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Sheffield Wilson Road Synagogue
The Congregation's former Wilson Road Synagogue (in use 1930-c.1994)

Sheffield United Synagogue logo

Congregation Data


United Synagogue - Sheffield from 1 April 2015(ii)
(also known simply as the Kingfield Synagogue)

Former Names:

Sheffield Jewish Congregation and Centre from about 1994(iii)
(initially known as the United Hebrew Congregation, Sheffield or the United Sheffield Hebrew Congregation)(iv)

Current Address:

The Kingfield Centre, Psalter Lane (corner of Brincliffe Crescent), Nether Edge, Sheffield S11 8UX, from January 2000.

The synagogue, built next to the Jewish community centre, Kingfield Hall, was consecrated by Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on 19 March 2000.(v)

Previous Address:

11 Wilson Road, Ecclesall, Sheffield S11 8RN, (which had been the address of the Sheffield Hebrew Congregation from 3 April 1930). For details of Jewish Heritage Site listings, see here.

The synagogue closed in 1997 became the "City Church" in 2000.(x)

Current Status:



The congregation was formed on the merger on 1 April 1953 of the city's two Jewish congregations, the Sheffield Hebrew Congregation and the Sheffield Central Hebrew Congregation.(xi)

The agreement to merge was ratified by Sheffield Hebrew Congregation on 10 March 1953 and by Sheffield Central Hebrew Congregation on 3 March 1953.(xii)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


On 1 April 2015, the Congregation joined the United Synagogue as a full member,(xiii) the first community based outside London and the Home Counties to become a member of the organisation since it was founded in 1870.(xiv)
Previously, it was provincial synagogue under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.




(To view a short profile of a minister or reader - hold the cursor over his name.)

Rabbi Isaac Chait - from the 1953 merger until 1972, having been minister of the Sheffield Hebrew Congregation from 1951(xviii)

Rev. Abraham Brysh - reader and assistant minister from 1969 until about 1975 and then minister until 1986(xix)

Rev. David Katanka - from 1985 until 1990(xx)

Rev. Eli Kohn - from 1990 until 1991(xxi)

Rabbi Yonosan Golomb - from 1992 until present (February 2022)(xxii)

Readers (Chazanim):

Rev. Joshua Louis Kahn - first reader from the 1953 merger until 1959, having been reader of the Sheffield Hebrew Congregation from 1914(xxvi)

Rev. Cecil Donn - second reader from the 1953 merger until 1970, having been second reader of the Sheffield Hebrew Congregation from about 1938(xxvii)

Rev. Stanley Brickman - first reader from 1959 until 1965(xxviii)

Rev. Abraham Brysh - see above

Lay Officers:

Unless otherwise indicated, the information below on the congregation's officers has been extracted from the list of officers appearing in the souvenir brochure commemorating the Wilson Street synagogue's Golden Jubilee (1930-1980).(xxxii)


1953 - Lord Morris of Kenwood(xxxiv)

1953-1955 - Max Waldenberg

1955-1958 - Jack Cohen, JP

1958-1960 - Jack Newman

1960-1964 - Bernard Miller, LLB

1964-1967 - Bernard Cohen

1967-1970 - Cyril Cantor

1970-1974 - A.E. Isaacs

1974-1977 - Maurice Sill

1977-1978 - A.E. Isaacs

1978-1979 - Jack Newman

1979-1980 - Maurice Lewis

Vice Presidents(xxxv)

1953 - Max Waldenberg

1954-1955 - Jack CohenAbe Silver


1953-1958 - Jack Newman

1958-1960 - Bernard Miller

1960-1964 - Cyril Cantor

1964-1967 - A. Levy

1967-1970 - W. Black

1970-1973 - G. Fyne

1973-1976 - H. Freeda

1976-1980 - Malcolm Moore

Hon. Secretaries

1953-1958 - Bernard Miller LLB

1958-1962 - S. Coates

1962-1964 - S. CoatesH. Simons

1964-1968 - H. SimonsM.N. Mass

1968-1969 - H. SimonsM. Ferner

1969-1983 - Norman BronksA. Simons(xxxviii)

1983-1985 - Norman Bronks(xxxviii)

1985-1993 - J. Korklin(xxxviii)

Membership Data:

Reports & Survey(xxxix)

1977 - 336 male (or household) members and 95 female members

1983 - 289 male (or household) members and 145 female members

1990 - 345 members (households)

1996 - 256 members (comprising 110 households, 61 individual male and 85 individual female members) 

2016 - listed as having 200 to 299 members (by household)

Charitable Status:

As a constituent of the United Synagogue, the congregation operates within that organisation's registered charity status (registered charity no. 242552).

Prior to joining the United Synagogue, the congregation operated as a registered charity (no 250281), under the name Sheffield Jewish Congregation and Centre, (and previously under the name United Sheffield Hebrew Congregation)registered on 3 March 1967.(xl)


The Congregation uses the Ecclesfield Jewish Cemetery. See Cemetery Information on Sheffield Jewish Community home page.


Notes & Sources
( returns to text above)

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