JewishGen Annual Report 1997

preserving our history for future generations


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Courtesy of
Hank Propp
Shkudvil, Lithuania

JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder)
over 7400 submitters
over 61,400 entries
over 365,677 searches

Holocaust Global Registry
over 464 entries

Searchable Databases
26 searchable and interactive databases

Mailing List
over 2550 daily subscribers
over 38,000,000 delivered mail items
over 15000 posts a year
over 4 years of archives
over 56,800 posts (from Sept. 1993)

over 2000 daily readers

JewishGen Infofiles
over 140 files
over 1150 email requests

Special Interest Groups
17  Mailing Lists
over 2150 subscribers

over 68 shtetl web pages

Family Database
over 545 family page links

Publications Database
over 277 publications listed

Links Database
over 479 links to other related sites

Meetings Database
over 49 meeting announcments

Over 759 titles
over 600 submitters
over 9 translations on the web

over 845 active financial contributors

over 11,850 voluntary guest signins

Website Activity:   Oct, - Dec. 1997
2,495,354 total hits
198677 total user sessions
Average hits per day: 27,123
Average user sessions per day: 2158
Over 50 countries represented
3 servers and over 12 gig of data

over 125 system wide

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Copyright 1997,
Miriam Rosenblum, Dr. Sheldon Benjamin

Vorotin, Belarus

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Copyright 1996,
Andrew Cassel
Keidan, Lithuania
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Financial Reports
Copyright 1997,
Susannah R. Juni
Dolina, Ukraine
hotographs are courtesy of
JewishGen ShtetLinks