikelisher Family of Meir Mikelisher 
Mishecheralnik  Family of Wolf Mishecheralnik 
Mitshnik  Family of Aharon Mitshnik 
Mordecai Family of Mordecai Yaacov and sons 
Moshes Family of Asher Moshes 
Nachum Family of Rebbe Nachum Shlomo 
Peretz Family of Peretz the doctor 
Pinchas Family of Pinchas (the water drawer) 
Ratzes  <return> Family of David Ratzes 
Reiles Family of Babe Reiles 
Reuben  Family of David Reuben. His sister Zippie. His sister Malka. Brother-in-law Aaron (who is a slaughterer and checker) husband of Malka. Brother in law Mavikotz Dudi. His daughters Miriam, Malka, Tammy, Toiba & Chayka. Daughters of Aharon, Toiba and Malka.
Reuben Family of Yosef Reuben. His wife Faggie (Fanny). His daughter Tzirel (Tzili).
Roitman Family of Yankel Roitman 
Rozenberg Family of Benyamin Rozenberg and his wife Sarah and their children Chayake and Leahke
Saraes <return> Family of Ita Toibe Saraes 
Sarahkes?  Family of Menny Sarahkes? 
Sares / Shares Family of Chaim Sares / Shares 
Scheinder Family of David Scheinder 
Shabbathai Family of Shabbathai the water drawer. 
Shabses Family of Elinka Shabses 
Sharas Family of Issac Toiba Sharas 
Sharhas Family of Yitzak Toyba Sharhas and Esther Itta his wife (double???)
Shaul Family of Shaul the Toieber 
Shayer  Family of Azriel Shayer 
Shemesh Family of Moshe Shemesh 
Shemesh Family of Simcha Shemesh 
Shenapper  Brother of his wife Sani Shenapper 
Sherer Family of Michal Sherer 
Shetz Family of Michal Shetz and his mother Leah. 
Shifargal Family of Bertzi Shifargal and his wife Hannah and daughter Devorah.
Shimonis Family of Shmuel Aharon Shimonis 
Shimons Family of Mati Shimons (the butcher) 
Shmuel Family of Rav Aharon Shmuel (slaughterer and checker)
Shmueles Family of Yitzchak Aharon Shmueles (slaughterer and checker) 
Shochet (Yisraelis) Family of Michal Shochet (Yisraelis) 
Shuster Family of Issikel Shuster 
Shuster  Family of Shmuel Shuster 
Sifarad  Family of Rav Meir Sifarad 
Sifarad  Family of Mattel (his son in-law) 
Silke Family of Silke 
Silkes  Family of Shlomo Silkes 
Silkes  Family of Avraham Silkes 
Silkes  Family of Yehoshua Silkes 
Sivker Family of Shimon Sivker 
Slaves (Melamed) Family of Yaacov Slaves (Melamed) 
Sofer Family of Pesach Sofer 
Staliar  Family of Shlomo Staliar 
Staliar  Family of Yisrael Staliar 
Tabatshnik <return> Family of Yoel Tabatshnik 
Tachman  Family of Yisrael Rivem Tachman 
Tachman  Family of Aharon Shimon Tachman 
Tandetnik Family of Zeida Tandetnik
Tatte  Family of Moshe Tatte 
Tevel Family of Tevel the elder 
Tscharnes Family of Zisi Tscharnes 
Tzedukes Family of Yankel Tzedukes 
Tzigeles Family of Meir Tzigeles 
Tzines  Family of Mendel Saphra Tzines 
Tzinker Family of Issac Tzinker 
Tzvihes  Family of Mordechai Moshe Tzvihes 
Tzvik  Family of Baruch Tzvik 
Varevedekir Family of Nachum Varevedekir 
Weiners <return> Family of Yankel Aharon Weiners 
Weissberg  Family of Michal Weissberg 
Weitzman Family of Zeide Shimeliches Weitzman 
Weitzman Rav Yanakele Weitzman, Rav from Greydineg 
Yahalom <return> Family of Yahalom 
Yankel Family of Rav Yankel from Maver 
Yankel  Family of Rebbe Yankel (from the wall) 
Yankeleches Family of son in-law of Avraham Yankeleches 
Yankeleches Family of Avraham Yankeleches, the butcher)
Yankeleches Family of his brother Iytzi Yankeleches 
Yehuda Family of Avraham Yehuda, (the butcher) 
Yeishia Family of Yeishia from the Mihal? 
Yekutiel Family of Chaim Yekutiel 
Yischares Family of Zeidel Yischares 
Yisrael Family of Rabbi Yisrael (Shochet U'bodek - slaughterer and checker, to check to see if it is kosher)
Yitzchak Family of Lieb Hirsch Yitzchak and Matti and their wives.
