Book of Biala Podlaska
(Biała Podlaska, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Biala Podlaska

Edited by: M. J. Feigenbaum

Published in Tel Aviv, 1961




Project Coordinator

Max Wald


This is a translation from: Sefer Biala Podlaska, Book of Biala Podlaska,
ed. M. J. Feigenbaum, Tel Aviv: Kupat Gmilut Hesed of the Community of Biala Podlaska, 1961 (Pages 501 H,Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Biala Podlaska (1961)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Title Author Page
Foreword [H] The editors 3
Foreword The editors 5
The Jews in Biala: Tracing their History to the Middle of Nineteenth Century [H] Dr. M. Handel 9
The Jewish Biala during the last generations [H] M. Y. Feigenbaum 30
Destruction and annihilation [H] M. Y. Feigenbaum 47
The Zionist Organization [H] M. Bruhel 77
The book M. Y. Feigenbaum 87
Biala M.Y. Feignbaum 89
Jews in Biale Dr M. Hendl 95
Jewish Biale in Recent Generations M.Y. Feigenbaum 125
The Economic Life
   a. Commerce until WWI;
   b. Forerunners of the banks
M. R. 149
Jewish livelihoods M. Y. Feigenbaum 151
Handicrafts Gedalyahu Braverman 157
   a. Industry;
   b. Printing
M. Y. Feigenbaum 159
The Biala [Hasidic] “court” Alter Weiberg 162
The Labor movement Israel Hochman 168
The handicraftsmen's Union B. Vinograd 170
The small-businessmen's Union Shmuel Kahan 171
The Credit Co-operative
   a. Until WWI
A. Weiss 172
   b. In liberated Poland M. Y. Feigenbaum 174
Workers consumer co-operative “Einikeit” [lit. Unity] W. Schuster 177
The mechanical bakery co-operative M. Y. F - M 177
The interest-free loan fund of the small-businessmen's Union   178
The Zionist Organization M. Bruchl 179
Hashomer Hatza'ir   192
The Revisionist Organization Jacob Bernstein 198
The Mizrachi M. Bravermann, A. Brandweinman, Y. Beitl 199
Poalei Zion Left Avraham Lavi 202
The National Funds   204
The “Bund”
   a. From the start to 1918
Gedaliahu Braverman 206
   b. Between the two World Wars W. Schuster 215
The rise of Agudat Israel Moshe Braverman 219
The communist movement Gotel Biederman 220
An anarchist group in Biala Gedalyahu Braverman 222
The Cultural Life
General overview M. Y. Feigenbaum 224
The “Yavneh” School M. Ravon 230
Nachman Schiwak's Private Elementary School   233
Evening courses for the study of the Polish language Gedalyahu Braverman 234
A cultural experiment M. Ravon 234
The Tarbut Library M. Y. Feigenbaum 235
The Bundist library Gedalyahu Braverman 236
The library of the left-wing Poalei Zion A. Lavie 237
Maccabi Nachman Weinberg 238
The Press Chaim Rosmarin 241
Drama groups Gedalyahu Braverman 243
The Drama Group of Bet Ha'am M. Y. Feigenbaum 245
Purim-Spiel [Purim-play] by the end of the 19th century Gedalyahu Braverman 247
The Religious Life
General overview M. Y. Feigenbaum 248
The Talmud Torah   253
Houses of prayer
The synagogue, the Bet-Hamidrash, the Zapasner Bet-Hamidrash, the Wolyer Bet-Hamidrash
M. Y. Feigenbaum 254
Hasidim and Mitnagdim Shtiblech [Synagogues, Lit. little rooms] Feivel Gold 258
Cantors Feivel Gold 261
The Rabiner's [Rabbi] “court” Asher Hoffer 264
Rabbis and Hasidic Rebbes in Biala Meir Edelbaum 266
The Rav Shmuel Arie Leib Zak z”l, the rabbi of Biala Rav S. T. Rubinstein 274
The Rav R'Zvi Hirschhorn   279
Rabbi Berish Landoy (Landau)   280
Rabbi Aharon Landoy (Landau)   282
The ADMOR rabbi Yitzhak Yakov Rabinowitz   283
The Chevra Kadisha [burial society]   284
The cemeteries   284
The Hasidic Biala in Literature
Between Two Mountains Y. L. Peretz 286
The Wurker “silent man” Y. Opatoshu 292
Poland Y. Y. Trunk 294
The Biala [hassidic rabbi's] “court” A. Litwin 299
Social Institutions
The Hospital M. Y. F – M 301
The Health-Service for the welfare of the population   304
Achi'ezer Moshe Braverman 305
The Home for Children   308
