The Encyclopaedia of the Jewish Diaspora,
Poland Series: Lwow Volume
(Lviv, Ukraine)

49°50' / 24°00'

Translation of
Encycolpedia Shel Galuyot: Lwow

Edited by Dr. N.M. Gelber

Published in Tel Aviv: 1956

This is a translation from: Encycolpedia Shel Galuyot: Lwow; Encyclopaedia of the Jewish Diaspora,
A memorial library of countries and communities, Poland Series: Lwow Volume: Part I, Edited by Dr. N.M. Gelber,
Published by the Encyclopaedia of the Jewish Diaspora, Jerusalem - Tel Aviv: 1956

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Lviv

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


I. History of the Jews of Lwow Dr. N. M. Gelber  
1. The Jewish Settlement – its Beginnings   21
2. The Community   45
3. The Trial against the Jesuits   53
4. Misgivings over Jewish Trade and Craft   69
5. The Community Outside the Town   85
6. Distinguished families   91
7. The Massacres of 1648 and 1649   101
8. The Transition Period   119
9. The Situation in the 18th century   137
10. The Autonomous Jewish Institutions of Lwow   155
11. The Austrian Occupation   167
12. Education and Culture   185
13. The Reign of Kaiser Franz I   197
14. The Haskalah Movement   215
15. On the Eve of Revolution   225
16. 1848   247
17. The Period of Transition to Constitutional Rule   269
18. 1868 – 1918   303
19. Notes [Are included at the end of the above chapters]   343
II. The Religious Life  
Rabbis and Heads of Yeshivot Rav Reuven Margaliot 391
The Religious Life of the Jews of Lwow Tzvi [Cwi] Karl 421
Synagogues and “Kloyzen” Ze'ev [Zew] Zohar 451
Architecture and Art of the Synagogues Jacob Pinkerfeld 477
Chassidism and Lwow's Community M. S. Geshuri [Bruckner] 481
Lwow's Chazanim [Cantors] M. S. Geshuri 491
The Jewish neighbourhoods (Topography) Dr. N. M. Gelber 509
III. The Cultural Life  
Characters and Personalities Dr. Zeev Pinot-Finkelstein 525
The Hebrew Printing Presses at Lwow Chaim Dov Friedberg 539
The Historians of Lwow's Jews Dr. N. M. Gelber 553
The old Jewish cemetery   569
IV. The Destruction and the Holocaust    
Annihilation of the Jews of Lwow Dr. P. Friedman 593
Sources and Bibliography   731
Appendices   735
The first day in the death-camp Eng. W. Porat (Ochs) 749
The last days of the Jewish leaders Y. Shiloni 753
Extermination of the Lvov Jews - summary Dr. P. Friedman


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