Yossel Family of Yossel a judge and teacher of law 
Yossi Family of Yossi the wagon owner 
Zanvil <return> Family of Rabbi Zanvil (Either name or teacher)


  A B C D E F G H I J K L M -

"I was a Partisan" 18
Aaron, Rabbi (David Gasson's son-in-law) 132
Abballe, Reb 16
Abraham Ber 120, 121
Abraham of Trisk, Rabbi 57
Ahavat Zion, Lover of Zion 20, 24
Ahavon, Reb 28
Akteroni, Rabbi 57
Alberti 37
Alexandria of Italy 38
Alter David's 113, 116
Alter Rimel 3
Alter, Reb 127
Altern'uni from Ostra, Reb 109
Auerbach, Rachel 17
Augustus III 34
Auschwitz 17
Avraham Heshel of Apt, Rabbi  50
Avramales, Alter (shoichet) 133
Baal Shem Tov <return> 2, 32, 49, 63, 108
Balakhtov 16
Baruchs, Barish 66
Becker, Edel 128
Beit Midrash 112
Berditschev 5
Berel the water carrier 121
Berish Boruch (Berish Kniff) 125
Berish, Reb Yosel 124, 132
Berlin, Rabbi Yeshaya 27
Beth Jehuda 21
Biliarom Romanum 36
Bishop Soltic of Kiev 38, 39
Boruch, Reb 127
Breinsk, The Remembrance Book of 15
Brezna (Berezno) 52
Brotsker Family 108
Brusilo 49
Cardinal Kovalkini <return> 38
Cardinal Lorenzo Ganganelli 38
Chaimel, (Kornitzer Rabbi) 131
Chajoth, Dr. Tsvi Peretz 4
Chasie (wife of Reb Yosel Berish) 124
Chaya's, Rabbi Samuel 5
Chayim of Lublin 37
Chazan, Reb Yosele 132
Chevra Kadisha 27, 66, 90
Chodrovski, Alan 36
Council of Four Lands 34, 35, 38
Czar of Russia 57
Dagal Merevava, Outstanding Among Thousands <return> 20
David of Stepan, Rabbi 51
David, Judge (Rabbi Doodi) v
Deah, Yorek 4
Derborimdiger, Rabbi Yosef 3
Dina the bath house lady 115
Dominicans 36
Doresh le Zion, Secher of Zion 20, 23, 24
Dov-Ber of Mezeritch, Rabbi 49, 51
Dudl (Rachmestruke Rabbi) 110, 127
Efes Damimm <return> 21, 55
Elinke 120, 121
Elyahu, Rabbi 38
Elyakim Getzel, Rabbi 57, 101
Elyakim, Rabbi 35, 36, 37, 38
Elyakim's, Alter Avraham 5
Emden, Rabbi Yaakov 34, 35, 37
Ester, David 79
Ezra Lehavim 4
Fabiltsh (Zitomir) <return> 35
Feigenbaum, M.Y. 18
Feinzilber, Elimelech 19
Feivishes, Rabbi Yisroel 4
Feivishes, Rabbi Yisroel 124, 129, 130, 132
Fiami, Rabbi Shabbetai 38
Frank, Yaakov 35
Frishman, David 117
Fulde 36
Funldliger, Tzu Lahger 17
Galina, The Scroll of <return> 15
Garingut, Dovid 127
Gasses, Motel 129
Gellman, Rabbi A.L. 55, 135
Goldberg, Reb. Yitzhak 5
Goldberg, Yitzhak 101
Goren, Ezriel 3
Greidiger, Rabbi Yanhele  4
Grudzenski, Rabbi Haim Ozer 15
Halutz movement <return> 13
Harinshtein, Esther 108
Hasandlar, Rabbi Yochanan 49
Hershel from Moier (Garbarz) 116
Herzl 2
Hirsh's, Itzi Moshe 5
Horowitz, Rabbi (The SHELAH) 27
Horowitz, Rabbi Pinchas "Hafla'ah" 50, 90
Horshach, Yaakov 3, 35
Horzshach, Jacob 134
Horzshach, Rabbi Netanel 85
Ibn Ezea <return> 4
Ibn Ezra 126
Israel-Dov, Rabbi 52
Israel of Rizhinm Rabbi 57
Itzi, Reb 124
Itzi, Reb (Cherner Rabbi) 131
Joseph, Rabbi <return> 22
Kachraginski, Shmerka <return> 18
Kaitover, Rabbi Avraham Gershon 32
Kapo, Meir 18
Karkus, Rabbi 37
Kartman, David (David Shayas) 66
Kassali 38
Kaviatrovska, Rebecca 17
Kertman, Reb Dovid 125
Khodak, Yerachmiel Wolf 15
King David 49
King Ferdinand of Spain 22
Kiniver, Reb Yoslek 109
Klim, Dr. 32
Klinger, Reb Berl 131
Knif, Eisik 3
Kobilsky, Bishop Anthony 34, 38
Kominker, Reb Aba 131
Konstantinov 34, 35
Koval (Naphcha) Rabbi Lein 58
Krakov 36, 37
Kremenetz 35
Kruger, Rabbi Shlomo 3
Kruger, Rabbi Shlomo (Broder Maggid)  130
Lampitzky <return> 66, 67
