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Annual Report 1999


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The explosive growth reported to you in 1998 continued into 1999  with no sign of lessening. It forced our focus towards a change in organizational infrastructure. An Executive Committee  was appointed and then expanded with the election of two new Vice Presidents, one for Research and one for Programming and Development. Additional departments were created; project managers appointed, all necessitated by our expanding user base and our effort to meet the demands being placed upon us.

1999 was also a year of extraordinary achievements in many areas. We added to our databases and programs; we  added to our mailing lists and Special Interest Groups thus gaining a sizeable  number of new users and  financial supporters.

One of our most exciting launches was ShtetlSchleppers, a project which provides professional services to those wishing to visit their ancestral origins. 44 participants shared in "an experience of a lifetime" as they traveled to far-away places such as Belarus, Lithuania, Lviv, Kiyev, Hungary, and Poland.

A program milestone was  reached when the Translation Project uploaded its 100th Yizkor book; the 1891 Galician Business Directory database listed 12,000 names from 1000 towns; we added the InfoSeek Search Engine which can find any word on any page on our web site; 15,000 names  went on line from a portion of the 1929 inter-war Polish Business Directory as the forerunner to the planned  1929 Poland Business Directory Database. The foregoing list highlights only  a few of the 26 items listed for 1999 and is well worthy of your perusal.

Be sure to make frequent visits to JewishGen's What's New section for it will keep you well apprised of the latest additions to our rapidly expanding program wealth.

Great satisfaction and excitement surrounded the signing on October 24 of the tripartite, an agreement  between the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, Beit Hatefutsoth and JewishGen, finalizing the collective effort in a sharing and creation of the Family Tree of the Jewish People.

This historic event was followed by recognition as the Best Site Pick of the Month of December on the part of AOL, the world’s largest internet service provider. Their award said in part we were chosen for our "comprehensive nature in providing a resource for people searching their Jewish heritage".

We sought the advice of professionals regarding how to better solve the  requests for expanded services being placed upon our already strained human and financial capabilities. Their end of the year suggestions resulted in the exploration of new approaches as we entered 2000. 

In summary, 1999 continued with explosive growth in all areas of endeavor and challenged us to find new solutions to the problems created by our multiple successes. This is a  challenge we are meeting with vision, verve, and vigor as we consider the new ideas presented as a possible solution to the challenges of success.

1997 1998 1999
JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder)
Submitters 7,400 15,000 29,000
Entries 61,400 105,000 165,213
Searches 365,677 1,072,447 2,215,104
JHGR - JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry
Entries 464 1,403 1,951
Searches N/A 45,300 85,600
FTJP - Family Tree of the Jewish People
Submitters N/A 235 876
Names N/A 410,000 1,091,022
Email Contacts N/A 1,156 7,739
Searches N/A N/A 184,245
Participants N/A N/A 44
Localities 68 184 467
Online 68 184 298
Yizkor Book Project
Database Titles 855 946 1,011
Submitters 476 640 686
Contacts 977 1,293 1,372
Library Call Numbers 1,136 2,580 4,768
Translations 9 60 164
Website Activity
Hits per month 512,000 1,570,000 2,410,315
Page views N/A 418,777 646,378
User Sessions 26,223 111,424 174,296
Average Length 10:49 18.42 17:51
User Sessions per day 819 3,594 5,622
Number of HTML pages 1,500 3,500 6,500
Website Engines and Database Activity
Hits per month N/A N/A N/A
s 4,800 11,500 14,125
Financial 735 845 943
JewishGen Discussion Group
Subscribers 2,550 3,000 3,541
Number of posts 14,300 15,000 15,670
Number of messages sent 36,465,000 45,000,000 68,255,000
Newsgroup readers 2,000 3,000 3,500
Databases 20 35 54
Special Interest Group Mailing Lists
Lists 7 17 32
Subscribers 1,250 2,150 12,429
Number of posts 1,818 9,778 45,334
InfoFiles 100 140 200