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Westcountry (England) Jewish Wills

Compiled by Rabbi Dr. Bernard Susser

Sponsored by IJGR courtesy of Anthony and Mrs. Judith Josephs

Click here to see some of Rabbi Susser's transcripts.

Aaron, R.H.

Abrahams, Mordecai

Ahia, Philip, of Exeter, A./1784

Alexander, Nathan of Plymouth 1801

Benjamin, Rachael, of Plymouth, 1820 (DRO B/652)

Cohen, Emanuel, of Redruth

Cohen, Hymen, of Exeter, 1847 (DRO C/793)

Cohen, Meyer Jacob, of Plymouth, 1832 (DRO C/7940)

Daniell, Abraham

Davis, Rachel, of Exeter 1836

Embden, Michael, of Bristol

Emdin, Gumpart Michael

Emdon, Eleazar, of Plymouth, 1844 (DRO E/351)

Ezekiel, Amelia, of Exeter, 1839 Vaughan 355

Ezekiel, E.A. of Exeter

Ezekiel, Henry of Exeter

Hart, Judith (qv Samuel Hart)

Hart, Lazarus, of Penzance

Hart, Lemon, 1847

Hart, Samuel (qv Judith Hart)

Hart, Solomon Alexander R.A.

Hyman, Henry, of New York

Hyman, Samuel, of Plymouth

Isaac, Benjamin

Isaac, Solomon

Jacob, Betsy, of Totnes, 1836 (DRO J/35)

Jacob, Moses

Jacob, Moses

Jacobs I, Jacob

Jacobs II, Jacob

Jacobs, Jacob, of Exeter 1836 A.

Jacobs, Miriam, of Plymouth, 1851 (DRO J/38)

Jacobs, Nathan, of Dartmouth

Johnson II, Moses, of Exeter, A/1832 under L2,000 to wife Eliza

Joseph I, Abraham

Joseph, Nathan

Lara, Aaron

Lawrence, Lazarus

Levy, Barnett, of Falmouth, 1791/2

Levy, Benjamin, of Plymouth, 1819 (DRO/491)

Levy, Emanuel, of Exeter, 1818, (DRO/492)

Levy, Gershon, of Exeter & Guernsey, 1810

Lyon, Catherine, of Dartmouth, 1827 (23.6.92 - not yet checked at DRO/879)


Mordecai, Moses, of Exeter

Morris, Cordelia, of Plymouth

Morris, Elizabeth, of Plymouth, 1824 (23.6.92 - not yet checked at DRO/897)

Morris, George, of Plymouth, 1844 (23.6.92 - not yet checked at DRO/898)

Moses, Alexander, of Falmouth, 1791

Moss, Barrow

Nathan Lyonell

Nathan, Jacob

Polack, Isaac

Ralph, Henry, of Tavistock, 1830 (23.6.92 - not yet checked at DRO/54)

Samuels, Esther, of Plymouth, 1847 (DRO/S88a)

Solomon, Jacob, of Falmouth, 1801

Solomon, Lazarus, of Plymouth, 1836

Solomon, Mordecai of Exeter

Stadthagen, Myer, of Plymouth

Wolf I, Hyman of Truro, 1821

Ximenes, Daniel, of Sidmouth 1829 (DRO/X1)

Westcountry Jewish Wills (Transcripts from Rabbi Susser's MSS)


Jonas Levy, lease 7 Sept 1842 D5/114/4

at DRO Jews

1. MFC 78/1-26 Records, ledgers, a/c books 1827-1922

2. Letter from B. Ezekiel to feoffees of Blundells School, his son excluded for not saying Christian catechism and prayers 1833 1/48 Madd/36/463

3. Photocopies of records relating to EHC in Mocatta Library 19th c. 3862Z/Z1-2

4. Synagogue - conveyance 1794 - 1797 53/6 box 58

5. Synagogue - conveyance 1810 - 1866 48/12/7/16-21



I37 Isaac, Jacob Moretonhampstead 1819

J35 Jacob, Betsy Totnes 1836

J38 Jacobs, Miriam Plymouth 1851

NJ Jacobs, William Plymouth 1855

J37 Jacobs, Jane Exeter 1830

L491 Levy, Benjamin East STonehouse 1819

492 Levy, Emanuel Exeter 1818

M897-908 Morris check

P719-792 Phillips check

S88a Samuels, Esther Plymouth 1847

1 Ximenes, Daniel Sidmouth 1824


Estate Duty Office 1812-57

NJ18 Abraham, Catherine 1818 P[lymouth] D[ock]

