A Memorial Anthology for a
Community Destroyed in the Holocaust


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Translation of
Skalat: Kovets Zikaron LeKehila ShHarva BaShoah

Edited by: Chaim Bronshtain

Published in Tel Aviv, 1971



Project Coordinator

Janet R. Perlmutter Schwartz

Translator: Neil H. Tannebaum

Editor: Henry Jorisch


This is a translation from: Skalat: Kovets Zikaron LeKehila ShHarva BaShoah,
SKALAT: A Memorial Anthology for a Community Destroyed in the Holocaust, ed. Chaim Bronshtain.
The Yaakov Krol School of Petach Tikvah, and The Organization of Skalat Jews in Israel 1971/5731
OT Press, 48 Wolfson Street, Tel Aviv

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A Memorial Anthology for a
Community Destroyed in the Holocaust


Prefaces by the Project Coordinator, Translator and Editor
Chaim Bronshtain Acknowledgements 3
  Contents & Illustrations 5
Editor CB A Memorial Candle 7
Abraham Shlonsky A Vow 9
Y. Frischman Preserving Memory 10
Dr. Baruch Ben Yehudah The Project to Memorialize the Communities 11
Chaim Bronshtain The History of the Town 12
Chaim Bronshtain Reflections with a Cry of Pain 14
Shlomo Ansky Skalat in the Days of the First World War 18
Hadassah Katz My Town, Skalat 21
Moshe Marder The Pioneers of Agricultural Settlement in Skalat 24
Eliezer Rosenstock The Great Synagogue of Skalat 27
Chaim Nachman Bialik If You Wish To Know 28
Monio Chaim Dickstein The Beitar Movement in Skalat 30
Tunka Pickholz The Husiatyn Hassidim in Skalat 31
Ben–Zion Benshalom The Russians ‘Liberate’ Skalat in 1939 33
Eliezer Degan How the Judenrat was Established in Skalat 44
Tunka Raiz (Pikholz) I was Saved with the Help of ‘Aryan Papers’ 47
Peretz Landesman In the Struggle for Life 64
From “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” Theresienstadt (a poem) 66
Hinda Kornweitz The Mother of Daughters 67
From Abraham Weissbrod's Death of a Shtetl Berel the Rabbi's Son, and the Brave Teacher from Skalat 68
  Belzec 70
  Belzec: The Testimony of Rudolph Rader 71
  In the Ranks of the Partisans 89
Baruch Amitz With the Kovpak Men to the Carpathian Mountains 90
  Fire Caught the Forest 93
Moshe Cahanowitz Echoes of the Holocaust of Skalat in Russian Literature 98
Chaim Vitshin Jewish Fighters in the Kovpak Brigade 101
Dr. Hillel Zeidman The End of Skalat 105
Arela Asheri We are Adopting a Community that was Destroyed 112
Chaim Guri From: That Conflagration 116
Ar'el Asheri In the Expanse of the Soviet Union 117
Mordechai Or In the Land of Cold and Frost 118
Ze'ev Reuveni From Skalat, through Cheliabinsk, to the Skies of Kibbutz Degania 122
  The Trial 136
  The Bill of Indictment Against Müller 137
  The Destruction of the Jews of Galicia 139
Y.B.P. The Trial, Half a Jubilee, Twenty Five Years Later 151
Tzipporah Birman Will and Testament 154
Fischel Goldstein The Last Jew Who Saw Skalat 156
Map of Skalat, with the Towns and Cities around it 8
Skalat 12
The Audience at the Ceremony of the Adoption of Skalat 14
Children of the Hebrew School in Skalat, 1937 17
Hadassah Katz in the Midst of the Pupils of the “Gordonia” Movement 22
The First Group of Hebrew Speakers in Skalat 23
Moshe Marder among the Graduating Level in the Gordonia Movement 25
In the Streets of Skalat (three photographs) 29
Husiatyn Hassidim in Skalat 32
Pioneer Youth Reports about a Member who is Making Aliyah to the Land 37
Daughters of the Akiva Movement in Skalat 40
The Grina Kloiz –the Green Chapel Study House – in Skalat 43
Here, hundreds of Jews were murdered 48
Tunka's Aryan identity document 56
(Tunka's) Work Card 58
Water–drawer in Skalat (drawn by Tzipporah Hermoni) 63
Roza Pikholz (with others) 68
In the Belzec Death Camp 85
The Command of Murderers at the Belzec Camp 88
The wall of the fighters in the Museum of Yad Mordechai 92
General Kovpak With His Officers 104
The school, named for Y. Krol, adopts the community of Skalat 110
Hadassah Katz brings up reminiscences in the Adoption Ceremony 111
The Choir of the Krol School at the Ceremony of the Perpetuation of the Community of Skalat 113
The Scroll of Perpetuation 114
Mr. Dov Aloni, Representative of Yad Vashem, greeting 115
At the Ceremony of Perpetuation 116
The Russian Engineer who Understood Our Aspirations 124
Under Auspices of the Red Cross in Prague, toward the Continuation of the Journey 130
Monument to the Martyrs of Skalat, in the Martyrs' Forest 136
The Title Page of the Verdict against Roebel and Müller 140
Author of the sketch in Skalat, in 1967, near a fence made of tombstones 156
Near his Pre–War Store Stands Fischel Goldstein and the new female salesperson 157
A Memorial Monument to the Martyrs of the City of Skalat and the Vicinity 159
The Memorial Monument to the Children of Skalat in The Forest of the Martyrs 160


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