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The Will of Ezekiel Abraham Ezekiel

The Exeter Probate Registry was destroyed during the Blitz on Exeter in 1942
The following transcript was fortunately made before the original was destroyed



From Archdeaconry Court of Exeter

Administration granted January 1807 - Value under £600.



Henry Ezekiel of the island of Guernsey. Goldsmith

Benjamin Jonas of Plymouth Dock in the County of

Devon. watchmaker

(Local Officials) John Force of Exeter Henry Stoyle


Summary - (The text is in the writing of E.A.E. ) To be buried ln burying ground in Maudlin (1) Street as near my mother's grave (2) as possible.

I bequeath to Mr.Moses Levy Teacher of the Synagogue at Exeter Three Guineas to be paid him 12 months after my Demise for which he shall read the usual Lectures to my memory and to say [kaddish] for me during eleven months. (3)

I give and bequeath to the Synagogue at Exeter the sum of Eight Pounds to be Disposed of in the purchase of a good Time Piece Clock (4) to be erected and put up in the said Synagogue on the dial of which shall be inserted in small Hebrew Characters and below this verse and date in which verse shall be marked with dots the year in which the said Clock was erected.

I give and bequeath to my eldest sister Rosy Ezekiel now Mrs. Nathan of Portsmouth one shilling. (5)

I give and bequeath to my sister Anne now Mrs. Jonas of Dock Five Pounds to be laid out in any memento she pleases to my memory with my Blessings for her and her husband for their great attention of Duty to our dear mother and to me.

For my Brother Henry (6) - Providence having blessed him with a competency and happy prospect ln life, any small legacy is unnecessary, but as a small remembrance I bequeath to him all my Hebrew and English books to be delivered to him on his marriage by either of my sisters Kitty or Amelia and in the interim to have them occasionally.

My said brother Mr.Henry Ezekiel having generously undertaken to settle 3 debts due to me to the following Gentlemen Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid Esq. De Symons Esq. of London and Sir Lawrence Palk Bart of Haldon House near Exeter which my brother undertakes to settle from his own private effects.

All the rest I bequeath to Kitty Ezekiel and Amelia Ezekiel.(6) On death of either to go to the other. If either marry, if Kitty marries first, she is to receive £150. and Amelia £50 and Henry's gift which he will give as becoming a Brother which his conduct has always evinced.

I leave this to my two sisters in return for having lived with me several years and have made the more favourable part to Kitty Ezekiel, she having had the management of my principal affairs in Trade more under her care and for a longer time.

I appoint my Brother Henry Ezekiel and my brother-in-law Benjamin Jonas (now of Dock) Trustees.

Dated 18th September a.m. 5566 or 1806



Emanuel Levy

Saml Benedict

(1) Magdalen, where the present cemetery is. Ezekiel died in 1806 on December 13th.

(2) Mother died in June, 1806, but the graves of mother and son are not marked.

(3) See list of tombstones. M. H. Levi held office as minister for 42 years and died in 1834.

(4) No trace now of this clock.

(5) This seems to allude to family dissensions. The father died in Portsmouth in 1799. Evidently he had left his wife (died 1806) and lived with his eldest married daughter Rosy. [Not necessarily: this token legacy was sometimes given in wills to avoid contestation. FJG]

(6) Buried in Exeter. Not mentioned in the Trade Directories.

(7) Their names are given in the Trade Directories as carrying on the business "C. and A. Ezekiel, Engravers and Opticians" at 179 Fore Street until 1830. They are buried in the Cemetery.


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