652 Benjamin, Rachael P[lymouth] 1820

NJ919 Bishop, Samuel P 1848

793 Cohen, Hyman E ST Kerrian 1847

794 Cohen, Meyer Jacob P 1832

351 Emdon, Eleazer Devonport [18]44

353NJ Harris, Sarah Devonport St Dan[] [18]50

388NJ Hart, Sarah E[xeter] [18]30

387NJ Hart, Samuel Holsworthy [18]45

389NJ Hart, Sarah Exeter [18]47

35 Jacob, Betsy Totnes [18]36

38 Jacobs, Miriam P[lymouth] [18]51

NJ39 Jacobs William P[lymouth] [18]55]

491 Levy, Benjamin East Stonehouse [18]19

492 Levy, Emanuel Ex[eter] 1818

NJ879 Lyon, Catherine Dartmouth [18]27

NJ879 Morris, Elizabeth Devonport [18]24

NJ898 Morris, George Devonport [18]44

NJ54 Ralph, Henry Tavistock [18]30

88a Samuels, Esther P[lymouth] [18]47

1 Ximenes, Daniel Sidmouth [18]29


351 Emdon, Eleazer Devonport [18]44

Copy of Translation of Will E. E. salesman of Devonport, Devon

Executor Abraham Emdon salesman of Devonport

Executor Kitty Emdon of Devnport, widow

Effects under £600

EE died 6 Feb 1844

Signed Abraham Emdon

The mark of Kitty Emdon


Devonport July 10 5597 AM

I Eleazer son of Abraham Emdon pray unto my son Abraham

My son Abraham and my wife Kitty to be executors Abraham shall take possession of my property and must give unto his mother a good maintenance as long as he lives but not in his house and also not in my son Wolf's house if he gets married but if your mother pleases to live with my daughter Agnes then you must give her a good maintenance as long as she lives.

ALSO to my son Wolfe and daughter AGnes after the seven days of mourning £25 sterling to each. You must yourself sell the pledge that my son-in-law Jacob that has been lodged by me a long time and the produce you must give to him Also to the congregation £5 for a light to be burnt continually throughout the year in the synagogue. My shrouds to be linen. You must not allow Mr Statagen neither Mr Wolfe to bemoan me at the funeral and you will give unto my brother Solomon all my clothes. I pray you to give an eye of care to my grandchildren, I hope you will be diligent in saying the prayer for the departed that your days may be prolongued Amen. There shall not be more nor less on my tombstone than as follows: Eleazer the son of Abraham Emdon died - and buried - May my soul rest in peace.

The above is a true copy of the translation of the original will (which is written in the Hebrew language)...


J35 Betsy Jacob, Totnes 1836

widow, executor Lewis Jacob. Totnes, silversmith

Effects under £600 died - August 1836

To Sarah Bright wife of Philip Bright, Doncaster silversmith £50 to be paid within 1 month of my death

To daughter Caroline my diamond ring containing 11 diamond stones

To daughter Rose Abrahams wife of David Abrahams six silver tablespoons marked with the initials of her children's names, plus silver pepper caster marked with her name

To son David (agreeable to his own wish) my silver chased cup marked with his name

residue to son Lewis and daughters Hannah J. and Caroline J. equally, share and share alike

Lewis Hannah and Caroline to be executors

28 December 1826

The mark of X Betsy Jacob

Witnesses George Wills Surgeon Totnes, Charles Michelmore Attorney Totnes


38 Jacobs, Miriam, widow of Plymouth

Proved by two of executors Barnet Lyon Joseph of Liverpool, jeweller and Alexander Jacobs of Torquay, jeweller on 15 July 1851

Miriam Jacobs late of 23, George Street Plymouth who died on or about 19 July 1850

Effects under £1,500

Will made 12 February 1846

Everything to son-in-law Barnet Lyon Joseph Jeweller Bold St Liverpool, Emanuel Lyons of Fourth Street, Finsbury, London, merchant, Robert Harris of Dartmouth, manager of National Provincial Bank at Dartmouth, on trust for Harriett wife of my son Alexander Jacobs for her separate use. After her death to Alexander Jacobs and then to their children and if no children then half yearly interest to each of my daughters, betsy wife of barnet Lyon Joseph and Zipporah wife of Hyman Hyman of 23, George Street, Plymouth and then in trust for my grandson Michael Emanuel child of my late daughter Martha wife of Isaac Emanuel of Southampton, silversmith.