“TOZ” Baruch Vinograd 310
The Home for the Aged M. Y. F – M 313
The Women's help-committee   314
Other benevolent institutions in town M. Y. F – M 315
Personalities, Figures and Types
Political workers   317
Apolinari Maximilian Hartglass Yitzhak Grinboim  
Apolinari Hartglass, Moshe Rubinstein, Yehoshua Fischer M. Y. Feigenbaum  
Yakov Aharon Rosenbaum Moshe Stolyar  
Baruch Weinberg    
Yeshayahu Weinberg    
Elye Shimsheles (Eliyahu Yustman), David Kroses (Goldfarb) Gedalyahu Braverman  
Elie Bobkes (Eliyahu Hoffman), Tanchum Freund P. Gold  
Hirsch Lichter (Luzer the carpenter)    
R'David Fizjitz Eliyahu Mazor  
Religious Personalities and Figures   334
R'Dudel Karliner Dr. Shmuel Elyashiv  
The Biala lineage, The Choze, R'Noach, R'Moshe Cohen, R'Moshe Moses (the big one), R'Moshe Shachor (the little one), R' Shimele Kreidstein Feivel Gold  
R'Welvel Moses    
The Rav R'Shmuel Tanchum Halevi Rubinstein    
The Rav R'Shmuel Yakov Rubinstein Rav S. T. Rubinstein  
Portraits   342
Yakov Steinman, Menachem Mendel Gelenberg, Moshe Kave, Idel Schwarz, Alter Zukerman, Hershel Zak, Chaim Musavitch (the “Kabriner”), Binyamin Kanolstein, Yakov Virnik, Hershel Nuchovitch, Dr. David Cohen, Dr. Bitche Finkelstein, Dr. Nathan Tzigelnik, Shimon Goldshmit M. Y. Feigenbaum  
Social Workers, Writers and Personalities  
Ya'akov Kahan Yosef Zide 358
Aharon Beckerman Y. Papiernikov 359
Yossel Birshtein, Yitzhak Perlov Melech Ravitch 359
Ya'akov Cohen   361
Ya'akov Falatitzky   362
Yosef Zide Yakov Kahan 363
Advocate Avraham Yitzchak Gottlieb Zalman Gottlieb 364
Fyvel Friedman F. Gold 364
Bernard Lieberman Arthur Lederman 365
Dr. Yehuda Leib Davidson Yosef Babitsh Prozshani 365
Fritz Kornberg Moshe Ravon 366
Women Personalities   369
Tile Berlin Yitzhak Schein  
Rivka Akivaches, Pesl “the deaf”, Esther “the lizard” B. Weinberg  
Dina Arbitman    
Chava'le Rodzinek M. Y. Feigenbaum  
Types   375
Moshe Tuvia the carpenter B. Vineberg  
Shmerele Becker (Hochman) Gedalyahu Braverman  
Leibe Mednik (Reb Yehuda Leib Bornshtein) Ya'akov ben Yechezkel  
Abik Ogrodnik (Abush Rozenblum), Mordche'le Weintraub Berel Fakman  
Boruch Sholem the Teacher (Krideshtein), Motl Domatshever, Shualke Cohen, Yossel Vetshik (Gotfried), Pesach Skos, Moshe Bass, Alter Nemirover, Yitzchak Urtsheles, Meir Tallitmacher [lit. prayer shawls maker], Idl Tzinnes (Kanalshtein), Chaim Chaveles, Moshe Bukkes (Puterman), Yos Drozshkarzsh (Gerrman) F. Gold  
F o l k l o r e
Words, Aphorisms, and Jokes by Biale's Sharp Minds and Fun Lovers; Surnames according to towns of origin, Grandmothers and Grandfathers and occupations; Mocking Surnames and Nicknames; Customs and Charms; Clothes and Fashions of 80 years ago M. Y.Feigenboim 384
Tales and Legends
“Stoyontse” The “Upright” Burial   388
Without Success   388
The Dead Man M.Y. Feigenboim 389
The Muddy Neighbourhood F. Gold 390
Stories M.Y. Feigenboim 390
In the town they used to narrate the following legends F. Gold & G. Braverman 392
The “Hero” from Biale A. Litvin 392
A Blood Libel M.Y. Feigenboim 394
Destruction and obliteration M.Y. Feigenboim 399
Survivors tell their stories
The beginning of the end Berish Ossenholz 445
   a. In the Miedzyrzec ghetto;
   b. In a bunker in the center of Miedzyrzec
R. Bachrach 446
Homeless A Bialer resident 460
A bundle of memories Leon Pakman 461
In the liberated Biala   464
Bialer in the World
In Israel M.Y. Feigenboim 470
In North America    
   A. New York   472
   B. Los Angeles David Gordon 477
In Argentina Yakov Aranovitch 478
In France   481
In Canada Noakh Bresker 481
In Australia Hershel Orlanski 483
Our Compatriot, Yakov Wirnik a Witness at the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem   484
Index of names and places   485


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