Book of Skalat
(Skalat, Ukraine)

Published by the JewishGen Press

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Hard Cover, 8.5“ by 11”, 458 pages with original photographs.

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The Skalat Memorial Book is comprised of three separate items:

  1. Skalat A Memorial Anthology for a Community Destroyed in the Holocaust (Ukraine)
    Translation of: Skalat: Kovets Zikaron LeKehila ShHarva BaShoah
    Edited by: Chaim Bronshtain
    Published in Tel Aviv, 1971
    Project Coordinator: Janet R. Perlmutter Schwartz
    Translator: Neil H. Tannebaum
    Editor: Henry Jorisch
  2. Death of a Shtetl (Skalat, Ukraine)
    By: Abraham Weissbrod
    Translation of: Es shtarbt a shtetl; megiles Skalat
    Edited by: J. Kaplan
    Published (in Yiddish) by the Central Historical Commission of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the American Zone of Germany, Munich, 1948
    Project Coordinator: Kathryn M. Wallach
    Translations arranged by: Joseph Kofler, Lusia Milch
    English Text and Additional Testimonies of Witnesses
    Edited by Lusia Milch U.S.A., 1995
  3. Skalat Memorial Scroll in the Hall of Names at Yad Vashem (Ukraine)
    Prepared by the Organization of the Former Residents of Skalat and the Surroundings in Israel and the Diaspora May 1961 (7 Sivan 5721)


Alternate names: Skalat [Ukr, Yid, Rus], Skalat [Pol], Skalat Stary

Skalat, Ukraine is located at 49°26' N 25°59' E, 213 miles WSW of Kiev

Jewish Population in 1900: about 3000.


Nearby Jewish Communities:

Hrymayliv 7 miles SSE
Kamyanky 8 miles N
Pidvolochysk 10 miles NE
Volochysk 11 miles NE
Tarnoruda 11 miles E
Tovste 12 miles SSE
Stryyivka 14 miles NNW
Khorostkiv 14 miles SSW
Terebovlya 15 miles SW
Mikulintsy 17 miles W
Ozhyhivtsi 18 miles NE
Strusiv 18 miles WSW
Sataniv 18 miles SE
Horodnystya 18 miles SSE
Zbarazh 18 miles NNW
Dolyna 19 miles SW
Ternopil 20 miles WNW
Yabloniv 20 miles SSW

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