Wysokie-Mazowieckie; Memorial Book

5255' / 2231'

Translation of Wysokie-Mazowieckie; sefer zikaron

Edited by: I. Rubin – Wysikie-Mazowieckie Society

Published in Tel Aviv 1975 (H, Y, E)

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Project Coordinator

Ada Holtzman z”l


Translated, edited, scanned and retyped by Ada Holtzman, November 2000, in honor of Michael Traison.

Our sincere appreciation to Mrs. Yaffa Rosenberg of the Wysockie Mazowiecki organization,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Wysokie-Mazowieckie; sefer zikaron. Wysokie-Mazowieckie; Memorial Book
ed. I. Rubin, Tel Aviv, Wysikie-Mazowieckie Society, 1975 (H, Y, E)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wysokie-Mazowieckie

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Table of Contents

Note: nearly every chapter is both in Hebrew and in Yiddish

Contents Pages
Forward Dov Caspi 8-10
The History of Wysokie Mazowiecki   11-19
Our Shtetl during the years 1905-1918 Dov Caspi 19-47
The Polish Boycott of the Jewish Commerce Natanel Zilberstein 48-50
Pogroms against the Jews in the year of 1920   51-53
The first immigrant to Eretz Israel from Wysokie   53-56
The foundation of The "Mizrachi" Movement in Wysokie   56-57
Between the two World Wars and elections in Wysokie Maz.   57-84
Photographs   68-71
A town which has everything Rabbi Simcha Ha-Kohen Kaplan 84-86
The Pogrom at Wysokie Mazowiecki in 1936   86-98
The Trial   98-110
Wysokie on the eve of the Holocaust Moshe 111-117
Photographs   118-125
Fragments of memories Jakob Niczwic-Nitzan 126-129
Two poems Sara Tuwia 129-130
Jablonka My Shtetl Arie Wajsbord 130-137
Famous rabbis and scholars of Wysokie Mazowiecki:
Rabbi Meir Halevi HOROWICZ
Rabbi Eliezer Simcha WOLER
Rabbi Eizik Jakob WOLER
Rabbi Aharon Jakob PERLMAN
Hayed Rabbi, teacher of righteousness, Israel Chaim Olsza
Rabbi Gerszon Broyda
Rabbi Jakob Slodki Hayed
Rabbi Eliezer Jehuda Boiman Hayed
The writer Menachem Mendel Litewka
Moshe Cinowicz 138-145
Chaim Bar Nachum z"l   145-146
Yeszayahu Caspi z"l   146-147
Arie Wiecha z"l 1906-1974   148-149
Three who fell in battle
Eliahu Grinstein
Yecheskel Fridman
Natan Krupinski
The Holy Community of Wysokie Mazowiecki Israel Inbari (Bursztejn) 153-161
Wysokie Mazowiecki under the Nazi's occupation Natan Kropinski 164-169
The destruction of the Jewish Community of Wysokie Mazowiecki Avraham-Berl Sokol 169-173
What I Experienced at the Zambrow Concentration Camp and other concentration camps Avraham-Berl Sokol 174-183
The camp in Zambrow Mazor   184-185
Testimony Zelda Ketzerwicz 186-189
The destruction of Wysokie Rajzel Weinberg,
Lea Zolotolow,
Yaffa Rosenberg
The ploughers ploughed over my back Leymke Fliszko 195-218
And I still hear the cry: Mother! Father! Pessach Segal 218-225
Like thunder on a clear day Abraham Hirszfeld 225-231
A miracle in Moscow Szymon Kahanowicz z"l 231-244
My shtetl Wysokie Mazowiecki Motel Ptaszewicz 245-247
Pictures   248-249

May God Revenge Their Blood.
Wysokie Mazowiecki   251-266
Jablonka   267-269
Early history   280-277
Between the two World Wars   277-275
The Holocaust   275-270

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