Jaroslaw Book: a Memorial to Our Town...
(Jarosław, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Yaroslav: gal-'ed le-zekher 'irenu…

Edited by: Yitzhak Alperowitz

Published in Tel Aviv 1978

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Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation from: Sefer Yaroslav: gal-'ed le-zekher 'irenu… (Jaroslaw book: a memorial to our town...),
Editors: Yitzhak Alperowitz, Jaroslaw Society in Israel, Tel Aviv 1978 (H, Y, E 399 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Jaroslaw

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(All articles are in Hebrew, except those marked with an asterisk *, which are in Yiddish)

Beginnings of the Jaroslav Jewish Community Rabbi Moshe Steinberg 19
The Jaroslav Hevra Kadisha Rabbi Moshe Steinberg 41
The Syond of Four Lands Rabbi Moshe Steinberg 43
History of the Jews in Jaroslav* Rabbi Moshe Steinberg 51
Jaroslav and Its History Mundek Hebenstreit 76
Jaroslav and Its History* Mundek Hebenstreit 81
Excerpt from a Polish newspaper in Jaroslav, 1946   89
Beginnings of the Zionist Movement in Jaroslav Moshe Kalchheim 93
Zionist Activity in Jaroslav in the 1920's Asher Graf 99
WIZO Mrs. H. Halberstam 103
The Mizrachi Movement in Jaroslav Moshe'l Kalchheim (Jerusalem) 105
The Mizrachi Organization in Jaroslav Between the Two World Wars* Shmuel Schleider 109
“Hashomer Hatzair ” Zionist Youth Movement Binyamin Gevishi (Yumek Feldmaus) 112
“Hechalutz Hatzair ” Leon Fast 124
The “Akiva ” Jewish Youth Association Moshe Kalchheim 128
The “Akiva ” Movement in Jaroslav Ben-Zion Krieger 134
The Zionist Youth Movement in Our Town Ephraim (Philip) Baumgarten 140
Betar Dov Narzisenfeld (U.S.A.) 143
Jewish Academician Youth in Jaroslav Maximilian Meister 146
“Yad Harutzim ” Moshe Kalchheim 153
Schools I Attended and the Teachers Dov (Berek) Fruchtman 157
The “Yavneh ” School Dov (Berek) Fruchtman 161
The “Tarbut ” Library Dov (Berek) Fruchtman 163
The Heders and the Teachers Moshe Kalchheim 165
The Heders and the Teachers* Moshe Kalchheim 168
“Supporters of the Military” Shmuel Schleider 173
The Synagogues Moshe Kalchheim 177
The Synagogues* Moshe Kalchheim 186
Grandfather's Synagogue Moshe Meisels 198
The “Agudas Yisroel ” Organizations* Baruch Kalchheim 200
Jews and Poles in Jaroslav and the Relations Between Them, 1918-1945 Mundek Hebenstreit 205
Jews and Poles in Jaroslav and the Relations Between Them, 1918-1945* Mundek Hebenstreit 215
The Town Where I Absorbed Zionism Adv. Moshe Aridor (Eisenmeir) 227
With Jaroslav Jewry Yeshayahu Rabinowitz 230
With Jaroslav Jewry* Yeshayahu Rabinowitz 237
Jaroslav As I Knew It* Dr. Yitzhak Schwarzbart 246
Zionist Jaroslav Dr. Yitzhak Schwarzbart 248
Purim in Town* Moshe Kalchheim 249
Jewish Sports in Jaroslav Mundek Hebenstreit 253
Recollection of My Town David Isman 261
The “Incident ” at the Opening of the Wiata Tragowa Town Market Pinhas Wintgreen 264
Music and Entertainment Erma Zilberman 265
Poem on the Murdered Jewish People* Yitzhak Katzenelson 270
Our Town is in Flames Mordechai Gebirtig 274
Expulsion from Jaroslav to the Siberian Forests Moshe Katz 275
In Memoriam Alexander Silberman 280
In the Struggle Against the Nazis Mundek Hebenstreit 281
Exit From the Ghetto Moshe Kalchheim 284
Rabbi Moshe Halevi Steinberg of Kiryat Yam Rabbi Moshe Halevi Steinberg, OBM 300
My Father, Dr. Yitzhak Rabinowitz Arye Rabinowitz 302
Author Isaac Shaltiel Garber   303
Steinbuch Moshe'l Kalchheim (Jerusalem) 303
R. Shimon Spiegel Moshe Kalchheim 304
Chelimer the Teacher Moshe Kalchheim 306
R. David Rapp, Jaroslav Shochet Uvodek Moshe'l Kalchheim 307
R. Sender Amster Moshe Kalchheim* 309
Dr. Moshe (Mauricy) Rager: Life and Public Service Ziva Korn (Rager) 313
Aharon Gerblich Yaacov Gerblich 314
Shayeh Lang Moshe Kalchheim 315
Berko Winter Moshe Kalchheim 316
Yanek Kustman in “Hechalutz “ Shoshana Kustman 317
Ziggy Dubshitz Moshe Kalchheim 319
Yaacov Moshe Gilead-Glatt Yoel Gilead (Glatt) 320
Imek Rushwald Haya Ziegel 322
Dulek Altshuler and His Resorts Ziva Korn (Rager) 323
Jaroslav Townspeople Society of Tel-Aviv and Enivrons   325
Jaroslav Townspeople Society, Haifa   329
Memorial Pages   333
Those We Remember   336
Yizkor   372


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