Signed Miriam Jacos

Witnesses Peter Ellison Rowe musicseller 19, George St; Samuel Derry surgeon Mulgrave Place

Codicil 31 May 1847 adds Alexander Jacobs as trustee and executor


794 Myer Jacob Cohen dealer in hardware Plymouth 1832

Executor Charles Marks, Plymouth, china and glass dealer

Proved in Totnes 22 August 1832

Effects sworn under £100

Myer Jacob Cohen died 16 August 1832

Executor to send one guinea to distribute to poor of Jerusalem. All residue to my friend Charles Marks of Plymouth in trust for my dear mother Rebecca Cohen now residing in Poland for her separate use apart from her husband and so that he shall not intermeddle therewith.

15 August 1832

The Hebrew characters of


Meyer Jacob Cohen


652 Benjamin, Rachel

Plymouth 1820 widow, granted to Solomon Emdon, hatter and Abraham Levy, dealer in clothes.


sworn at £100.

She died 11 March 1817

Will, 10 March 1817

My property to be sold and my funerell rights to be paid for from the moneys; my shroud to be made of wollen if it can be got, if not of linen. One pound to Moses Solomon to say prayers as usual in the shool for twelve months, one pound to Mr Isacher to learn one month, a light to be burnt for one month. A headstone for her late husband and for herself, Mr Isacher to see the stone engraver, both to be slate stone. One soot of ?mourning for her servant Sally Ten pounds for the synagogue and any over plush [?]. Money remaining to be given to Samson Levy child Julia Levy to remain with parent till she is 18 years of age or married. If it should please God for him to take the said Juley Levy to be given to the next child to remain in a bank with the interest as above to be put in Julia Levy name and the paper of the money left to the said Julia Levy to remain in the hands of Abraham Levy for the above time. And Mr Solomon Emden wen he thinks proper. The above required to be executed by Solomon Emden and Abraham Levy wearunto I set my name this day

10 March 1817

Rachell Benjamin


her mark



S Emden

Abm Levy

Sally Ann Alford

Since writin this Mrs Rachell Benjamin bequeathed to ?Jusy Mose one pound and his daughter Ester one pound if there is sufficient.


793 Hymen Cohen, Exeter St Kerrian 1847

Executor Aaron Cohen

Proved 20 April 1847

Effects sworn under £450

Aaron Cohen 151 Great Dover Road, Parish St Mary Newington, Surrey, merchant

Hymen Cohen died 14 April 1847

Hymen Cohen in parish of St Kerrian, Exeter. jeweler... mindful of my mortality... on 23 February 1846... to my dear wife Phoebe Cohen all rady money, all money in public funds whatever, all my plate household goods furniture for her lifetime. After her death to Ezekiel and Priscilla Woolf, son and daughter of Isaac and Leah Wolf (Phoebe's nephew and niece) ten pounds each out of residue when they are 21. If Phoebe die before they are 21 then I appoint Isaac Wolf their trustee. If either dies other one gets his/her share. Also after death of Phoebe I give to Kitty Hynes, her niece, £100. Also to William Wolf Phoebe's nephew £20 and my books. If not enough in residue then pro ratum. Also to warden of synagogue in Exeter where I usually assemble for the purpose of religious worship £5 for the use of the synagogue to be paid 12 calendar months after my decease. Residue to Phoebe Cohen in her lifetime, and afterwards to my right heirs.

Seal [Hebrew] Hayyim Cohen

Witnesses Philip Syms, accountant, Exeter

James Pim, Exeter

Codicil: instead of residue to right heirs, to Aaron Cohen, 151 Great Dover Road, London

Seal [hebrew] Hayyim Cohen


Henry Ezekiel, Exeter, 1835

Full transcript of will


Rev. Myer Stadthagen 1862

Photocopy of will


E. A. Ezekiel 1806

Summary of will (Exeter Synagogue Archive)


Benjamin Levy, Plymouth, 1815

Photocopy of will DRO


Barnet Levy Falmouth 1792

Summary administration:

Consistory Court Exeter

Admon of Barnet Levy of Falmouth

Whereas Barnet Levy late of Falmouth co. Cornwall, shopkeeper decd died intestate and admon of his goods was committed to Levy Levy his son and whereas said Levy Levy did for some time intermeddle in the effects of his father and he is since dead intestate leaving some part therof unadmd the Vicar General now empowers certain clerks to take oaths of Betsy Levy, Hannah Levy and Judith Levy, spinsters, the three daughters and next of kin of sd Barnet Levy decd 27 July 1792

They were sworn 14 Aug 1792

Bond of Betsy, Hannah and Judith Levy of Falmouth spinsters Samuel Russell of same taylor and Francis Symons of same mercer in £100 14 August 1792


1 Daniel Ximenes of Sidmouth

Principal legatee Catherine Ximenes



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