Landau, Rabbi Shmuel 27
Landau, Rabbi Yakovka Segal 22, 23
Landau, Rabbi Yechezkel   
see Noda BiYehuda  
Lanivitz 4
Lehavin Imrei Bina 4
Leib, Reb 126
Lerner, Meyer (Son of Reb Leibish Lerner) 130
Lerner, Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Lerner 3
Lerner, Rabbi Shalom 90
Lerner, Rabbi Shmuel 3, 90
Lerner, Reb Leibish 130
Levinsohn, Isaac Baer (RIBAL) 4
Lublin 37
Machuvas, Minchas <return> 3
MAHARAL of Prague 20
Maimonides 25
Majdanek Concentration Camp 17
Mantua 38
Marcheshes, Minchas 3
Margolioth, Rabbi Mair 32
Marinis, Johan di 36
Melamed, Menashe (Menashe the Teacher) 123
Meller, Rabbi Yitzhak 4
Menashe ben Israel 37
Michael, Rabbi Yechiel of Zloczew 2, 21, 49, 50, 90,101,108
Mitoar, Reb Eliezer 127
Moishes, Reb Osher 129, 130
Mordecai of Kremenetz, Rabbi 51
Moshe Alter Student (Grynshpan) 116
Moshe of Zvelul, Rabbi 51
Naftali, Rabbi of Ganzena <return> 36
Noda BiYehuda 2, 3, 20, 22 ,25 
Or Hachaim 4
Or Hagamuz 4
Ostra 2, 5, 49, 109
Ostra, Rabbi Yaacov-Yosef 21, 49, 55, 56, 108
Pavianitska Street <return> 16
Peretz, Ezriel 117
Petlura 110
Pitchnik, Rabbi Yechiel Michael 52
Podolya 35
Podolyishe in Umkum 18
Pope Benedict 37, 38
Pope Innocent 36
Pope Paul the Third 36
Pope, The 22, 36
Pozen 36
Queen Maria Josepha 34
Radjivil, Michael Kozminzh <return> 34
Rafael Shlomo, Rabbi 38
Railes, Yaacov 113, 116
Rashi 27, 49
RIBAL 4, 21, 22, 55, 101
Rimel, Reb Alter 5, 101, 120
Rottne, Yizkor Buch from 15
Rubin, David 3
Sanz, Rabbi Chaim <return> 32
Schindel-Pitches, David 70
Schweitzer, Wolf 135
Segal, Reb 28
S'gan Hakohanim, Rabbi Chaninah 25
Shabbatai Zvi 35
Shabse 120, 121
Shaulka, Reb 15
Shedletz, The Destruction of Oif di Churvois Fun Mein Heim 19
Shimele, Rabbi 123
Shisko, Hetman 2
Shmuel HaLevi, Rabbi Yakovka 22
Shmuel's, Aharon (shoichet) 133
Shoichet, Chaya Tzirl 126
Shoichet, Fruma (second wife) 126
Shoichet, Reb Yosel 126
Shoichet, Reb Yosel - family of 126
Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 4
Simcha 131
Sommerstein, Mr. 4
Sotskever, A. 15
Spain 57
Stoski, Michalko 69
Sweden 36
Targolya, Ferdinand <return> 37
Teuda Be Yisroel 21, 55
Treblinka 17, 18
Trisk 2
Trisker Synagogue 109, 112, 113, 123
Tslach 20
Tsvias, Aaron 78
Tsvias, Moshe 69
Velove, Dominicus <return> 37
Venice 38
Vienna 38
Visconti, Mr. 38
Viterbo 37
Volovitch, Bishop Anthony Arazen 34, 38
Warsaw <return> 37
Warsaw uprising 14
Weibtraun, Reb Yitzhok Nochum 19
Weisstraub, Dr. Yitzhak 4, 85
Yaakov, Rabbi <return> 36
Yaakovka, Widow Aharon 71
Yachtzes, Pearl 127
Yahalom, Rabbi Shalom v
Yakabovsky 66
Yampol Synagogue 112
Yechiel Michal of Szhumsk, Rabbi 21, 58
Yehoshua ben Levi, Rabbi 63
Yehuda, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef ben 21, 108
Yentl 51
Yisroel, (Ruziner) Rabbi 126
Yitzhak of Drohobycz 49
Yitzhak of Radzwil, Rabbi 51
Yitzhak, Rabbi Levi 3
Yoalam, Reb Michel 125
Yosef, Rabbi of Yampol 2, 21, 49, 51, 54, 101, 108
Yosel David (Bazilie Rabbi) 110
Yoshua, Reb 127
Yovel Buch, Gewedimet Dikdoishim Fun Soholow 18
Zalman, Rabbi Yankel <return> 5, 132
Zalman, the Fool 82
Zargen 117
Zauser, Rabbi Haim 22
Ze'ev of Zbariz, Rabbi 51
Zeigermeister, Rabbi Eli (Weisstraub) 3
Zelig, Rabbi Asher 35, 36, 37
Zerubavel 21, 55
Zinn Le Nefesh Chaya 24, 25
Zinwill, Reb 125
Zinwill, Udel 125
Zukov 2


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