The Cieszanow Memorial Book
(Cieszanów, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehila kedosha Cieszanow

Editor: Dr. David Ravid (Shmukler),

Published in Tel Aviv 1970

English Translation Prepared and Published by

Jacob Solomon Berger

Mahwah, New Jersey, USA 2006




Our sincere appreciation to Jacob Solomon Berger who has kindly donated
his original book to JewishGen for online presentation

Our thanks to Sondra Ettlinger for extracting the pictures from the original book,
enabling their addition to the project.


This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron le-kehila kedosha Cieszanow
(The Cieszanow Memorial Book),
Editor: Dr. David Ravid (Shmukler), Former residents of Cieszanow in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1970 (H, Y 331 pages)


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Dedication to Morris Kleinberg, MD
Supporters Honor Roll
Translator's Foreword
Organization Section
“To Enter into the Inner Sanctum” Dr. David Ravid 1
A Foreword to the Publication of the Memorial Book Dr. David Ravid 3
And This Is How It Began… 4
To the Editor of the Cieszanow ‘Memorial Book!’ Dr. David Ravid 9
History Section By Dr. David Ravid
The Life of the Jews in Cieszanow Up to the First World War 13
The Sacred Congregation of Cieszanow 14
The Community of Cieszanow By Dr. David Ravid 19
     The Cieszanow of Three Centuries 20
     From Cieszanow in Modern Times 20
     The Trial of the Scourge Eichmann in Jerusalem 22
     The Miracle on the Collective Farm 24
Personalities & Pictures 27
     Rabbi Yekhezkiel Schraga Halberstam ז”ל 27
     Rabbi R' Aryeh Rubin ז”ל 28
     Rabbi Sholom Yekhezkiel Schraga 28
     Rivka Shmukler, Her Son Shimon, & Daughter Chana, ע”ה 29
     Reizl Koenigsberg, Two Daughters, & Brother Mordechai 30
R' Baruch Bessekhs & His Wife Tzivia Koenigsberg 30
R' Mordechai Glanzer, ע”ה & the Members of His Family 30
R' Asher Dieler ז”ל, his wife Dwora and their son 32
R' Abraham Shmukler and his family 32
Reizl Schmid ע”ה 32
R' Abraham Goetz, ע”ה 31
The lady, Rachel Lieberman from Lubliniec near Cieszanow 33
A Handiwork of Shmelka Lieberman, Tishri 5730, B'nai Brak, Israel 33
In the Takhkemoni School 34
HaTzofim’ in Cieszanow 33
R' Eliezer Taubenblatt and his wife 35
The Tzigler Family 35
The wife of R' Yehoshua – Miriam Yehudis ע”ה 35
R' Yitzhak Kaufman, שליט”א 35
R' Leibli Sternlicht, ז”ל 36
The Kaufman Family 36
R' Nahum Furman, ע”ה 36
Rachil Neshi Furman, ע”ה 36
An Israeli Hero – I 37
An Israeli Hero – II 37
The Rapaport Family – The Kohanim 37
R' Baruch Aryeh Kalechman ז”ל 38
The Goetz Sisters 38
R' Joseph Tanenbaum ז”ל 38
Two Righteous Women 38
R' Abraham Ber Starkman, his wife and grandchildren ע”ה 39
The Najman Family 39
R' Moshe Lempel and Family 39
R' Yerucham Fishl Zeuerman 39
R' Simcha Schweber ז”ל 40
R' Mordechai Schrieber & his wife, ז”ל 40
The Schneider Family 41
A Repentant 41
From the People of Our City 42
Cieszanow Children 42
In the Hebrew School 42
From the Intellectual Youth of Cieszanow 42
R' Mordechai Schreiber,'יח, and his wife, Eidel ז”ל 42
The Rabfogel Family 43
R' Joseph Eichler, Chana Eichler 43
The Rabfogel Daughters 43
David Ravid and his wife 43
A Memorial Candle for Our Mothers 44
My Little Town, Cieszanow By Dr. David Ravid 45
The Evil Spirit, ‘HiSta-Khrumika’ Dominates the World 45
The Rebbe Speaks the Law 44
On This Day, I Recall My Transgressions 70
In the City of Killing By Chaim Nachman Bialik 119
Good Advice from a Friend…. By Dr. David Ravid 121
The First Explosion! By Dr. David Ravid 122
A Poem of Mourning to the Memory of
Our Brothers and Sisters who were Killed by the Germans!
By Dr. David Ravid 123
A Hymnal of Praise
for the Members of the Committee of the Organization
By Dr. David Ravid 124
A Birthday Celebration for Cieszanow Children in Danzig 125
The Jewish Youth Organization of Lubliniec, near Cieszanow, directed by Mr. Simcha Segal 125
R' David Michael Zurman ז”ל, a scion of Cieszanow – with his wife 125
From Lieutenant Colonel Rabbi Moshe Avital, Tel-Aviv 129
Polish Jewry By Rabbi Mordechai Fogelman 131
Cieszanow By Dr. Lev Fishelzohn 132
The Holocaust By Michal Ravid, Age 10 133
A Poem from the Pinkas of the Shtetl By Melekh Ravitch 134
R' Menachem Mendl Yaroslavitz, ז”ל, 135
The High Holy Days of the Past By Shmuel Lieberman 136
Memories of the Outbreak of the War in 1939   136
My Shtetl Cieszanow By Shmuel Lieberman 137
A Memorial to R' Aharon Paluh ז”ל By Shmuel Lieberman 138
To Everlasting Memory By Shmuel Lieberman 138
A Few Words Dedicated to the Holocaust By R' Shmuel Zeinvil Tepper, Past Chairman of the Zionist Histadrut in Cieszanow 139
The Accounting of Our Work to Publish the Yizkor Book By Shmuel Z. Tepper 140
Now to the Issue! 141
The Extinguished Star By Shmuel Zeinvil Tepper 142
Yizkor! The Grandchildren 144
Yizkor! By Shmuel Zeinvil Tepper 144
Yizkor! 145
Mrs. Dwora Lempel ע”ה 145
R' Zelig Wartzel and his wife Nechi ע”ה 146
R' Menachem Wartzel and his wife ע”ה 146
R' Baruch Aryeh Kalechman, הי”ד By Shlomo Zinger 146
Memories By Moshe Mikhl Tepper, נ”י 146
From the Older Generation – To the Younger Generation By Dr. David Ravid 147
Chaya Angerst-Berger 148
R' Schraga Feivel Lehrer 149
Chapters of Memories By Schraga-Feivel Lehrer 151
Epilogue 164
In the Cieszanow Ghetto By Tuvia Friedman 167
Cieszanow, A Bastion of the Belz Hasidim By Ben Zion Friedman 170
The ‘Bayt Yaakov’ School in Cieszanow By Ben Zion Friedman 172
The Simple Cieszanow Jews 172
R' Leib Ber Geller By Mina Yaroslavitz-Tanenbaum 175
Memories of Parents and Family By Yaffa Weinstein-Berger 176
General Section
A Memorial for All Time ! 180
R' Aryeh Leibusz Koenig ז”ל 181
Memories from the Last War By Schraga Feivel Lehrer 182
Yisgadal VeYiskadash Shmay Raboh… By Schraga Feivel Lehrer 183
Our Cieszanow Community Is Adopted in Haifa By Schraga Feivel Lehrer 184
A Memorial Prayer By Shlomo Zalman Baumel and his son, Jonah 186
Children on the ‘Aryan’ Side Together With Their Families By Ala Mahler 187
     1. A General Overview of Life on the Aryan Side
     2. A Life of Wandering
     3. Life in the More Permanent Refuges
Cieszanow – My Second Home By Mordechai Kaufman 195
     Eastern Galician Jewry – A Pillar of the Jewish People 195
     Memories of Zionist Activities in Cieszanow 197
     Memories-Episodes 199
     Education and Study in Cieszanow 199
     I Am Arrested by the Cieszanow Police 200
     A Regional Get-Together of ‘Hitakhdut’ in Cieszanow 201
     A Petit-Journal, ‘Der Baginen’ in Cieszanow 202
How Many Traitors Does The Jewish Land Require? By Mordechai Kaufman 204
Words to Remember… By Frieda Starkman-Kaufman 206
Scions of Cieszanow Are Tied to the State of Israel By Mordechai Kaufman 207
Our Revered Women By Dr. David Ravid 209
May A Righteous Man Be Remembered for All Times! By Dr. David Ravid 211
My Grandfather מוהר”ר Yitzhak HaKohen Glanzer, ז”ל By Zvi Elimelekh Glanzer 212
Names of the Holy and Pure Souls Most of Whom Were Killed in Sanctification of The Name 213
The Murdered Families Who Gave Their Lives in Sanctification of the Name 221


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